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[edit] Book 9: Storm Warning

By Linda Sue Park


The shadow of the man in black has followed fourteen-year-old Amy Cahill and her younger brother, Dan, on their worldwide search for The 39 Clues that lead to great power. Amy and Dan know the man in black has tried to kill them. They know he is a Madrigal, a member of the most secretive and terrifying group hunting for the clues. And they know something else, a secret they would rather forget - their parents were Madrigals, too. Amy and Dan have run hard and fast, but they can't escape the man following them. And now, in the wake of a terrible tragedy, he's ready to step out of the darkness for their final confrontation.

[edit] Plot:

Day One
1) Beijing airport, Amy & Dan discussing location of next stop, and decide on the Bahamas. They get suspicious of Nellie.
2) On plane, Amy & Dan confront Nellie. Nellie confesses to being a spy of McIntyre.
Day Three, due to 25+ hour flight, - 12 hour time change, and the fact that they have a hotel room in the Bahamas.
3) Oceanus, Bahamas. Amy researches Anne Bonny and Jack Rackham, then they go on Pirate Cove tour. Amy & Dan decode hint from Man-in-Gray.
4) Natalie has second thoughts about being a Kabra. Amy & Dan travel to East End of Island, find the cave with Tomas carving. Nellie talks to Man-in-Gray, while water starts to rise.
5) Dan finds the chain, Amy hits her head, and Nellie pulls them both out of the cave. On the catamaran, they inspect the bear claw.
6) On the Kabra boat, Ian, Natalie, and Isabel argue after they find that the Cahills found something in the Tomas cave.
7) Amy & Dan take taxi to airport, in preparation to leave for Jamaica. Dan finds a Calico cat, and Amy realizes the Holts had said Calico Jack, not Calico Cat.
Day Four
Amy, Dan, and Nellie take 4 hour drive from Montego Bay to Kingston, discuss pirate history.
8) After discovering the records were in Spanish Town, they meet Lester and ask for the file on the trials of Bonny, Rackham, and Mary Reed. They find the manifest of the pirate ship William, and realize there were 4 branch symbols on it. The Ekat Dragon medallion made of Jade, the gold Tomas bear claw, and possibly the jawbone of a wolf.
9) Lester takes Nellie, Amy & Dan to see Miss Alice. Miss Alice reveals the match to Nellie's snake nose-ring.
10) Nellie comes to terms with her place in the hunt for the 39 Clues. They drove back to Kingston to check out the statue of Nanny of the Maroons. Dan phones Hamilton to get pole climbing advice.
11) Dan climbs the pole, Amy kills the scorpion, and Dan finds the strip of gold.
12) They notice the strip says EKTOMALUJA. The Kabras try to run them off the road, but are unsuccessful. Amy remembers that Isabel has the Janus Wolf fang. Dan and Amy plan an ambush for the Kabras at a ropes course. Dan is able to trap Ian.
13) Amy tries to trap Isabel and Natalie, but is caught. As they leave the waterfall, Nellie trips up Isabel with the nutmeg, and Isabel is out cold. Amy convinces Natalie to tell her where the wolf fang is. Amy ties up Natalie before leaving.
14) Lester takes them to Port Royal to see the excavation sites. Amy notices the silver box with places to put a medallion, a claw, a fang, and 2 earrings.
15) Nellie convinces Lester to take the box for closer inspection. Amy & Dan see the Kabras and 2 large men at the hotel.
16) As the weather gets worse, the 2 large men chase Lester out of the hotel. Lester is able to trap Hugo and Anton in the quicksand. However, when instructing the 2 men how to get out, they pull Lester in with them.
17) Anton and Hugo escape the quicksand and bolt. Lester tries to get out, but the water is rising too fast. Dan gives him mouth-to-mouth as the water goes over Lester's head. Unfortunately, Dan gets knocked over by a wave, and Lester is lost in the water.
18) As Lester is carried away in the ambulance, Dan goes into shock and has to spend the night at the hospital.
Day Five
19) Amy & Dan ask to be taken to the airport, to quit the hunt for the 39 Clues. Nellie doesn't take them to the airport, or to see Miss Alice. Nellie takes them to Moore Town to see the Man in Black/Gray.
20) The Man in Black coerces Amy & Dan to attempt to open the silver box. Nellie helps, against the Man in Black's wishes. After more than 40 minutes, they realize the strip of gold is needed to open the box. Using the strip as a Mobius strip, they open the box.
21) They quickly discover the location of the next clue (England) and Jamaican clue (mace). Fiske introduces himself as Grace's brother.
22) Fiske explains about Madeleine Cahill, how the Madrigals try to achieve peace within the family, and how the last name follows the mother. He also explains that membership in the Madrigals is inherited, like the other branches, but must then be earned. Nellie is also asked to join the Madrigals.


McIntyre, MacArthur, Mulligan and Smood ATTORNEYS AT LAW

To: (Blacked Out)

From: WMcintyre@McIntyreSmood.com

Re: Time is running Out

(Blacked Out)

Amy and Dan have performed admirably, but the hunt is getting even more dangerous. The body count is rising and we have to prepare the worst-case scenario. We must make sure there are Cahills loyal to our cause on the hunt.

The children have no idea what sort of challenge lies ahead. They will need as much help as they can get from those Cahills ready to change the fate the world.



1. Go to www.the39clues.com 2. Click on "Join Now" and choose a username and password. 3. Explore the Cahill world and track down clues.

There are over $100,000 in prizes for lucky Clue hunters.

Read the Books. Collect the Cards. Play the Game. Win the Prizes.

[edit] PUZZLES

On the publisher page, you find a code. The code starts on page 39 and ends on page 67. Decode it says, "He didn't tell them everything."

On the flag at the front cover, there are the letters F.C, which stands for Fiske Cahill.

There is a name carved into the ship. The name is Madeleine Cahill.

At the back cover of the ship, there is a URL: www.the39clues.com/thetruth.

[edit] Mission 9

1) Go to the intro.

2) Go to the Briefing.

1) The answer is Lisbon.

3) Go to the First Lisbon, Portugal.

1) Talk to Jonah.

1) Choose Option 1.

2) Choose Option 3.

3) Choose Option 2.

4) Choose any Option.

5) Choose any Option.

4)Go to the Second Lisbon, Portugal.

1) Find all the items.

5) Go to the Third Lisbon, Portugal.

3) Put the letters in numerical order.

6) Go to the Fourth Lisbon, Portual.

1) Click on the sign.

2) Talk to Captain.

1) Choose Option 2.

2) Choose Option 1.

3) Choose any Option.

7) GO the Fifth Lisbon, Portugal.

1) Play the game.

1) You need to get the metal detector to full height.

8) Go to the First Marrakech, Morocco.

1) Click on the rectangle outlined in red.

9) Go to the second Marrakech, Morocco.

1) Play the game.

1) Press J.

2) Press O.

3) Press S.

4) Press the First E.

5) Press P.

6) Press H.

7) Press I.

8) Press N.

9) Press the Second E.

2) Click the Second or Third Line.

10) Go to the Third Marrakech, Morocco.

1) Talk to Madison.

1) Choose Option 2.

2) Choose Option 2.

3) Choose Option 1.

4) Choose any Option.

5) Choose any Option.

11) Go to the Fourth Marrakech, Morocco.

1) Talk to Reagan.

1) Choose Option 1.

2) Choose Option 2.

3) Choose Options 1 or 2.

4) Choose Options 1 or 3.

5) Choose any Option.

12) Go to the First Moroccan Coast.

1) Click on the rectangle outlined in red.

13) Go to the Second Moroccan Coast.

1) Play the game.

1) Hit all four switches.

2) Use the arrow keys to go up and down, and to swing left and right.

[edit] Audio Book

<bird chirping>
<Microphone feedback>
William McIntyre: Testing, Testing, one, two, three. We have called this emergency meeting of the Madrigals as permitted by section 4.3 of the Madrigal Guidelines, Chapter ...
Fiske Cahill: William, can we just get on with it? There's no time to lose.
William: It's important to follow protocol! Eh hm, hm. We have called this emergency meeting as permitted by section 4.3 of the Madrigal Guidelines, Chapter 23, to discuss the induction of Amy Cahill, Dan Cahill, and Nellie Gomez into the Madrigal branch. Attendees: Fiske Cahill and William McIntyre. Madrigals in absentia...
Fiske: That's fine, William. Thank you. We'll brief the other Madrigals as soon as we have more information.
William: They know you revealed yourself to Amy and Dan?
Fiske: Yes, I needed their approval to grant the children and Ms. Gomez Madrigal status.
William: It was highly unorthodox. I admire Nellie, of course. But it seems like a risky move, especially given our current situation.
Fiske: I know. Ideally, we would have observed her for longer. But we need more allies, and the children need someone they can trust, unconditionally. The final task will push them to their limits, if not beyond.
William: Amy and Dan have exceeded all expectations. They're tougher than we ever dared imagine. They could surprise us again.
Fiske: Sometimes, I wished they'd chosen the million dollars. Right now, they could be back in Boston. Amy would have cleaned out every bookstore in Massachusetts. And Dan would be buried in a pile of new baseball cards. They'd be happy, safe.
William: I don't think the children would have done it differently. Of course, the Hunt's been challenging, but it's given them so much. They know the truth about their family, their parents, and it's made them so much stronger, confident about who they are and what they're capable of.
Fiske: They'll need more than confidence to succeed in England.
William: I know. Do you really think it's possible? Can anyone really unite the branches?
Fiske: They must. Or else it's over. For us, for the family, for the world.
William: I never knew you were so prone to melodrama, Fiske.
Fiske: You know what will happen if the children fail, William. Or did you think Grace was simply being paranoid when she changed her will. The Vesper threat is real. We're running out of time.
William: Of course I understand. I was madame Cahill's confidante. I was ALWAYS there for her. ... I'm sorry, I know it was difficult for you to be away from her. I didn't mean.
Fiske: It's fine. I made mistakes in my past. I just hope I can prove more useful to Amy and Dan than I was to Grace.
William: You're the reason they're still alive. There were so many close calls.
Fiske: But I may not be able to help them this time. I can only imagine what Isabel Kabra is planning. The Lucians are so close to finding all 39 Clues, and I know she won't give up without a fight.
William: What if she knew the truth? The real reason the competition had to happen know.
Fiske: I think Isabel knows more than we think.
William: You're not suggesting that Isabel...
Fiske: I think there are secrets in Isabel's past we never dared to imagine.
William: What do you think Amy and Dan will do when they discover the truth?
Fiske: [sigh] I don't know. They've proven to be enormously resilient, but ...
William: It's one more secret Grace hid from them.
Fiske: Precisely.
William: Well, all we can do is wait... and hope.
Fiske: We've been waiting and hoping for more than five hundred years. It's not enough anymore.
William: That's what the children are for.
Fiske: Yes. The children.

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