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[edit] Book 7: The Viper's Nest

By Peter Lerangis, scheduled to be released on February 2, 2010.

[edit] Synopsis

It's no longer a game. The body count is rising. Shaken by recent events, Amy and Dan flee to a distant land and trace the footsteps of their most formidable ancestor yet: a military leader of mythic proportions. Yet just as the siblings begin to master the art of ancient warfare, they confront a dangerous enemy that can't be felled with a sword: the truth. With the stakes higher than ever, Amy and Dan uncover something so devastating it changes everything – the secret of their family branch.

[edit] Chapter one-liners

The Viper's Nest

Day 1
1) It's the morning after the fire, and Amy and Dan are on the beach. Nellie arrives in the boat, and yells "Police!"
2) Nellie yells "Rock star do not jump!" "Rock star in a hurry!" Nellie, Saldin, Amy, Dan, and Alistair escape into the trees. Arif trails behind. Alistair drops Irina's pouch. Dan reaches Irina's motorboat in the cove first.
3) Arif pilots the boat back to Jakarta, and makes a phone call. Dan and Amy find Irina's bag with notebook, vials, and wallet with clue hunter's IDs. The notebook has the phrase "I'm with you and you're with me and so we are all together." Amy & Dan confront Nellie about the encrypted e-mails, which Nellie claims is from a friend. Nellie recognizes the song with the refrain "we are marching to Peoria." Alistair remembers the song from Harvard glee club. Another boat approaches, and Arif surrenders. Dan and Saladin fall in the sea.
4) Amy & Alistair jump after Dan, to swim to shore. Nellie follows, while Arif stays with the boat. The police arrive and take Alistair away, and Amy, Dan and Nellie find the library.
5) Alistair discovers that Bae is in the car with the Police. Alistair confronts Bae about the murder of Alistair's dad. Bae denies he was involved. Alistair fakes a heart-attack.
6) Amy researches the song at the library. Alistair escapes from the police, and pepper sprays Bae.
Early Day 2
7) Ian, Natalie, and Isabel stake out the Peoria airport, waiting for the incoming flight from Jakarta. Natalie receives a text message from the Holts. Natalie sees Dan request for Red Snapper. The Professor is woken up by a mysterious phone call, and heads to an airport, to await an arrival.
Day 2
8) Amy, Dan, and Nellie arrive in South Africa. Nellie mentions having an uncomfortable night's sleep. Amy tells them the real lyrics are "Marching to Pretoria." A man gives Dan a postcard with encrypted code on it.
9) Nellie rents a Yugo, and leave the airport, heading towards Pretoria. The Holts (who accidentally flew to Pretoria instead of Peoria) follow closely.
10) Nellie out-drives the Holts, and appears to ditch them.
11) Dan, Amy, and Nellie take a break, but are followed. They run up a hill, towards a soccer match. They convince the soccer players to detain the Holts. Hamilton sends Morse code "Go Now, Beware". Amy, Dan and Nellie leave, only to find Alistair in the Yugo.
12) Alistair tries to join Amy, Dan & Nellie in the Yugo. Amy confronts Alistair about the night her parents died. They leave Alistair in the dust. Alistair resents teaming up with the Holts, and finds Nellie's cellphone. The Holts catch up with Alistair.
13) Nellie drives for Pretoria, while Amy & Dan decode the postcard to CONSTITUTION HILL and CHURCH HILL. Amy wants to go back to Johannesburg, but Nellie wants a hotel room. Nellie realizes her cell phone is missing. Then Dan gets an e-mail from Eisenhower saying to go to Pretoria to rescue Alistair. After finding Alistair attached to a bomb, Hamilton signals Dan to create a distraction. Amy, Dan and Nellie are able to escape.
14) Nellie drives to Johannesburg, and picks up a GPS. The travel to Constitution Hill, and meet Winifred at the museum. They find a document written by Churchill at the library.
15) Winifred realizes that Amy & Dan are Grace's grandkids, and lets them see the Churchill letter. Winifred sees Amy & Dan's parent's passport as Dan gets out his ID.
16) Amy & Dan read the Churchill letter, and have Nellie take them to the Witbank mines. They meet Kurt who shows them the abandoned mine. Amy distracts Kurt with a chess match.
17) Nellie helps Dan search the mine shaft. Dan finds the writing from Churchill, and is able to make a rubbing of it. Kurt helps Nellie pull Dan out as the hole collapses. After memorizing the message, Dan rips up the rubbing.
18) Dan decodes the message to "Tomas ingredient intheground with Shaka," as Nellie drives them to the coordinates. Professor Bardsley calls Winifred and finds out that Amy & Dan read the Churchill letter.
Day 3
19) Amy, Dan & Nellie rest in Durban, the location where Shaka was buried. After talking to the people at the Shaka museum, Amy & Dan discover Shaka's connection to the Tomas. When they arrive at the coordinates, they meet Mondli, who warns them not to go in the Tomas building on the hill. Mondli gives Dan a map of the area.
20) After surveying the perimeter of the Tomas building, Amy, Dan and Nellie are asked inside by the guard. The guard, Mr. Bhekisisa, starts them on a tour, but Amy finds the restricted area.
21) Amy, Dan and Nellie use the Holts' IDs to enter the restricted area. Mr. Malusi takes them into his office. After giving them a short tour of the Tomas training facility, he takes them to see the Shaka play. Dan had noticed that one door was different from the rest, and he and Amy leave the play to investigate. Dan starts to dig up Shaka's grave with a spear.
22) The Man in Black stakes out the airport, and finds a Lucian lackey also at the airport. Before he can do anything, Alistair Oh appears. While Amy and Nellie try to distract Mr. Malusi, Dan finds the box buried with Shaka.
23) Amy, Dan, and Nellie escape using an elevator, where they are met by the guard, Mr. Bhekisisa. He leads them out to meet a group of ex-Tomas led by Professor Bardsley and Kurt. The Tomas chase Amy, Dan, Nellie, and the ex-Tomas group through the forest. Dan has them surround the Tomas in the clearing.
24) The Tomas fall in a trap, and the group inspects the box. In the box, underneath all the Aloe roots, they find a diamond bracelet, which they believe is the clue. Amy returns the bracelet to the Tomas, not wanting to be a common thief.
25) Amy decides they need to travel to Karachi (Pakistan) since Isabel mentioned it back in Sydney. The Kabras kidnap Amy, Dan & Nellie, and claim they already knew the Tomas clue was Diamonds. After being offered a merger of teams, Amy declines the offer. Upset, Isabel orders Dan to be sliced and diced by the propeller.
26) Amy is able to head butt Isabel, while Professor Bardsley rescues Dan & Nellie. The four escape to Hangar 3, where they take off in Grace's Flying Lemur. The green vial from Paris shatters in the airplane, and gets on Dan. Professor Bardsley says that the green ooze is a Lucian poison, and has them apply aloe to Dan's burns, while he redirects the plane to Grace's hideout on Madagascar.
27) At Grace's hideout, the Professor gives Dan the antidote, and then leaves to move the aircraft. Amy finds a letter written by Grace that says that Arthur and Hope are M . Dan decrypts the code on the Churchill letter to "Tomas Clue is Umhlaba" (the Zulu word for Aloe). Amy & Dan figure out that M stands for Madrigals, and that they, too, are Madrigals. Amy finds a laminate photo of Hope & Arthur with the Man in Black.

[edit] Known puzzles

Inside front and back cover, on spears, there is a Series of letters that means "Grace Cahill = Madrigal Leader"

On pages 39 and beyond it spells in morse code half way up the page "There is a Madrigal watcher"

[edit] Mission 7

1) Go to the Intro.

2) Go to the second Intro.

3) The answer is "arctic".

4) Go to the third Intro.

5) Go to the Library.

1) Find the items and pieces of paper.

6) Go to the Poem.

1) Solve the puzzle.

1) Choose Option C.

2) Choose Option B.

3) Choose Option D.

2) Take out these letters in order: "FELLASLEEPCREWMAY".

7) Go to Beechey Island.

1) Solve the first box.

1) The magic number is 15.

2) Numbers:

Top-Right: 6

Middle: 5

Bottom-Left: 4

2) Solve the second box.

1) The magic number is 34.

2) Numbers:

Top-Right: 4

Middle-Top-Middle-Left: 6

Middle-Bottom-Middle-Right: 11

Bottom-Left: 13

3) Solve the third box.

1) The magic number is 42.

2) Numbers:

Top-Right: 6

Middle-Top-Middle-Left: 8

Middle-Bottom-Middle-Right: 13

Bottom-Left: 15

8) Go to King Williams Is.

1) Play the game.

1) Move all the rings to one side, largest at the bottom.

9) Go to Sir Franklin's Locker.

1) The combination is "15, 34, 42".

Clue 10

[edit] The Viper's Nest, Inside Back Cover

To: All Janus
From: Cora Wizard
Re: Clueless

My fellow Janus,
The other branches have nothing on us -- no style, no wit, no sense of how to run the world. Certainly they don't have state-of-the-art strongholds underneath the canals of Venice, Italy! But despite our best efforts, they are collecting new Clues every day -- OUR Clues. There is even a rumor that the Tomas have a fresh lead on the Chinese legend.

Use your creativity. Everything we want is out there.
We just need to reach for it.

Cora Wizard

1. Go to www.the39clues.com

2. Click on "Join Now" and choose a username and password.

3. Explore the Cahill world and track down Clues.

There are over $100,000 in prizes for lucky Clue hunters.

Read the Books. Collect the Cards. Play the Game. Win the Prizes.

[edit] Audio Book

Please stand by for exclusive bonus material.

<static><buttons pushed>
Male: Testing Testing. <eh hem eh hem> This is deposition # 762. September 12, 2000. Let's get started. Please state your name and profession for the record.
Winifred Tambeka: My name is Winifred Tambeka. I am the head librarian at Constitution Hill in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Male: Can you please give an account of the events of July 28th?
Winifred: Well, it began normally. But that afternoon, I had an odd encounter with a visitor.
Male: Go on.
Winifred: An Australian man asked to see some historical documents. He said he was researching Winston Churchill, I believe.
Male: What were the documents?
Winifred: The library has some of Churchill's letters in the archives. The visitor was particularly interested in ones that mention Shaka Zulu. I remember because it was a fairly strange request. I wasn't sure we had any letters like that.
Male: What happened next?
Winifred: I went on the computer, to create a researchers pass for him, which would give him access to the archives. But when I entered his name in the computer, I found that he had been banned from the library some years earlier.
Male: Do you remember his name?
Winifred: Roger Nudelman.
Male: Do you know why he was banned?
Winifred: It's all very strange. Highly irregular. Apparently he once accosted an important donor at a fund-raising party. A Mr. Kabra, if I remember correctly. Charming man, I've heard. I've never met him.
Male: How did you proceed?
Winifred: I told Nudelman that I was very sorry, but that I could not grant him access to the archives. He grew angry and emphasized the urgency of his research. Eventually I had to call security to escort him out. It was a bit distressing, actually.
Male: What happened that evening?
Winifred: I shut the library around 6pm to go to a fund-raising benefit. But I left my purse in my office, so I returned for it around 10pm.
Male: What did you find?
Winifred: The front door was open. The lock had been smashed, and ... well ...
Male: Take your time, Mrs. Tambeka.
Winifred: I called out for Baruti, the night guard. But he didn't come. Then, I heard a noise coming from the archive room. I know it was foolish, but I walked toward it. I couldn't stand the idea of someone desecrating our collections.
Male: What did you find?
Winifred: By the time I arrived, the intruder had already escaped. But the room was in shambles. Papers everywhere. I called for Baruti again. His absence was very strange. He took his job so seriously. He would patrol the halls all night.
Male: I know it's hard, Mrs. Tambeka. But please, let us know what happened next.
Winifred: I ... I ... I headed toward my office to ring the police. That's when I saw, I mean ... that's when I found ... I saw Baruti sprawled across the floor. There was blood everywhere. He had been stabbed. <sobbing> There was a knife sticking out of his back. A horrid object. I remember noticing the strange handle. It was engraved with a V.
Male: Take your time, Mrs. Tambeka. Would you like some tissues?
Winifred: Thank you. <sniffles>
Male: Do you remember anything else about the knife?
Winifred: I didn't think about it at the time, but later it struck me that it was a strange weapon to use for that purpose. It was quite ornate. It almost looked like a family heirloom, of sorts. It's a terrible thought, really, that someone's cherished object could be ...
Male: <eh hem>
Winifred: The rest is rather a blur. I rang the police, and soon the library was full of people. After answering some questions, I stepped outside for some air.
Male: What did you tell the police?
Winifred: That Nudelman must have broken in to steal those Churchill letters. I assumed that poor Baruti had tried to stop him and ...
Male: <eh hem> ... Thank you for your deposition, Mrs. Tambeka.
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