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[edit] Book 8: The Emperor's Code

By Gordon Korman, scheduled to be released on April 6, 2010.

[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Split in Two

One belief has sustained fourteen-year-old Amy Cahill and her younger brother, Dan, on their hunt for the 39 Clues: They are the good guys. But then a shocking discovery about their parents sshatters everything Amy and Dan think they know, dividing the two siblings for the first time ever. When Dan disappears in a country of more than a billion people, Amy has to make a terrible choice - find the next Clue... or find her younger brother.

[edit] Chapter One-Liners

1) Dan and Amy board a plane to China. Their screens are the only ones showing The Last Emperor. But someone is spying on them.

2) Amy and Dan spot a Janus symbol on the Forbidden Temple. Alistair Oh tries to get information out of them, but fails.

3) Amy finds out that the Quing Dynasty were Janus. Dan finds the Janus symbol.

4) Dan climbs to the roof of the Forbidden Temple, where there are loads of crickets. He finds a piece of silk with a formula for the Cahill family and some Chineese characters and gets caught by a security guard.

5) Amy and Dan have a fight when Amy says that their Mom and Dad deserved to die. Dan runs away and gets kidnapped.

6) Ian and Natalie Kabra try to get information out of Dan, but fail, so they throw him down. Amy and Nellie can't find Dan on Tiananmen Square.

7) Dan is thrown on a conveyor belt where Jonah Wizard gives him a place to stay. The Wizards are looking for Amy and Nellie. Dan doesn't think he's being kidnapped.

8) Nellie wants Alistair to translate the silk. Alistair still tries to get information, getting the silk:

That which you seek, you hold in your hand,
Fixed forever in Birth,
Where the Earth meats the Sky

Amy thinks Dan might be at Jonah Wizard's concert.

9) Dan is backstage for Jonah's concert. Jonah tells Amy that Dan's not with him. Jonah and Dan are going to the Henan Province for the Shaolin Temple.

10) Alistair draws Charm in Chinese. Dan was shown in a newspaper with Jonah. Jonah lied. Dan and Jonah go to the Shaolin Temple where an older monk recognises Jonah.

11) In a secret section of the Shaolin temple, Dan learns Wufu (Martial Arts). Amy and Nellie can't find Dan near the great wall of China.

12) After eating silkworms, Dan decides to climb the Beard Buddha (Bohidharma).

13) The Shaolin Monks are Janus. Jonah gets a message to find the 53rd Teracotta Soldier on the 38th rank of the 1st excavation pit.

14) At the top of the Beard Buddha, Dan finds a minature with a picture of what looks like his mom. He also finds what might be the Gideon's equipment for the 39 Clues.

15) Amy and Nellie can't find Dan on the Great wall of China. Saladin drops off it.

16) Jonah gets Dan to find the Teracotta Soldier in case it's a trap.

17) Jonah decides to help Dan with a goon sent by Ian and Natalie Kabra. They get caught.

18) Jonah's Dad frees him and Dan from jail, Jonah quits the contest, Cora Wizard pretends Dan is a Janus, and Dan reveals he's a Madrigal.

19) A door on the Great Waall of China has the Chineese symbol Charm on it. A better translation is Grace. Some feng shui reveals the location of the next Clue.

20) Dan finds out the Holts have a lead on the next Clue - Mount Everest, sends a message to Amy and Nellie, takes a 30 hour train ride, and gets locked in. Amy finds out George Mallory might have hidden the clue on the summit.

21) Ian Kabra is on Everest too - in a space suit. Amy thinks she can use the A-Star to get to the summit without climbing.

22) Dan meets Amy, Nellie and Saladin near the A-Star. Nellie's "uncle" convinces the pilot to ride them to the summit.

23) The Holts and Ian are on the last climb of Everest. Amy, Dan and Nellie beat them to it. They find the Janus formula. All the branches formulas make the master serum.

24) Ian tries to get the formula but nearly falls off.

25) Amy saves Ian. The real formula is liquid silk. They didn't have freezers in their time - so Everest was the best place.

26) Cora Wizard believes Dan being a Madrigal. That's why Grace didn't make teams. Dan says where he hid the equipment. The minature was of Anne Bonny - a pirate of the Caribbean - the most notorious female pirate ever.

[edit] Known Puzzles

On the inside cover, there's symbols. On the publishing page is the code. The answer is

Tenzing knew too.

Another puzzle was all the circled letters, forming 3 sentences:

Madrigals are behind everything. They lay out the path the others will walk. The end is coming.

There are hidden messages on the cover too.

  On the left side of his helmet their are the initials "GM". GM is George Mallory.
  In the middle of his helmet the writing says "BECAUSE IT'S THERE". Which Mallory said about Everest
  In the background on the left near his beard it says "HENRY". Henry was Emperor Puyis English name.

[edit] Mission 8

1) Go through the Intro to the second Briefing.

2) Go to Cairo.

1) The answer is "Roda Island Bridge".

3) Go to the Bridge.

1) Speak to Ian.

1) Choose Option 2.

2) Choose Option 3.

3) Choose Option 3.

4) Choose any Option.

4) Go through Sennari House to the second Sennari House.

5) Go to the third Sennari House.

1) Speak to Ian.

1) Choose Option 1.

2) Choose Option 3.

3) Choose Option 2.

4) Choose Option 1.

5) Choose any Option.

6) Go to the Ekat Stronghold.

1) Play the game.

1) From the white cross drag a line the opposite way from the red cross to get there.

7) Go to the second Ekat Stronghold.

8) Go to the third Ekat Stronghold.

1) Play the game.

1) Fix the robot.

2) Green to green, purple to purple, etc...

3) It's a dog.

9) Go to the fourth Ekat Stronghold.

1) Play the game.

1) Cross the dog without hitting the lasers.

10) Go to the fifth Ekat Stronghold.

1) The answer is "silver".

Clue 3

[edit] The Emperor's Code, Inside Back Cover


All falls into place. Cahills across the globe embrace
their destiny and begin the hunt for the 39 Clues.
More join the hunt with each hour, but for the plan
to work, still more are needed.

Continue your work, William. Convince the young
Cahills that they just might conquer the world.

Imagine if they knew the truth.


1. Go to www.the39clues.com

2. Click on "Join Now" and choose a username and password.

3. Explore the Cahill world and track down Clues.

There are over $100,000 in prizes for lucky Clue hunters.

Read the Books. Collect the Cards. Play the Game. Win the Prizes.

[edit] Audio Book

[cue music] Stand by for exclusive bonus material. Listen to Cora Wizard's Nobel Prize acceptance speech.

[background noise]
Host: Your majesties, your royal highnesses, laureates, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the Nobel banquet. We are gathered here, in Stockholm, to honor the achievements of the most remarkable scientists, artists, and humanitarians of our age. And now, it is my privilege and pleasure to introduce the winner of this year's Nobel prize in literature, Cora Wizard.
Host: Ever since she published her first novel, A Wolfish Howl, at the age of 15 , Cora Wizard has been one of the world's preeminent literary voices. From her ground-breaking work of historical fiction, Nannerl's Secret, to her controversial collection of short stories Painting your Brain, Mrs. Wizard has shaped the development of literature in the late 20th century. She is unique among our esteemed group of honorees, in that she is also a world-renown painter, sculptor, and multi-media artist. Please join me in welcoming the youngest ever Nobel laureate in literature, Cora Wizard.

Cora Wizard: Thank you. [applause continues] Thank you. It is a great [applause continues ]... That's enough! [applause slowly dies] It is a great honor to be here. I never expected to win. Okay, that's not entire true. But I certainly never imagined becoming the youngest winner in history. Oh, I suppose that's not quite true, either; I do have a rather active imagination. [audience laughs] It's wonderful to be recognized for my commitment to literature, and to art in general. Not many people recognize the power of art. I have some distant relatives who believe that you need strong arms or a poison ring to make someone do what you want. I know for a fact that that isn't true.
Cora: Art can be equally persuasive. Let's pretend, just as an example, that I wanted to become President. I could go on TV, and make boring speeches about how I was going to make the country a better place. Or, I could create a gorgeous painting and hide subliminal messages in the background and put it on billboards all around America. You'd be bombarded from all angles, and would basically have to vote for me. That's just an example, of course. Purely theoretical. Books are even better for mind control, which is why I've written so many. A good writer can make people feel or think anything she wants. Not that I'd use my writing to manipulate people. I'm an artist. I have no plans for global domination whatsoever. Though, if someone had to be in charge of the world, I think I'd do a pretty great job. I'm certainly better equipped then some of the nutcases I know who are actually trying to take over the world.
Cora: I wouldn't blow up some small country just because I was angry about breaking a nail ... Isabel. [eh hem] I think I got a little off track. I'd like to thank the Swedish Academy for this immense honor. I plan to hang my Nobel medal above my young son's crib, in order to inspire him to greatness as well. I only hope he lives up to my expectations. It would be rather embarrassing for the son of a Nobel laureate to end up mediocre. [feet shuffling] Oh dear. I actually have to run. There is a helicopter outside waiting to take me to London. I've been dying to visit the British Museum at night, when there aren't all those pesky tourists around. Or security guards. But thank you, again. Good night.

[edit] Live Webchat (April 8 2010) With Gordan Korman

_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Hi everyone! Welcome to the chat! It's so great to see so many people here!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: We will be introducing Gordan korman in about 10 minutes!
_HeroineHiding_: Woo-hoo! When is the chat going to start already?
_qzwxqzwx13_: hi
_tomasrocks534_: HI GORDON!!
_imaginarytodd_: heyy
_leon0811_: hi all
_mariacarlatio_: hi
_leon0811_: hi all
_imaginarytodd_: Cool!
_madrival_: Hi!
_fabchick_: hello!
_whitebird5810_: hi people
_imaginarytodd_: Hello everyone!
_NKhan320_: hi
_Ton4o95_: hi all
_leon0811_: lol
_NKhan320_: hello
_whitebird5810_: whats with all the hi? lol
_leon0811_: r u all ok
_HeroineHiding_: Howdy doo already. Can't we talk about the book yet?
_cat78956_: Hey Peoples!!!
_mujie12_: Hi, Gordon
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Have you guys heard the titles of Books 9 and 10?
_narniagyrl_: yo!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Book 9= Sorm Warning by Linda Sue Park coming out on May 25
_madrival_: Yep
_Ton4o95_: Yes
_madrival_: Storm warning and into the gauntlet
_whitebird5810_: no
_HeroineHiding_: Into the Gaunlet and Stormy waves or something
_NKhan320_: storm warning and into the gauntlet
_imaginarytodd_: I don't read 39 clues but I think is pretty cool and I'll try to read them soon
_mujie12_: Yes
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Book 10= Into the Gauntlet by Margaret Peterson Haddix coming out on August 31
_joker3140_: How do I chat?
_madrival_: Why is the 10th book called "Into the Gauntlet"??? It doesn't make sense!
_whitebird5810_: when is it going to start
_Amy'sbiggestFan_: 3 my time
_WinkyGoMoo_: @whitebird5810 I think it starts in 8 minutes.
_imaginarytodd_: The 39 clues is like a chainstory... is made up by different autors!
_imaginarytodd_: Fun!
_emmy23_: hey
_whitebird5810_: o Joker you are chating
_NKhan320_: 7 minutes noow
_zoya345_: my 2st chat! so exicted! lolz
_leon0811_: can u give us any infomation on book 9 and 10 @
_zoya345_: 1st*
_NKhan320_: my ist
_HeroineHiding_: Yeah Joker. you kinda just type
_whitebird5810_: cool
_imaginarytodd_: My seond chat too..
_NKhan320_: my first
_whitebird5810_: my first 2
_madrival_: This is my first one! It's great!
_mujie12_: My 2nd, if you count half a chat
_NKhan320_: cool
_BelleEdlynn_: my first as well
_joker3140_: Hey!
_Ton4o95_: my second
_39vanillaperson_: it
_emmy23_: what are you guys up to
_HeroineHiding_: I tried it once but this is my real first
_imaginarytodd_: I wante to join the wimpy kid kovie chat but.. I was too late :l
_whitebird5810_: hey!!!!!!! zsxdflip: test
_39vanillaperson_: it's my first chat too
_emmy23_: Hello
_joker3140_: This is so awesome!
_WinkyGoMoo_: Im excited for this to start! zsxdflip: ok
_mujie12_: I was going to join the other 39 Clues one
_leon0811_: yh my first chat to
_imaginarytodd_: My first chat was the Goosebumps chat back in October
_BelleEdlynn_: Hi all ppl!
_NKhan320_: 6 minutes now
_imaginarytodd_: Really fun
_whitebird5810_: i know rite
_WinkyGoMoo_: This is my first chat as well.
_madrival_: Wimpy kid? I'm reading book one right now and it's awesome
_joker3140_: My first chat ever!!!
_39vanillaperson_: I'm kind of nervous zsxdflip: Is gordon here?
_whitebird5810_: this is awesome!
_NKhan320_: 5 minutes now
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Who has finished Book 8 yet?
_BelleEdlynn_: Me
_mujie12_: Me
_whitebird5810_: not me!
_zoya345_: ME!
_leon0811_: me
_MacComputer_: I have!
_madrival_: I live in Bulgaria and we're waiting for the seventh book right now
_HeroineHiding_: I didn't now this was so time consuming. I'm doing my math hw right now. But I finished book 8 yesterday!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Wow! You guys are fast readers!
_WinkyGoMoo_: @Sonja_Stacks_Staffer I got it the day it came out. It was epic!
_BelleEdlynn_: Read at bookstore
_mujie12_: I got it on the day for once
_zoya345_: same here got it the day it came out
_39vanillaperson_: I haven't even started it yet or in that matter, got it! How is it?
_Ekaterina69_: i'm half done it zsxdflip: i just want to talk to gordon about the titanic series
_jarb09_: I'm getting it soon!!!!
_cat78956_: I havn't got it yet.
_NKhan320_: not me
_HeroineHiding_: How many people here have been on the boards?
_BelleEdlynn_: read it but didn't buy.. yet
_zoya345_: its awesome
_imaginarytodd_: I have to start from the first book
_madrival_: I have been on the boards
_joker3140_: Book 8 rules Ive got it!
_NKhan320_: i didn't even get it but i know what its about
_BelleEdlynn_: im on the boards, only the read the books
_cat78956_: I have read 1-7 though!
_NKhan320_: 3 minutes now
_jarb09_: I have the whole series at home!!!
_emmy23_: anyone there
_myminiman_: hi everyone!
_mujie12_: @
_heroineHiding_ You mean you borrowed it?
_leon0811_: wyh do u have start from the first book @imaginarytodd
_cat78956_: I have been on the Read the Books board!
_lucian_agent_: I finished book 8.
_39vanillaperson_: It's really exciting that I' m really going to be chatting with Gordon Korman!
_HeroineHiding_: Thx for the countdown zsxdflip: 3 mins, yup
_madrival_: two mins now
_dlouisville_: 2 mins
_superbooks2_: I still haven't finished book 8 yet
_tomasrocks534_: I am on page 172 of book 8 plus I one a mission prize before. I am a big 39 clues fan.
_leon0811_: ha ha
_whitebird5810_: hey -myminiman-
_myminiman_: 2 mins!!
_emmy23_: I am so excited!!!
_HeroineHiding_: @mujie12 no
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Gordon Korman is in the process of logging into the chat right now. he should be here soon. . .
_joker3140_: I have read 7 1/2 books, and I Love them all! [ :
_lucian_agent_: I can't believe I'm going to chat with Gordon Korman.
_superbooks2_: 1 min 30 sec
_cat78956_: Yay!
_WinkyGoMoo_: I can't wait! =D
_leon0811_: ok zsxdflip: 1 minute!!!
_myminiman_: 1 min!!
_NKhan320_: 1 minute now !!!!!!!!!!!!!
_DivaDiamond_: So cool!
_mujie12_: 1 min
_lucian_agent_: OMG!
_Ton4o95_: yeah
_tomasrocks534_: Wow, 79 already!
_lucian_agent_: 1 min
_WinkyGoMoo_: We're on to seconds! zsxdflip: drum roll!
_penguin2009_: Hi everyone
_myminiman_: omg i'm so excited
_cat78956_: LOL!!! I am so exited!
_zoya345_: few secs left acordin to count down watch
_whitebird5810_: lol
_tomasrocks534_: OH YEAH!!!!
_BelleEdlynn_: *anticipation *
_joker3140_: Lucians Rule!!!
_madrival_: It is sooo coool
_emmy23_: 30 seconds
_myminiman_: ant second now
_tomasrocks534_: TOMAS! zsxdflip: bum Bum BUM!!!
_mujie12_: Few seconds left
_HeroineHiding_: Hasn't the chat started when we were talking @ first?
_superbooks2_: EKAT!
_BelleEdlynn_: Janus
_NKhan320_: LUCIAN!
_dlouisville_: Ekats!
_WinkyGoMoo_: *is bursting with excitement*
_madrival_: Gordon! Gordon!
_Ton4o95_: EKATS!
_cat78956_: Lucians!!!
_WinkyGoMoo_: Tomas!
_superbooks2_: STILL EKAT!
_DivaDiamond_: Madrigals!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: OK. It's official.
_HeroineHiding_: Tomas but should be Ekat!
_tomasrocks534_: TOMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_superbooks2_: ekats are the best (i think)
_myminiman_: yay
_mujie12_: EKAT!
_lucian_agent_: It should start now!
_madrival_: I am a Janus
_BelleEdlynn_: @HeroineHiding Good point
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I'm thrilled to introduce you to Gordon Korman!
_joker3140_: Lucian! Lucian! Lucians rule!
_lucian_agent_: Lucians are best!
_WinkyGoMoo_: Madrigals and Tomas!
_mariacarlatio_: I am a JANUS
_WinkyGoMoo_: =D
_superbooks2_: yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_tomasrocks534_: HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_cat78956_: Hey Gordon!
_myminiman_: hi Gordan
_jojods39_: Gordon Korman,
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Thanks for coming to the chat everyone and feel free to start asking your questions for Gordon Korman
_Gordon_Korman_: Hi everybody, thanks so much for logging on. I'm so excited about The Emperor's Code! A special shout-out to all the Janus out there! But all the other branches are totally welcome too
_madrival_: Why didn't Dan choose the money and Amy the clue? That way they could have helped themselves a lot.
_Gordon_Korman_: I don't think that was always the choice. Amy and Dan would have received a double share of the money, but they were always a team. So it never an option for one of them to stay in and one of quit the quest.
_Gordon_Korman_: I like your thinking though! Are you a Lucian?
_leon0811_: Why are some of the words in book 8 circled
_madrival_: No, a Janus actually
_Gordon_Korman_: That is the Book 8 code... every book has some unique challenges for those fans who are really looking to discover every hidden message in the clue hunt.
_Ton4o95_: Do your relatives know what happens next in the series or you haven't shared this with nobody?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Sorry this chat is a bit slow
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: We are working as fast as we can to get your questions answered but we can only do one at a time
_MacComputer_: @
_Gordon_Korman_ Your book is so cool! I just finished reading it!
_Gordon_Korman_: LOL! There's A LOT of secrecy in The 39 Clues. One of the first thing you do when you sign on as a writer is to sign a secrecy contract.
_Gordon_Korman_: I have to be especially careful because my oldest son is in 5th grade and there are a lot of clue hunters in his class.
_lucian_agent_: I'm in 5th grade too.
_Gordon_Korman_: I think some of the Madrigals would want me to have a special safe with a retina scanner, but I just lock the door of my office. But I DO use a different computer to write everything.
_NKhan320_: Me too
_superbooks2_: im in 6th grade
_didjexpert_: im in 4th
_Gordon_Korman_: And the editors use a special secure password-protected server to share the manuscripts! They aren't allowed to email it.
_didjexpert_: cool
_myminiman_: i'm in 5th
_Gordon_Korman_: BTW, my 5th grade son is a Lucian also!
_mariacarlatio_: im in 6th too
_HeroineHiding_: im in 7th zsxdflip: im in 5th too!
_SapphireRose_: Do all the authors ever grt togther and tell the next auther some ideas?
_Gordon_Korman_: We're all in touch through our 39 Clues handlers at Scholastic, but we see each other outside of that.
_Gordon_Korman_: Still, the whole 39 Clues secrecy has made us so paranoid that sometimes we're afraid to reveal too much, even to our fellow authors!
_Ton4o95_: Hello, Mr. Korman! I'm a fan from Bulgaria and right now we're waiting for the seventh book and the third card pack to be released. Some of us fans found out that in the third card pack (Secret Madrigal Files) there is a text in Bulgarian and the pack even contains a card connected to our country. I wonder if Bulgaria will be mentioned once again in some way in the books, cards or in the missions.
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Bulgaria! Cool!!
_didjexpert_: wow
_Pleco90_: thats cool
_DivaDiamond_: awesome
_whitebird5810_: sweet! zsxdflip: awesome!
_luciro_: nice
_myminiman_: i'm such a fanof your books
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: What other countries are represented at this chat?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: USA
_mujie12_: UK
_BelleEdlynn_: USA
_superbooks2_: america!
_cat78956_: USA
_didjexpert_: USA
_qzwxqzwx13_: Canada
_zoya345_: Usa
_jojods39_: USA! USA!
_WinkyGoMoo_: The good old USA! zsxdflip: USA
_nicoloosh_: argentina
_whitebird5810_: usa
_HeroineHiding_: US of A!!(we rock!)
_tomasrocks534_: PA, USA
_DivaDiamond_: usa
_Music4Evah_: Well, my cousin's on this chat, so England
_mysterious madrigal_: USA
_Hermione524_: USA!
_myminiman_: USA
_didjexpert_: USA!USA!USA!
_dlouisville_: US
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: I think she meant OTHER than USA
_nicoloosh_: lebanon
_mariacarlatio_: usa
_nixiestix_: Philippines!!!
_imaginarytodd_: Panama
_qzwxqzwx13_: Canada
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Whoa, Argentina? Cool!
_39ClueInsane_: Pennnsylvania USA
_Awesomerachel1995_: USA!!
_qzwxqzwx13_: Oh Canada
_myminiman_: UK
_mariacarlatio_: KANSA,USA
_Gordon_Korman_: I can reveal that one of the card packs features a Bulgarian ekat agent who has a big secret and isn't what she seems...
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: You guys are from all over the world. That's so awesome!
_didjexpert_: VA, USA
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Panama and the Phillipines? Cool!
_mariacarlatio_: PHILIPPINES
_mujie12_: UK
_annachase526_: USA
_nicoloosh_: italy
_didjexpert_: USA!USA!USA!USA!USA!
_DivaDiamond_: Puerto Rico.
_Gordon_Korman_: I've been writing for 32 years and the 39 Clues books are in more languages than all of my other books put together. It's amazing how international this series is, not only the settings for the Clue Hunt, but also the nationalities of our fans.
_HeroineHiding_: Why won't the branches work together?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: What language do you read your 39 Clues books in?
_madrival_: Bulgarian
_mujie12_: English
_jojods39_: English
_abi220_: English.
_imaginarytodd_: All books in english
_emmy23_: English
_SapphireRose_: English
_mysterious madrigal_: english
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: English ... nothing special
_Ton4o95_: Bulgarian
_luciro_: english
_zoya345_: english
_qzwxqzwx13_: English
_HeroineHiding_: English
_BelleEdlynn_: English
_nicoloosh_: Urdu
_annachase526_: English
_DivaDiamond_: spanish
_Gordon_Korman_: I think there's just too much bad blood over the last 5 centuries! There's murder and centuries of double-crosses...
_masterskier_: English
_nicoloosh_: Spanish
_DivaDiamond_: Spanish
_imaginarytodd_: spanish*
_SapphireRose_: English,lol
_zoya345_: OO I speak urdu!
_f9f7_: japanese
_39ClueInsane_: english!
_imaginarytodd_: Sometimes spanish
_Gordon_Korman_: Don't forget, the clue hunt has shaped human history more than any other single factor. And sadly, a lot of that history has been violent and tragic.
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: So cool. We are are an international multi-lingual group of awesome 39 Clues fans!
_nixiestix_: Who was the person Nellie called when they were about to go to mount everest?
_39vanillaperson_: how sadly true korman, how true.
_Gordon_Korman_: Whoa, you guys are good! As you know, it seems as if there's a puppet master outside of the clue hunt pulling strings for Amy and Dan and the other teams. And so far, it's been impossible to determine who that outside force is and what his or her intentions might be.
_Gordon_Korman_: Clearly, that was the person Nellie spoke to at the base of Everest. I can say no more, except... that by the time you're finished with Book 9 (Storm Warning) by Linda Sue Park, you'll probably be able to guess the answer to that question!
_Music4Evah_: What can you tell us about Amy and Ian's relationship? Are they going to end up together? Will Amy always hate Ian?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Be patient, please! we can only take one question ata time people!
_Gordon_Korman_: Well we know after book 8 that she doesn't want to throw him off the edge of Mount Everest...
_jojods39_: Lots of questions
_didjexpert_: THROW OFF EDGE OF MT EVEREST!?!?!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Whoa, book 8 spoilers!!
_Gordon_Korman_: I'm not sure about Amy and Ian's future... one of the things about The 39 Clues is that even we authors are kept in the dark about certain storylines.
_Gordon_Korman_: If Amy ends up with Ian... what a mother-in-law! (J/K!)
_madrival_: Rofl. That was good
_annachase526_: hahaha
_zoya345_: lmaooo isabel would definetly not b happy lolz
_emmy23_: totally ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
_bmw3bug_: lol
_madrival_: Are Madrigals the good or the bad guys? Maybe they are a mix?
_abi220_: lol!
_BelleEdlynn_: Hahaha'
_qzwxqzwx13_: ROFL XD
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: That was really funny LOL
_39cluesrule1234_: lol
_BelleEdlynn_: *imagines * isabel: "you whatt??"
_moomoolue_: I wouldn' marry him ecause of the mother in law.
_f9f7_: a murdering mother in law
_WinkyGoMoo_: a scary mother in law x_x
_abi220_: hes kind of mean anyway
_emmy23_: I LOVE THE 39 CLUE BOOKS. I read all of your other books like Everest and Dive
_emmy23_: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh she would never fall for him:)
_Music4Evah_: *Shudder* poor Amy! Ian is totally awesome though
_toomuchwork41_: He's all wrong for her...
_Awesomerachel1995_: IM in eight grade and i got my mom dad and aunt to read the series! You are never to old for the action adventure!
_emmy23_: @toomuchwork41 youre totally right
_WinkyGoMoo_: I hope Ian gets on Amy's side because of how she saved him. >
_moomoolue_: I dont think he wants to be like that though. but forced to because of his mom.
_Gordon_Korman_: Thanks for putting me on the spot and asking me just about the most sensitive question of The 39 Clues!
_WinkyGoMoo_: I hope Ian feels terrible in future books because of what Amy did. >=(
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @awesomerachel So true. STACKS staffers are all adults we love these books!
_Gordon_Korman_: Clearly, the Madrigals have a terrible reputation - and for good reason! But one thing that the clue hunt has taught Amy and Dan, is that with the Cahill family, nothing is ever as it seems.
_bmw3bug_: what was ur favourite part about book 8?
_39vanillaperson_: Ekatertinas RULE!!!!!! Respond if you're with me!
_jojods39_: Nope
_emmy23_: no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I'm an EKAT!
_arion16_: Ekats Rule!!!!
_mujie12_: I AM!
_annachase526_: <3 EKATS!!!
_zoya345_: LUCIANSS!!!
_BelleEdlynn_: Janus all the way
_SapphireRose_: Madrigals! Madrigals! Madrigals!
_39cluesrule1234_: im a tomas
_masterskier_: ekats rule
_Awesomerachel1995_: Janus rule!
_didjexpert_: @39vanillaperson IM AN EKATERINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_emmy23_: im a Lucian
_39cluesrule1234_: TOMAS
_mysterious madrigal_: yyah ekats rule
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: I'm a Janus, but they're no fun. Lucians are awesome!
_SapphireRose_: vMadrigals! Madrigals! Madrigals! Madrigals! Madrigals! Madrigals!
_f9f7_: I am an Ekat too! (and part lucian
_luciro_: tomas rule the world
_mujie12_: How do you join the Madrigals?
_zoya345_: am i the only lucian?
_HeroineHiding_: Unfortunately Tomas
_didjexpert_: EKAT
_zoya345_: nvm
_didjexpert_: love ekats and our inventions
_MacComputer_: @Gordon_Korman_I love both of your books!
_mujie12_: Madrigal Ekat!
_Ton4o95_: EKAT
_madrival_: Janus arethe best, leave all the rest, lol
_emmy23_: is anybody with me that Lucians rock
_masterskier_: EKAT!!!!!!
_Trevster418_: Tomas are the strongest of all!
_Gordon_Korman_: My favorite part about Book 8 was CHINA! The best thing about being a writer for The 39 Clues is the places we get to visit in our books. I truly believe when I got China for The Emperpor's Code, I truly hit the jackpot.
_Gordon_Korman_: And to have the climax on top of Mount Everest -- that's literally a pinnacle on top of a pinnacle!
_dlouisville_: Is there going to be a 39 clues movie?
_Awesomerachel1995_: yeah is there?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Who should play Amy and dan?
_abi220_: i should play amy!
_leon0811_: me i am a actor
_kokoforcahill_: I should play dan.
_didjexpert_: the guys who pose for Amy and dan in those pics
_madrival_: Dan is for me, yo. Lol
_SapphireRose_: Dibs any
_Pleco90_: me
_lucian_agent_: The person who played as percy jackson for dan.
_Hermione524_: I should play Amy in the movie of course, since I'm exactly like her...but she's fourteen...
_mujie12_: But I'd be happy to play Dan
_zoya345_: Lergan Loman?
_Gordon_Korman_: Dreamworks has an option on the series, with my fellow Janus Steven Spielberg looking to direct...
_39ClueInsane_: anna sophia rob and ryan secrest!
_MacComputer_: @
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_The people that are on the cards!
_annachase526_: Logan Lerman is too old
_BelleEdlynn_: no offense but logan lerman is 17? and dans 11
_Gordon_Korman_: How come there aren't any Tomas out there? I hear about Lucians, Ekats, and Janus...
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Ryan Seacrest from American idol?
_WinkyGoMoo_: I'm a Tomas!
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: There were some Tomas
_masterskier_: I am an Ekat
_Trevster418_: /i am a tomas!!!!
_HeroineHiding_: I'm a Tomas!(unfortunately)
_noodles2010_: Cause lucians rock!!!
_tomasrocks534_: I AM A TOMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_madrival_: Do you think Irina deserved to die?
_abi220_: no.
_lucian_agent_: No.
_annachase526_: no
_Awesomerachel1995_: no!
_SapphireRose_: NO
_39ClueInsane_: Irina was nice in the end!
_39cluesrule1234_: nope
_moomoolue_: No way she should have lived.
_mysterious madrigal_: no way
_BelleEdlynn_: and yes
_jojods39_: nope
_mujie12_: No
_moomoolue_: that wasn't fair for her
_Music4Evah_: Irina shouldn't have died
_didjexpert_: no
_HeroineHiding_: Irina's cool
_mujie12_: Unanimous NO!
_toomuchwork41_: thats an opinion
__Iamnotcool_not_: ya she shoot hav
_qzwxqzwx13_: NO NO NO NO NO
_leon0811_: why does the madrigals not have a crest
_Hermione Cahill_: Hi I'm Lucian!! and no Irina should have lived
_Gordon_Korman_: Probably Jude Watson would know better than I, but my personal feeling is that when Irina sacrificed her life to safe Amy and Dan, she was the first to come to the understanding that the branches were stronger working together than feuding between themselves.
_Gordon_Korman_: So I'm sure whether she deserved it, only that she did not give up her life in vain.
_lucian_agent_: True.
_zoya345_: true
_Ambrie_S14_: Who's the Man In Black?
_f9f7_: I think she was noble to save Amy and Dan
_HeroineHiding_: That was a sad part. we had to hold a memorial service
_BelleEdlynn_: yes we did have an unofficial funeral
_Gordon_Korman_: I think right now all I can say for the Man in Black is this: to find the secret, look carefully at your card collections...
_f9f7_: If you could be any other branch other than Janus what would you be?
_moomoolue_: Witch branch is the artistic one?
_noodles2010_: @heroine hiding: i didn't know you were a tomas.
_masterskier_: janus
_Awesomerachel1995_: janus is
_Hermione524_: @moomoolue Janus, of course! Making them the best...
_moomoolue_: I am a janus.
_Gordon_Korman_: Um... I've always had an admiration for the creativity of the Ekats, but Jude Watson soured me on Bae Oh in Book 4. Still, that lochness monster stunt was AWESOME! Check it out in card pack 1 or play mission one on http://www.the39clues.com/
_MacComputer_: @
_Gordon_Korman_Which book did you like writing more? Book 2 or Book 8?
_HeroineHiding_: @noodles_2010 yeah, but its not like i brag. I wanted to be an ekat because i stink at sports
_tomasrocks534_: @Hermione524: Don`t forget the branch who founded the Olympic Games!!!!!!!!!!
_didjexpert_: i am an ekat
_madrival_: @MacComputer, awesome question!
_Hermione Cahill_: I stink at sport and dislike playing it.
_qzwxqzwx13_: I am an Ekat
_noodles2010_: lucian
_39ClueInsane_: go janus!
_mujie12_: Haven't we done all this before?
_zoya345_: lucian
_Trevster418_: You don't have to be athletic to be a Tomas. You can be adventerous.
_Crazy-39-Clues-Fan_: yay ! Janus !
_moomoolue_: I love to draw so it makes sence I am Janus
_BelleEdlynn_: Im bad at sports.. good thing im not a tomas (no offense)
_Hermione Cahill_: I'm Lucian and maybe part Madrigal!
_Music4Evah_: I hate sports, but I'm pretty good at them! Go Lucian!!!
_Awesomerachel1995_: I LOVE SINGING thats why I am A Janus
_Gordon_Korman_: It was different for each book... but I think Book 2 was more stressful to write, because at that time I still didn't know how The 39 Clues was going to go.
_Gordon_Korman_: I really had a great time coming back to the series in Book 8, now that the series is so popular and has so many fans. And it was a blast revisiting characters that I'd written about in One False Note but had also been played with by so many authors in the meantime.
_Gordon_Korman_: Book 8 was also a great opportunity to focus on the character of Jonah Wizard, who has been somewhat on the sidelines lately. I've always loved writing about Jonah, possibly because I'm a celebrity wannabe living vicariously through his fame... LOL!
_mujie12_: @
_Gordan_Korman_Will Jonah quit the hunt forever?
_moomoolue_: Jonah is such a jerk.
_HeroineHiding_: Jonah is now on my ok list
_Hermione524_: @Gordon Korman I always knew that Jonah wasn't all spoiled! GO JANUS!
_zoya345_: NO hes not
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Who is your favorite character besides Amy and Dan?
_zoya345_: Alistar!
_toomuchwork41_: ALISTAIR OH!
_bmw3bug_: HOLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_f9f7_: Irina Spasky
_Music4Evah_: Ian Kabra
_SapphireRose_: Ian
_nixiestix_: the kabras
_Awesomerachel1995_: The holts Thy are HILARIOUS
_39ClueInsane_: Jonah!
_kokoforcahill_: Hamilton!
_Ton4o95_: Alistair!!!
_masterskier_: Man in black
_BelleEdlynn_: Nellie or kurt or Carlos the GPS
_Crazy-39-Clues-Fan_: Hamilton !
_39cluesrock223_: I'm actually in love with Amy.
_WinkyGoMoo_: Holts
_jojods39_: Can't decide. All mean
_mujie12_: Alistair
_didjexpert_: ALISTAIR OH + hes in my branch
_bmw3bug_: or the Madrigals cuz im one
_Gordon_Korman_: He certainly had impulses in that direction during Book 8, but I don't think his mother is going to let him!
_BelleEdlynn_: hamilton
_HeroineHiding_: Nellie
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Hmm, without Dan ... either the Holts or the Kabras
_Gordon_Korman_: Writing the Emperor's Code, I honestly felt bad for the guy! Because his impulse is to try to be a better person, but his branch responsibilities always turn him back to the dark side.
_ChibiLolita_: Ian!
_20bongo_: Saladen
_SapphireRose_: How will Amy and Dan find all the clues with only 10 books and one clue found in each book?
_fabchick_: Jonah!
_WinkyGoMoo_: No, Saladin
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: Or Nellie
_noodles2010_: i can't decide
_39ClueInsane_: Go Carlos!
_moomoolue_: @
_Gordan_Korman my fave is irana spasky
_mujie12_: Oh yeah, Carlos!
_Hermione Cahill_: Natalie Kabra, I like her dart gun.
_moomoolue_: And alistar
_Crazy-39-Clues-Fan_: Nellie and Hamilton
_summergroup_: Reagan Holt
_moomoolue_: OH IAN
_Hermione Cahill_: Oh, and Nellie, but is she good or bad?
_Hermione524_: SALADIN! Or maybe Nellie or Jonah or Natalie.
_luciro_: nellie
_bmw3bug_: carlos saladin or arnold lol
_f9f7_: Also Grace Cahill
_39cluesrock223_: Go Amy!
_39ClueInsane_: I <3 Carlos!
_toomuchwork41_: Grace
_didjexpert_: Saladin's number 2 on my list + im allergic to cats
_moomoolue_: Grace how could I forget!
_noodles2010_: @sapphirerose great question
_Taylor431_: high five
_Hermione Cahill_ for having the same fave character!!
_39cluesrock223_: Amy and Dan are my # 1 & 2
_annachase526_: Kurt, Ian, Carlos, or SALADIN!!!!!
_mysterious madrigal_: i like the more secretive charecters
_moomoolue_: I like dan he is funny.
_madrival_: @SapphireRose, thanks for asking this!
_Gordon_Korman_: The book reveal 10 clues... YOU can find the remaining 29 through the cards and online missions.
_Gordon_Korman_: As for Amy and Dan's clue hunt, you'll have to wait until Book 10 (Into the Gauntlet) to find out what happens!
_tomasrocks534_: HI GORDON!!!! I AM A HUGE FAN OF YOUR BOOKS. Okay, here`s my question: In the book, Dan gets kidnapped by the Kabras. How is that like your series, Kidnapped? How is it different? THANKS!!!!!!!!
_Crazy-39-Clues-Fan_: Oh and I am a big fan too ! All the writters of the 39 clues are my role models because I love writting and I would love to write something like the 39 clues when I grow up
_Hermione524_: @20bongo 2U2
_Gordon_Korman_: Well, Dan is only kidnapped for a couple hours and then dumped in the factory that actually turns out is making Jonah Wizard lollipops...
_Gordon_Korman_: The Kidnapped series is obviously more sustained kidnapping that lasts 3 books before the ultimate conclusion.
_GNOletsgo1_: Oh and Gordon, does Nellie have good intentions towards Amy and Dan?
_annachase526_: Cool! I'm going to read that series next
_didjexpert_: JONAH WIZARD LOLLIPOPS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
_Awesomerachel1995_: yeah does he?
_moomoolue_: Yeah whats up with Nellie?
_Awesomerachel1995_: she i mean
_madrival_: @GNOletsgo1, this is an awesome question!
_SapphireRose_: Yes
_Crazy-39-Clues-Fan_: @Awsomerachel1995, i dont think she's mean. maybe she's trying to protect them. I think she's a madrigal agent.
_Gordon_Korman_: Nellie is one of my favorite characters in the book, and clearly her affection and loyalty for Amy and Dan continues to grow with every book.
_Gordon_Korman_: That being said, there's a disquieting sense that Nellie's buttons are being pushed by forces beyond her control. And in the end, she may have to decide between the Cahill kids and her other responsibilities.
_Hermione524_: @GNOletsgo1 I think that Nellie has good intentions for Amy and Dan, but her boss doesn't *opening of Beethoven's fifth symphony starts to play* dun dun dun *dramatic lighting effect*
_fabchick_: How do you tink Griffin from Swindle would do in the 39 Clues?
_bmw3bug_: nellie rocks!!!
_GNOletsgo1_: Nellie is cool!
_moomoolue_: So nellie is good
_bmw3bug_: she had better chose the kids!!!
_kokoforcahill_: I loved the KIdnapped.
_Hermione Cahill_: If Nellie is good then she rocks!
_noodles2010_: GO NELLIE!!!!!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I loved Swindle!!
_didjexpert_: yeah
_summergroup_: she is secretive
_jarb09_: Nellie is suspicious!!!
_39ClueInsane_: swindaleoso!
_MacComputer_: What's Swindle?
_Awesomerachel1995_: SWINDLE IS AWESOME!!!
_Gordon_Korman_: Well he's obviously a man with a plan, so you can never count him out!
_GNOletsgo1_: Swindle and Zoobreak are good!
_Gordon_Korman_: But, seriously -- In Swindle, there's a million dollar baseball card at stake, but not life and death... and I think that everything changes when there are stakes as high as in the Clue Hunt.
_39ClueInsane_: is lady Gaga a Janus?!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Swindle is about a group of kids who pull off a heist to steal back their baseball card. It's really funny and exciting
_Chocolate Goosebumps_: @39ClueInsane LOL LOL LOL ROFL LOL LOL LOL
_GNOletsgo1_: I read Schooled, it was awesome, oh, and do Dan and Amy need school, because I don't think they do!
_austin1052_: @39ClueInsane I would think so! Shes a musical virtuoso!
_Hermione524_: @39Cluelnsane Of COURSE Lady Gaga is a Janus - all of the other branches just produce torture when THEY try to make music...
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Schooled is hilarious!
_mirialin_moon_knight4789_: @Gordon_Korman You're defintely right! A baseball card isn't even close to the Hunt! Even though you're a Janus, and I'm a Lucian, I
_noodles2010_: boooo lady gaga
__Lucian__: Haha, Lady Gaga is SCARY!
_moomoolue_: I dont like lady gaga
_didjexpert_: whos lady gaga
_Music4Evah_: Lady Gaga's cool
_zoya345_: lady gaga is a bad singer
_Crazy-39-Clues-Fan_: @Lucian I know ! she's crazy ! and she's bringing beyonce to the crazy world with her
_BelleEdlynn_: well i dont dislike her bc she never did anything bad to me like directly
_Gordon_Korman_: Well obviously her creativity and musical talent would indicate the Janus branch... and her over-the-top showmanship is very Janus as well. But her fingernails are vaguely reminiscent of Irina's from book 1... maybe we should ask Rick Riordan
_mysterious madrigal_: will you be at the festivel of books at UCLA (university of california, los angelas
_Hermione524_: Send: @moomolue yeah, I don't like lady gaga too much either but it's better than when a Lucian tries to sing!
_bmw3bug_: can we PLZ stop talking bout lady gaga
_BelleEdlynn_: yes PLZ!
_madrival_: I agree
_zoya345_: @bmw3bug lmao ikr!
_Gordon_Korman_: Yes, I will be at the LA Times Festival of Book later this month... hope to see our Calfornia clue hunters representing!
_BelleEdlynn_: Have you visited any of the strongholds personally
_tomasrocks534_: @bmw3bug: I AGREE STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_mujie12_: I think it's stopped
_Gordon_Korman_: I've never been to Venice, home of one of the Janus strongholds... but I did spend a week in Paris and passed by a building that was extremely suspcious... that city smells of Lucian activity!
_Hermione524_: Mr. Korman, do you have any advice for future authors? I'm working on something, but it isn't going quite as well as I'd hoped...
_Crazy-39-Clues-Fan_: Me too Hermione
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: There is only 5 more minutes. We might not get to all of your questions. Sorry!
_tomasrocks534_: Thanks 4 stopping about that Lady Gaga stuff!
_BelleEdlynn_: @ Hermione524 same here i have a great ideas and about 9 pgs but i cant seem to make my self sit down and finish
_rocker01_: mE TOO
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: But we are so glad you all came to the chat today.
_Gordon_Korman_: Hi Hermionie524! Glad to hear you're interested in writing.
_Gordon_Korman_: My experience is that 95% of what I know about is just by doing it. So just keep on writing! My other advice is to try to plan your stories, beginning, middle and end.
_Gordon_Korman_: Last but not least, Janus membership doesn't hurt.
_Hermione524_: @Gordon Korman Yes, I am a Janus. Thank you for the amazing advice! I'll follow it. Definetely.
_Awesomerachel1995_: This hour flew by fast!
_Trevster418_: How are the Starlings?
_didjexpert_: yeah what happened to them?
_tomasrocks534_: Never even thought about that!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: I know time flies when you are talking about really cool books!
_BelleEdlynn_: @awesomerache1995 yes it did
_moomoolue_: OH i know it went fast.
_didjexpert_: talk about it
_Awesomerachel1995_: IT DOES!!!
_MacComputer_: It's been an HOUR!?!?!?!?
_lucian_agent_: Yeah!
_Trevster418_: Starlings!?!?!?!
_GNOletsgo1_: @Trevester418 the Starlings were hospitalized!
_39ClueInsane_: wow! it's been an hour!
_Trevster418_: I know that. but how are they?
_Hermione Cahill_: I hate how time goes soo fast went you have fun, then others it goes sooo slow.
_mujie12_: Ekats who tried to blow up Dan and Amy
_Gordon_Korman_: @Trevster418: Oh man, that's above my pay grade! LOL. I do know that the Starlings are Ekats, so you can never count them out. Their inventiveness is without bounds. So 3 Ekats sitting in the hospital with a lot of time on their hands... that's kind of scary!
_didjexpert_: EKATS?!? NO WAY!!!!!!
_fabchick_: Are you going to any other countries on tour?
_GNOletsgo1_: GO EKATS!!!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: If you want to come to the next chat, sign up for our reminder http://www.scholastic.com/kids/stacks/scene/chat_sign_up/
_noodles2010_: there ekats?????
_Music4Evah_: @ Gordon Korman Freaky Stuff
_Pleco90_: yeah that would be cool
_tomasrocks534_: My annoying sis is an ekat ( that describes alot to others! ) no offense ekats!
_Crazy-39-Clues-Fan_: They are ekats? But i thought they were lucians !
_Gordon_Korman_: I'll be on the road a lot, but mostly in the United States and Canada.
_bmw3bug_: their ekats
_20bongo_: im an ekat!!
_badbrainiac_: iknew they were ekats
__Lucian__: GO USA!
_bmw3bug_: emmalyn GO CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
__Lucian__: @bmw3bug: Whateves GO USA! LOL! =D
_tomasrocks534_: I SAID NO OFFENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS- TOMAS HERE!
_Music4Evah_: @
_Lucian_ OMG your here!
__Lucian__: @Music4Evah: I know! Java finally worked!
_mujie12_: I think most people here are ekats
_Gordon_Korman_: This has been a fantastic hour! If you don't mind, we'll go a little long and take a few more questions.
_Hermione Cahill_: Hi
_moomoolue_: I am janus
_Crazy-39-Clues-Fan_: im a janus
_GNOletsgo1_: Cool!
_madrival_: Yes!
_Hermione Cahill_: Yay
_badbrainiac_: im a ekat
_Crazy-39-Clues-Fan_: ok thanks ! im not from usa, so i was late
_luciro_: i am a tomas
_Hermione524_: What books did you like to read when you were a kid?
_noodles2010_: gordon korman are you still here?
_Hermione Cahill_: Great question Hermione524
_39ClueInsane_: im outta here yall. peace!
_Gordon_Korman_: I loved middle grade novels. I was in fourth grade with Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing was published, and it told me that these books for ME. That's why when I started writing, it was natural for me to write a middle-grade novel. BTW, my favorite series when I was a kid was The Great Brain.
_Crazy-39-Clues-Fan_: @GordonKorman: did you always liked to write or did you liked while you were an adult?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Yes, Gordon is still here. He is so nice he offered to stay a little longer with you guys.
_madrival_: Thanks Gordon
_moomoolue_: THX gordan.
_plantman15_: thank you
_noodles2010_: gordon rocks
_badbrainiac_: i kow right
_zoya345_: thank you!
_mysterious madrigal_: i love The Great Brain too
_WinkyGoMoo_: Thanx so much
_Gordon_Korman_: Actually, I wrote my first book when was 12. It came out when I was freshman in High School, so I've been writing for 3/4 of my life -- both as a kid and as an adult (I'm 46 now)
_mujie12_: Thanks!
_badbrainiac_: thanks
_Ton4o95_: THX
_annachase526_: THank u Mr. Korman!!!
__Lucian__: @Sonnja Stacks Staffer: WOO HOO! GO GORDON KORMAN!
_mujie12_: @Gordan_Korman_Will any of the branches work with Amy and Dan again?
_f9f7_: Thanks Mr. Korman for chating with us
_badbrainiac_: thank you
_luciro_: thanks mr.Korman
__Lucian__: @Sonja Stacks Staffer: Sorry I wrote your name wrong! =)
_annachase526_: I have to go so Bye Mr. Korman!!! THanx soooooo much
_Hermione524_: Thank you SO MUCH Gordon. This is amazing! I still can't believe I'm in a live chat with one of my favorite authors! It's TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!
_Crazy-39-Clues-Fan_: @Gordon Korman: really? i love writting but i dont think i have the patient to write a book ! its too much
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @lucian no problem. at least you got the 'j' right. most people mess that part up1
_moomoolue_: THis has been amazing!
_BelleEdlynn_: @Hermione534 Ditto
_didjexpert_: talk about it Hermione
__Lucian__: @Sonja Stacks Staffer: Haha, I wonder why they get that wrong?
_Ton4o95_: yeah, thank you Gordon!
_Gordon_Korman_: You can never be 100% sure, but I really hope that Irina's self sacrifice in Book 6 stands as an example of how the different branches can help one another.
_Trevster418_: Thank you! and one more question: Where can I find the agent handbook?
_BelleEdlynn_: at barnes and nobles
_bmw3bug_: ya whats with the agent handbook?
_madrival_: Is it available in foreign countries?
_moomoolue_: Whats the agent handbook?
_Hermione524_: @Trevster418 An agent handbook? And I thought that I was the expert...
_moomoolue_: Same here I thought I knew every thing about the 39 clues.
_Gordon_Korman_: You beat me to it, BelleEdlynn! For those of you who don't know, the Agent Handbook is exclusively at Barnes & Noble in the U.S. and not yet available in foreign countries. It's a top-secret insider's guide to the clue hunt with information about how to outwit your sneakiest competition.
_Trevster418_: Well thank Mr. Gordon Korman! You answered a lot of quetions for me! Trust No One- Trevster418 (Tomas)
_moomoolue_: Awesome thx gordan!
__Lucian__: @Gordon Korman: That stinks for other countries!
_HeroineHiding_: Thanks for talking to us today Gordan!
_mujie12_: Yeah, me too. Thanks
_mysterious madrigal_: i love Barnes & Noble
__Lucian__: I know Mcahill11 has the agent handbook, she was telling me about it. =D
_f9f7_: Thank you Mr. Korman! This was super fun!
_GNOletsgo1_: Yeah, thanks!
_didjexpert_: @Gordon_Korman cool
_moomoolue_: Aww you can get it on line @Lucian_:
_Hermione524_: I can't believe that all of the branches are calling a temporary truce to have this chat! This must be really important (well, DUH, of COURSE it's important, this is the most awesome thing ever!!!!!)
_Ton4o95_: Than you, Mr. Korman!
_BelleEdlynn_: haha yeah
_bmw3bug_: @hermoine BY FAR the best!!!!!!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Inter-branch harmony. It's a beautiful thing!
_fabchick_: lol!!!!
_zoya345_: lolz what will our branch leaders say when they find out?
_Gordon_Korman_: For Canadian clue hunters: Peter Lerangis and I will be making some appearances in the Toronto area, May 29-31st (Memorial Day in the U.S., so we couldn't do anything here... so we had to find a place to pound the pavement for the 39 Clues)
__Lucian__: @Sonja Stacks Staffer: LOL! -Haha, I got your name right this time!
_Hermione Cahill_: Thanks Moderators!!!!!
_moomoolue_: ell truce till I start reading again. haha
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @lucian
_didjexpert_: yeah
_badbrainiac_: how many clues do you have mr.korman
_Hermione524_: I know that the Ekaterina and Tomas are mortal enemies...are Janus and Lucian mortal enemies too? I hope not...my BFF is a Lucian...
_HeroineHiding_: Yeah, I agree w/ Hermione. we couldn't do this without them
_f9f7_: Thank you Sonja!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Aww! You guys are so sweet!
_moomoolue_: THX to you to sonja
__Lucian__: @Hermione524, my bff is a Janus, haha.
_BelleEdlynn_: janus is more netural with ekats
_mujie12_: I thought it was ekat and lucian
_WinkyGoMoo_: My sister is an Ekat.
_SapphireRose_: Thanks all
_GNOletsgo1_: Thank you Sonja, you're awesome!
_tomasrocks534_: Does that mean @Hermioe524 is a Janus?
_didjexpert_: THX Sonja (and Gordon)
_moomoolue_: I think my bro is ekat
_nixiestix_: Thank you moderators!
_rocker01_: I'M A JANUS
_madrival_: Oh, Janus and Ekats are enemies, believe me. Ekats are enemies with everyone xD
__Lucian__: @everyone really.... I could care less what branch you guys are in! Sure it dissapoints me if you're not in mine, but... You guys are all so fun and cool, so yeah... =D
_Music4Evah_: Thank you Mr. Korman
_Gordon_Korman_: As a writer, because I know too much, I'm not allowed to collect clues personally. But my fifth grade son has 27... 8 through the books and 19 through the cards and the online game on www.the39clues.com. He IS a Lucian though, so I can't be sure that he's on my side... BTW, my 75-year-old father is an Ekat, which comes in handy when the car won't start
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Gordon is about to leave, but I think he will be answering one last question before he goes.
_scholasticbooks10_: Can you gives us a hint of the next clue?
_didjexpert_: yeah
_Awesomerachel1995_: lol thats funny
_GNOletsgo1_: Yeah!
_Music4Evah_: totally
_moomoolue_: Please!
_f9f7_: Drum roll
__Lucian__: @Gordon Korman: Tell your son I think he's cool for being a Lucian! =D -Although he'll think I'm strange. =D
_rocker01_: YEAH GIVE A HINT
_mujie12_: And a hint is good
_mysterious madrigal_: @gordon korman LOL
_moomoolue_: DRUM ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_nixiestix_: that would be awesome
_bmw3bug_: @f9f7 oh ya! lol
_noodles2010_: HINT PLEASE
_mujie12_: In 5...
_moomoolue_: Please!
_didjexpert_: :-0
_Music4Evah_: @ Gordon Korman Tel your son I also think he's cool for being a Lucian
_didjexpert_: 4
_badbrainiac_: please!
__Lucian__: @everyone: I don't want to leave the chat! *crys like a baby* Lol
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: ready for a hint about book 9?
_rocker01_: HINT! HINT! HINT!
_mujie12_: Yes!
_GNOletsgo1_: YES!!!
_Ton4o95_: yea
_mysterious madrigal_: YES
_Awesomerachel1995_: YES!!!!
_noodles2010_: HINT PLZ
_bmw3bug_: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_Music4Evah_: @ Gordon Korman Bye, Thanks, and Have a good week
_WinkyGoMoo_: I'm ready
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: we are all in suspense!
_madrival_: We want a hint!!!
_mysterious madrigal_: drum roll please
_tomasrocks534_: OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE @Sonya Stacks Staffer!!!!!!
_badbrainiac_: YES!
_SapphireRose_: Ples
_rocker01_: HINTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_didjexpert_: in other words, YEAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_Gordon_Korman_: NO WAY are they going to let me reveal that! The internet may be free, but it isn't THAT free... but I can tell you, a heavy-duty sneak peek for Book 9 Storm Warning: Another character pays the ultimate price!
_moomoolue_: 54321!
_WinkyGoMoo_: :O
_BelleEdlynn_: GASP!
_didjexpert_: uhoh
_HeroineHiding_: how ultamite?
_Music4Evah_: WHAT!!!?? UNCOOL MAN!!
_madrival_: Oh Em Gee
_moomoolue_: ohh
_GNOletsgo1_: OKKKKKK!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!
_bmw3bug_: like WHO!?!?!?!!!!!!!!
_Awesomerachel1995_: omg rly!?!?
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: ultimate as in. . .ultimate
_madrival_: Nooo
_bmw3bug_: like dies?
_f9f7_: Really!??????
_GNOletsgo1_: ultimate as in fatal?
_Ton4o95_: :O
_nixiestix_: someone's going to die?
_BelleEdlynn_: HIS/HER ETERNAL SOUL....
_madrival_: Someone dies
_didjexpert_: waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_moomoolue_: Will they die!
_plantman15_: probably ian as one card is pirate natali
_didjexpert_: hahahhahahahha
_Music4Evah_: How ultimate?
_GNOletsgo1_: not another one??? please someone bad like Bae!!!!
_mysterious madrigal_: :O
_noodles2010_: I DONT WANT ANYONE TO DIE
_f9f7_: Thanks for the hint Mr. Korman
_WinkyGoMoo_: fatal ultimate
_bmw3bug_: lol now we'll hav another memorial service, just watch
_moomoolue_: No MORE DEATH!
_mujie12_: Bae! Yeah!
_BelleEdlynn_: Hmmmmmm *gears in head start turning
_Gordon_Korman_: Another super cool thing about Book 9 - you may have been able to guess this if you've seen the cover... is that piracy is involved... how Cahill is that?!
_madrival_: 40 days, guys
_f9f7_: SUSPENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You'll have to wait and see who
__Lucian__: @bmw3bug: Haha, we had several memorial services lol.
_tomasrocks534_: TOMAS!!!!!!!!!!!
_Hermione524_: Mr, Korman, do you have a 39 Clues account? If you do, and you have an agent card, can you post the code up here?
_moomoolue_: PIRATS!
_WinkyGoMoo_: I guessed that
_GNOletsgo1_: piracy...as in DVDs or pirates?
_Awesomerachel1995_: WOW!!!!!!
_mysterious madrigal_: *sighs* i'll get the coffin ready
_didjexpert_: suspense is bad for you!
_tomasrocks534_: Pirates = TOMAS!
_mujie12_: What about the suspense for the hint?
_Hermione524_: Hey, we should have a STACKS chat in memorial to all of the characters in books that have died...Irina from 39 Clues, Sirius from Harry Potter, Luke from PJO...that would be neat!
_Gordon_Korman_: My agent code is P2DTMN4WXP
_didjexpert_: OOOOOOO!!!!!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Thanks to everyone -- and especially Gordon Korman -- for joining today's chat! If you guys want to keep discussing The 39 Clues, head on over to the message boards: http://community.scholastic.com/scholastic?category.id=The_39
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: @hermione that would be such a sad chat!
_madrival_: Coolio
_Hermione Cahill_: That would be fun!!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: And keep an eye on the Ink Splot 26 Blog for a transcript of this chat. It will be up there soon! http://blog.scholastic.com/ink_splot_26/
__Lucian__: @Gordon Korman: I think I alread have your code... =D
_tomasrocks534_: @Hermione524: Agent card is on his agent dossier!
_bmw3bug_: just come to the read the books board, we hav ouro own services
_Music4Evah_: @ Gordon Korman Bye, Thank You, and Have a good week (Please don't let the person be Ian)
_moomoolue_: That would be a happy sad fun chat!
_f9f7_: Thank you Karen!
__Lucian__: @everyone: Bye! I'll se you all on the 39 clues boards! =D
_Ton4o95_: Thank you, Mr. Korman! Bye!
_madrival_: Bye, Mr. Korman! You are soo cool!
__Lucian__: Thanks Gordon Korman! It was sooo much fun!
_Hermione524_: @Sonja yeah, but it would give us an opportunity to talk about more than one book!
_HeroineHiding_: @bmw3bug thats right. Bye guys!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Bye everyone. Thanks for being so awesome!
_moomoolue_: BYe GORDAN And SONJA
_Hermione Cahill_: Bye!!! Thanks Moderators!
_BelleEdlynn_: Bye, Thank you Mr. Korman and Moderators
_WinkyGoMoo_: Thanks for chatting with us, Mr. Korman!
_Trevster418_: Alistair, Isabel, NELLIE ?!!?!?!?!
_mujie12_: Bye everyone!
_madrival_: See ya
_tomasrocks534_: BYE GORDON!!!!!!!!!!!!
_f9f7_: Bye Mr. Korman! And thank you sooooo much!
_mujie12_: See you for the Meomorial Service!
_SapphireRose_: bye ;"(
_austin1052_: Bye!
__Lucian__: Bye everyone!-please let this be the last word....
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: And thanks Gordan Korman! It was great to chat with you!
_GNOletsgo1_: BYE MR.KORMAN!
_moomoolue_: THX gordan.
_Trevster418_: BYE! Thank you!! (we already went throught this)
_Awesomerachel1995_: BYE EFERYONE!!!!!!
_Gordon_Korman_: Thank you guys for joining me in tonight's chat... I'm so glad you've enjoyed Book 8: The Emperor's Code... What a blast to come back to this series as the clue hunt picks up speed. See everybody on the hunt!
_Hermione Cahill_: Thank you for chatting with us Mr Korman!
_noodles2010_: BYEBYE
_mujie12_: Bye Gordon!
__Lucian__: Dang it! It wasn't curses! Lol
_GNOletsgo1_: HAHA BYE!!!!
_f9f7_: Thank you!
_mujie12_: Thanks again
_HeroineHiding_: Thanks Mr.Korman!!!
_rocker01_: SAYANARA
_Music4Evah_: BYE!!
_39cluesrock223_: Bye
_moomoolue_: HEy every one. truce for now?
_noodles2010_: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_f9f7_: Talk to you guys later!
_Trevster418_: BYE!!!! Thank you! (we already went throught this?)
__Lucian__: As Ian would say Ciao!
_tomasrocks534_: BYE THANKS AGAIN!
_bmw3bug_: TRUCE!!!!!!
_moomoolue_: HEy every one truce for now?
_bmw3bug_: everyonbe go to the read the books board!!!!!! we can talk more!!! and bye!!!!!
_Karen_Stacks_Staffer_: Bye, everyone! We'll see you on the hunt!
_Sonja_Stacks_Staffer_: Bye!

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