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[edit] Book 5: The Black Circle

By Patrick Carman, released on August 11, 2009.
Buy the hardcover, audiobook, or Card Pack Series 2.

[edit] Chapter One-Liners

Day 1
1) Amy & Dan get a telegram from NRR. They take a taxi to the Cairo Airport.
2) Amy & Dan arrive at the airport. Natalie & Ian arrive at the airport. Amy & Dan find the locker and find a glass paperweight with T S V (picture of an eye), an old parchment, and a box with passports & disguises.
3) Amy & Dan fly to Volgograd, and unscramble the list of cities on the old parchment.
4) Amy, Dan, and Hamilton find the first part of the puzzle in the Motherland Calls statue.
5) Amy, Dan, and Irina take the train to St. Petersburg. Amy & Dan decode the puzzle to send them to where Rasputin died.
6) Still evening, Amy & Dan arrive in St. Petersburg. They see the Man in Black, and get an envelope from NRR. Amy & Dan enter the Yusupov Palace to recover next piece of the puzzle.
7) Amy & Dan arrive at the Hotel suite, and look at the token with the coat of arms, taken from the Rasputin statue. They check Nellie's messages, send updates to Nellie, and send Hamilton to the Dostoyevsky statue in Omsk.
Day 2, morning
Hamilton finds the statue of Dostoyevsky, which leads Amy & Dan to Alexei's Playroom. Amy & Dan withdraw money from the credit account.
8) Amy & Dan buy car, go to Royal Village to see Alexander Palace, find the next puzzle
9) Irina follows Amy & Dan. Amy & Dan ditch Irina, then call Hamilton to send him to see the Road of Bones.
10) The Holts play Capture the Flag. Amy discusses the Amber Room with Dan. The Holts find the stake in the ground with Lenin's head attached. Hamilton reads off next piece of the puzzle
11) The Kabras call Irina for assistance in getting Amy & Dan out of Russia. Amy & Dan travel to the Kremlin in Moscow. NRR has a phone call.
12) Amy & Dan arrive at the theater, and find the tunnel
13) Amy & Dan enter the stronghold, and meet NRR. They discover NRR is Anastasia's daughter, and her father was head of the Lucian branch.
14) Amy & Dan board the helicopter/Shark, take it to Yekaterinburg & the Church on Blood. The Lucians initiate the Black Circle.
15) Night. Amy & Dan enter church, find the clue, and start reading the Madrigal Folder about the Grand Duke Constantine and Nicolas I. Memos mention that amounts and order of the clues matter. Irina arrives and struggles with the Man in Black. Amy & Dan hide in coffin.
16) Amy gets call claiming they are now "safe." Amy & Dan leave the church and get hotel room.
Day 3, morning
Dan calls the Holts, Nellie is on her way to Yekaterinburg. ...

[edit] Known Puzzles

Both Puzzles are deciphered using the back of card 94.

Inside Cover Puzzle- Found on the crest of the phoenixes on the inside cover.


Second Puzzle (from pages 38 to 57)

OLIVIA HAD ANOTHER (This may mean that Olivia Cahill ran away after the fire, and had another baby. Since Gideon died, the baby was not a Cahill. When the child grew up, she got mad at her half siblings, Jane, Luke, Thomas, and Katherine,for deserting their mother and betrayed them. This child might have been a girl named Madeleine, who grew up and founded the Madrigal branch).

[edit] Mission 5

1) Go through the Briefing to the third Briefing.

2) Go to Madrid.

1) Speak to Alistair.

1) Choose Option 1.

2) Choose Option 3.

3) Choose Option 2.

4) Choose Option 2.

5) Choose Option 1.

3) Go to the second Madrid.

1) Arrange the pieces of paper.

4) Go to Bogota.

5) Go to Bolivar's Statue.

1) Choose Option 3.

6) Go to Bogota.

1) Speak to Jonah.

1) Choose Option 2.

2) Choose Option 3.

3) Choose Option 1.

4) Choose Option 3.

5) Choose any Option.

7) Go to Santa Marta

1) Speak to Mateo.

1) Choose Option 3.

2) Choose any Option.

8) Go to Caracas.

9) Go to the second Caracas.

1) Play the game.

1) Adjust the angle to hit the center of the target.

[edit] The Black Circle, Inside Back Cover

(Lucian Crest)
To: All Lucians
From: Vikram Kabra
Re: New strategy

My esteemed fellow Lucians,
The hunt for the 39 Clues has proved more complicated than expected. It's time to make the other Cahill branches feel the full force of Lucian power, even if it gets a little ... mess. I am sending all agents into the field to join the hunt, and I authorize you to use whatever means necessary to find the Clues. Any "accidents" involving rival Cahills will be overlooked. Just get the job done.
(Vikram Kabra signature)
-- Vikram Kabra


1. Go to www.the39clues.com

2. Click on "JOIN NOW" and choose a username and password.

3. Explore the Cahill world and track down Clues.

There are over $100,000 in prizes for lucky Clue hunters.

Read the Books. Collect the Cards. Play the Game. Win the Prizes.

[edit] Audio Book

Please stand by for exclusive bonus material.
Listen to a top secret phone conversation between Grace Cahill and the Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov of Russia.

<computer voice>
Welcome to the Ekaterina Audio Archives. You have been granted Top Level access. To access archives, press 2.
Phone call intercepted between Grace Cahill and Anastasia Romanov. Date and time of call: December 12th, 1953, 16:07 Moscow time.
Grace Cahill: What news of the space program? I hear the Soviets are planning to launch a rocket into orbit.
Anastasia Romanov: Yes, Ruslan thinks they will be ready in a few years. He brought a prototype of the rocket home to show Nataliya. She's fascinated by it. But, of course, she knows never to speak of her papa's work outside the family.
Grace: Yes, the Lucians know how to guard their secrets. How is Nataliya?
Anastasia: Growing fast. She's almost ten. What a blessing to have a daughter this late in life. For so long, I had no close family at all. Well, your family in Attleboro: your parents, and Beatrice, and Fiske. Okay, not Beatrice so much. Ha, ha, ha.
Grace: Even I have trouble thinking of Beatrice as family. My own sister, what a pill.
Anastasia: You were all so kind to me back in those days, Grace. I was an orphan, traumatized, as good as dead. And your family kept me safe, and brought me back to life.
Grace: We were so grateful, and amazed, that you were alive. I thought you must be super-human to have survived all that, and escaped with your sanity intact.
Anastasia: I'm not super-human, although Rasputin did teach me a few tricks. I'm teaching them to Nataliya, just in case. The two of us are on our own a lot. Ruslan can't spend much time with us, and he's so preoccupied.
Grace: Yes. The Lucians are one of the busier branches of the family, to put it mildly. Ahem. Stana, I didn't just call to say hello.
Anastasia: Dear Grace, you never do.
Grace: I want to ask for your cooperation. For _our_ side.
Anastasia: A betrayal? Of Ruslan? Grace, he's my husband.
Grace: Ssh. No. I would never ask you to do such a thing. I only ask that you remember the Lucian way is not the only way, and that you raise Nataliya to see that, too.
Anastasia: Are you on a new mission?
Grace: Yes. I'm just beginning to understand what my role in the family might be. But I can already see that one day I'll need help. Your help. That day might be far in the future, but it will come.
Anastasia: Grace, you have my promise. Whatever you need. After what your family did for me, I owe you my life. It's yours.
Grace: And, Nataliya?
Anastasia: She will be taught. I've told her many times of my happy days with you at the manor. She knows who is a friend, and who can be trusted. Well, as far as one ever knows. But you'll be able to trust her.
Grace: Thank you, Stana. But be careful. Ruslan is very powerful. You're in a dangerouse position.
Anastasia: Hah! When has my life ever been safe? Living here in Moscow, right under the noses of the Bolsheviks who killed my family. I am used to danger. I know how to handle it.
Grace: Just make sure that Nataliya knows, too.
Anastasia: She is learning.
Grace: She'll be very powerful one day. Teach her to use her power well. And don't let Ruslan know I called.
Anastasia: I know better than that, Grace.
<computer voice>

[edit] Live Webchat (August 26 2009) With Patrick Carman

_lucky5800_: Do the Holts have anything to do about the death of Amy and Dan's parents?
_Patrick_Carman_: They totally did it.
_Patrick_Carman_: I'm making that up. Them might have done it.
_Patrick_Carman_: Them = They...me make typo.
_Patrick_Carman_: The Holts were there the night they died, that's all I'm saying.
_Patrick_Carman_: In little tiny pieces.
_Patrick_Carman_: and then they put it back together again. That's how the Nazis did it. At least that's what my editor says, and she knows ALL (insert spooky music here).
_Summer Colour_: On Wikipedia it says the Team 8 will join the hunt. Is that true and if it is then who is in Team 8?
_Patrick_Carman_: Team 8 is me, MR. T, and Madonna.
_Patrick_Carman_: And I'm working on Hannah Montana, but she's really busy.
_Patrick_Carman_: As far as I know, and I know basically everything, there is no team 8.
_Stacks_Admin_: Hey everyone, if your question has already been answered, we won't be posting it again. If you joined after the start of the chat and don't see the beginning of the chat, don't fret -- we'll be posting a transcript at the end.
_Winter’s Read_: Are you and the other authors all aware of what will be written in the future books?
_Patrick_Carman_: I think I know, but it's possible they're making up some things and they'll pull the old switcheroo at the end. I think 'they' are not Lucians.
_9john99_: What's it like to write this book?
_Patrick_Carman_: Writing The Black Circle isn't that different than writing an original novel. I knew where the story was, where it had to go, and where it had to take place. There was a lot of freedom other than that. Very cool.
_Mad-House-Of-Mouse_: Who is your least favorite Character in the book series, and why?
_Patrick_Carman_: That cat. I hate cats.
_Patrick_Carman_: I don't really hate cats. I just like dogs better.
_Patrick_Carman_: Least favorite has to be the Kabras.
_bibliomania123_: Patrick, the competition is about Hope. Alistair was there the night they died. remember Madeiline. Olivia had another. Sound familiar?
_Patrick_Carman_: Hidden codes from the books. Very good!
_Patrick_Carman_: All those codes are important in the end - keep paying attention!
_ztag100_: what's william mcintyre doing in the time of the 5th book
_Patrick_Carman_: I think I saw him at the GI Joe movie the other night, but it might have been someone that only looked like William.
_Patrick_Carman_: Seriously, he's doing important things to the story off camera - stay tuned!
_zeldaspirit_: How could you hate Saladin?
_Patrick_Carman_: Sorry! I don't hate Saladin or cats - - - he's a pretty cool cat, especially the picky eating part. If I were a cat, I'd be picky, too. What I meant to say was RATS. I hate RATS. Not cats. I love cats.
_ztag100_: smooth move carman
_9john99_: is it more fun to write for the good characters or the bad ones?
_Patrick_Carman_: Definitely the bad ones. It's so fun to pretend to be evil, I can't tell you.
_Patrick_Carman_: But I also like showing the other side of bad characters - like with Hamilton Holt - that guy is a dream for dialogue, and probably more complicated than he appears when you meet him.
_Taylor431_: Is there a special reason you put out Nellie or you just wanted them to be independent?
_Patrick_Carman_: I don't trust Nellie. Plus, she's always got that loud music playing, so how much attention could she really be paying? She was bound to lose them at some point. And yes, I did love the idea of getting Dan and Amy off on their own.
_Summer Colour_: As yet Amy and Dan are slowly finding each clue as in 1 per book. How will they find the remaining 34 in just 5 books??
_Patrick_Carman_: If you play the game, you're way ahead of Dan and Amy. With the books and 39clues.com, we're up to 20. I guess the way to look at it there are 20 clues already found in the story as well, it's a question of who has them and how Dan and Amy will get them.
_Sabertooth Dragon_: What branch are the Starlings in?
_Patrick_Carman_: Ekat
_Patrick_Carman_: Are they all dead?
_Patrick_Carman_: I hardly knew them
_arion16_: I'm starting to trust Alliser Oh more and more, but he wasn't even mentioned in your book, so I was wondering if you know where he is and if there's anything we should know about him?
_Patrick_Carman_: Alistair re-appears in the next book, and I'm sort of on the fence about whether or not to trust him. He's a wily one.
_arion16_: And I would assume that you are in the hunt for the 39 clues, how are you doing so far?
_Patrick_Carman_: I have 40 clues.
_Patrick_Carman_: I can't be beaten. It's impossible.
_ninjanick_: 40!!!!!!!!!!!! wow!!
_Dewdrop208_: That's cool Mr. Carman!
_Biffle15_: If you could choose, 1 million dollars and walk away, or the competition of the 39 clues, which would you choose?
_Patrick_Carman_: If I could get some sweet basketball skills out of the deal, plus beat all my friends at my favorite X-Box games, I'd take the clues. Otherwise, I'm taking the money and buying surfing lessons.
_ztag100_: ( i have 41 )
_Patrick_Carman_: I don't really have 40 clues, but I do play the game so I have 20 - I'm obsessed.
_candygirl4_: what was your favorite part of book 5?
_Patrick_Carman_: I was hoping I could make book 5 both funny and exciting, and I wanted to push Dan and Amy into some new challenges that would tell us more about their personalities. Writing something funny is harder than it looks - but Hamilton and Dan helped me out.
_lizwhiz23_: Do you know who started the fire for Hope Cahill and Arthur Trent or was it just an accident?
_Patrick_Carman_: It was the cat.
_Patrick_Carman_: kidding!
_Patrick_Carman_: that's one of the central mysteries of the story - I think, in the end, Dan and Amy are going to have to come to grips with some big secrets about that fire.
_Sabertooth Dragon_: Are we going to learn about the first cahills (Katherine, Thomas, Luke, and Jane) in later books?
_Patrick_Carman_: If it were me, I'd write a 20 book prequel....but that kind of decision is way over my pay grade.
_Patrick_Carman_: 39clues.com has some info on this in the game
_Stacks_Admin_: Hey everyone, we're getting some questions about why your messages aren't being approved. The chat is SO popular today (bc Patrick is so awesome) that we're getting a lot of questions. We're publishing them as fast as we can -- but we might not get to all the questions.
_Amber Mint_: am i talking to a real live author? And, um, have you written other books besides the 39 clues, land of elyon, and the skeleton creek series?
_Patrick_Carman_: This is me - I'm real - and I'm eating a candy bar.
_Patrick_Carman_: Let's see - Ghost in the Machine, the sequel to Skeleton Creek is coming out in October - a good fun scare!
_Amber Mint_: LOL! I wish I had some candy!
_ztag100_: What candybar
_Patrick_Carman_: I'm having a Snickers bar. Not my favorite, but it's pretty good. I'd rather have some Jr. Mints.
_Dewdrop208_: The Land of Elyon is soo amazing!
_ShogunMozart_: What can you do to find out if someone's a Madrigal? (I think my teacher's one.)
_Dewdrop208_: Hee hee
_Patrick_Carman_: If you think your teacher is a Madrigal, than he or she probably is. Be careful. And switch classes if you can.
_ShogunMozart_: Thanks for the advice!
_bookworm92_: I LOVE SKELETON CREEK!
_Patrick_Carman_: Thanks for loving Skeleton Creek! That story is SO fun to work on.
_Dewdrop208_: Who would Amy Cahill resemble most in your life?
_Patrick_Carman_: Amy is probably most like my youngest daughter - she's bright but a little bit shy.
_Patrick_Carman_: I hope she's not watching or I'm in big trouble.
_A Major Bibliophile_: Right now I am here with my friend and sister; we all love Skeeton Creek, and are going to have a party when Book 2 comes out! :)
_Patrick_Carman_: Party ghost style! That's a great idea - I got an email the other day where a school of 500 students all read and watched it together - crazy!
_QueenofBooks11_: Comprehending relationships between siblings is difficult. Do you have siblings that make writing about the bond easier?
_Patrick_Carman_: I have an older brother, which is complicated for sure. He was kind of a meanie head for a stretch. He liked to sit on me and give me noogies. Still, later on, when we got older, we started to like each other. Now I'm bigger than he is, which is super nice.
_Patrick_Carman_: Into the Mist, the prequel to the Elyon books, is about two brothers - that book was one of the easiest one's to write because it was like hanging out with my bro again - I had a lot to draw on.
_Solus_Nui_: What has the Lucian Leadership said about the publishing of The Black Circle?
_Patrick_Carman_: No one has called me yet, but I'm watching my back.
_Sabertooth Dragon_: Why was it so easy to get into 2 Lucian strongholds!?! The Lucians are the best! Glory for the Lucians! (I'm a Lucian)
_Patrick_Carman_: I'm thinking the Lucians have a reason why they let Dan and Amy get so close. We're always up to something, and usually, it's not what you think.
_Biffle15_: Why did you decide that Amy, Dan, and the Holts should work together at first?
_Patrick_Carman_: There were too many places for one team to go it alone in Russia, so The Black Circle represents a different kind of challenge: can teams learn to work together? So far, it appears that Dan and Amy are the only ones thinking this way - even the Holts, Minus Hamilton, aren't really 'working as a team -
_turtlequest_: Irina is such an interesting and complex character. Is it fun writing about her? Is she turning from evil to good?
_Patrick_Carman_: Interesting about Irina - I'll be honest, some evil characters are more fun to write than others. She's kind of tough for me, but I like the way she's super complicated. Maybe that's why she's not as fun - Hamilton is much more black and white. I know you'll be seeing a lot of Irina in book 6
_candygirl4_: When you were a little kid did you like reading?
_Patrick_Carman_: I liked candy more.
_Patrick_Carman_: but reading was okay.
_Patrick_Carman_: I was into comic books
_Patrick_Carman_: but then, at about the age of 12, I got really into books
_Readiac_: I love to write! Do you have any tips for aspiring writers?
_Patrick_Carman_: Aspiring writers out there - just have fun with it. Read books you enjoy, write the kind of things you're interested in, and don't worry about it. You can do it!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: We have 5 minutes left in the chat and a big secret is about to be revealed.
_Patrick_Carman_: looks like we're running out of time - so.....
_Patrick_Carman_: if I didn't get to your question....
_Patrick_Carman_: fear not!
_Stacks_Admin_: Hey everyone, since there were SO many questions for Patrick, we've arm twisted him into agreeing to answer some more later on! We'll be saving your questions and he'll select some and answer them in a blog post on Ink Splot 26.
_Dewdrop208_: I'm writing the secret down on paper!
_A Major Bibliophile_: It was so great talking to you! :D You're awesome!
_ninjanick_: you are the best!!!!!!
_max39_: Hello Mr. Carman if you can, can you please tell me more about Book 6?
_Patrick_Carman_: Okay, so I was told I could give away a big secret now....
_Philip2000000_: You awesome, Pat!
_Dewdrop208_: Rock on Patrick Carman!
_Patrick_Carman_: about book 6....
_Sabertooth Dragon_: Yay Patrick
_Biffle15_: @Patrick_Carman Thank you so much for taking your time to answer all of our questions!
_Patrick_Carman_: Book 6 takes place in.....
_boxer4356_: U ROCK!
_Patrick_Carman_: hang on, I need to get some water - give me like 10 minutes.
_Patrick_Carman_: okay 5
_Patrick_Carman_: Oh forget it, here goes
_Patrick_Carman_: Dan and Amy are heading to...
_Patrick_Carman_: Australia!
_Patrick_Carman_: Awesome!
_Patrick_Carman_: The land down under
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Thanks so much for joining us Patrick! Do you have any final words for all your fans here in chat?
_Patrick_Carman_: This was SO fun - I could hang out with you guys all day. Thank you for all the kind words. Keep rockin' the 39 Clues - see you in the land of Kangaroos!
_Biffle15_: Thank you soooo much Patrick!!!
_turtlequest_: You're awesome, Mr. Carman. I can't wait for Book 6 and I'm just about to start Skeleton Creek. You rock~!
_ShogunMozart_: THANKS!!!
_Solus_Nui_: Be safe from Madrigals!
_A Major Bibliophile_: Sweet!
_Biffle15_: Oh! That is so cool! I can't wait!!1
_turtlequest_: cool!
_boxer4356_: COOL!
_jrollnotphilfan_: bye
_Amber Mint_: great word!
_Dewdrop208_: I will miss you!
_Stacks_Admin_: Thanks for joining the chat, everyone! We'll be posting the transcript on Ink Splot 26 -- http://blog.scholastic.com/ink_splot_26/ and check back to see MORE answers in Pat's upcoming blog post!
_bookworm92_: THANKS!!!!
_Ekaterina69_: thank you you're awesome
_prachir_: thank you
_UltraFire_: BYE
_Stacks_Admin_: To continue the conversation about The 39 Clues with other fans, visit The 39 Clues message boards! http://community.scholastic.com/scholastic?category.id=The_39_Clues
_Ton4o_: Great!
_TheCadetOfSpace_: Australia= Awesome. Bye!
_Solus_Nui_: You rock, Mr. Carman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_ShogunMozart_: Don't leave us!!!
_Saberhagen_: Good Bye
_cecil1000_: I am the biggest 39 clues fan!
_Dewdrop208_: what is the next chat about?
_Biffle15_: Bye Patrick! Thank you so much!
_turtlequest_: Thanks to the awesome moderators!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: @turtlequest: Aw, you're welcome! :-)
_Dewdrop208_: Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_Stacks_Admin_: Thanks for joining us, Pat! :)
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: You guys are all awesome. You all made this chat so much fun! Please come back for next month's chat.
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: The topic will be Kids' Choice. We will be posting a poll for you to choose what books you want to talk about in the next chat, so check back on the STACKS!
_UltraFire_: Thanks!!!
_amy39cahill_: Bye patrick!
_bookworm92_: You rock Patrick!!!
_Biffle15_: @Patrick_Carman Thank you soo much for taking your time!!!
_Amber Mint_: THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_A Major Bibliophile_: Bye! Thanks again!
_basketballcow23_: bye
_Cahill-E_: see you pat
_amy39cahill_: Bye!
_Dewdrop208_: thanks mods! *smiles*
_Saberhagen_: Good Bye
_Ton4o_: bye!
_boxer4356_: Thank you for being Cool!
_Stacks_Admin_: @boxer4356: You're welcome.
_Stacks_Admin_: oh, you were probably talking about Pat. He IS way cool. :)
_MusicLover837_: Bye!
_amy39cahill_: See ya!
_ztag100_: BYE PAT
_amy39cahill_: You are awesome Pat!
_beardia_: Bye!
_Solus_Nui_: Thanks a ton, Mr. Carman!
_Ekaterina69_: Bye!!
_Cahill-E_: later
_Biffle15_: Thank you all for organizing this! Can't wait for next month. Bye!! 39 Clues rocks!
_painter26_: Thanks again!
_JohnAsLewis_: peace
_JohnAsLewis_: bye!
_Dewdrop208_: I will c u on the boards!
_candygirl4_: thanks pat have a nice day
_patrick pudding_: bye
_ztag100_: SEE YA
_Saberhagen_: Bye!
_bookworm92_: Bye!!!
_Stacks_Admin_: Head on over to The 39 Clues message boards to discuss the series with other fans! http://community.scholastic.com/scholastic?category.id=The_39_Clues
_Solus_Nui_: We all wish you to be safe from Madrigals, Pat.
_anthony2010_: BYE!!!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Okay, guys, I'm closing the chat room now. Scoot on over to the 39 Clues message boards. Go, go!
_Stacks_Admin_: http://community.scholastic.com/scholastic?category.id=The_39_Clues
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Byeeee!

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