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[edit] Registration branch questionnaire

When you register at The39Clues.com, you'll be asked a series of six questions to determine what branch of the Cahill family you're a member of, and you'll be unable to read any of the Secret Archives from the other branches. In order to get access to all four Secret Archives, you'll need four separate e-mail addresses, and specific answers to the questions below:

1. Would you rather be:

  • a professional athlete (Janus Image:JANUS.gif, Tomas Image:TOMAS.gif)
  • a secret agent (Ekaterina Image:EKAT.gif, Lucian Image:LUCIAN.gif)

2. Would you rather explore:

  • an unmapped jungle (Lucian Image:LUCIAN.gif, Tomas Image:TOMAS.gif)
  • a top secret laboratory (Ekaterina Image:EKAT.gif, Janus Image:JANUS.gif)

3. Would you rather:

  • record a hit album (Ekaterina Image:EKAT.gif, Janus Image:JANUS.gif)
  • win 3 Olympic medals (Lucian Image:LUCIAN.gif, Tomas Image:TOMAS.gif)

4. Would you rather:

  • negotiate world peace (Lucian Image:LUCIAN.gif, Tomas Image:TOMAS.gif)
  • discover cures for deadly diseases (Ekaterina Image:EKAT.gif, Janus Image:JANUS.gif)

5. Would you rather be:

  • president of a country (Ekaterina Image:EKAT.gif, Lucian Image:LUCIAN.gif)
  • a world-famous rock star (Janus Image:JANUS.gif, Tomas Image:TOMAS.gif)

6. Would you rather:

  • have a star in the sky named for you (Ekaterina Image:EKAT.gif, Lucian Image:LUCIAN.gif)
  • have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (Janus Image:JANUS.gif, Tomas Image:TOMAS.gif)
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