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[edit] Book 10: Into the Gauntlet

By Margaret Peterson Haddix

Throughout the hunt for the 39 Clues, Amy and Dan Cahill have uncovered history's greatest mysteries and their family's deadliest secrets. But are they ready to face the truth about the Cahills and the key to their unmatched power? After a whirlwind race that's taken them across five continents, Amy and Dan face the most the difficult challenge yet- a task no Cahill dared to imagine. When faced with a choice that could change the future of the world, can two kids succeed where 500 years worth of famous ancestors failed? If you go to http://www.the39clues.com/thetruth, you will see an excerpt of the book.

[edit] Plot:

Amy and Dan Cahill win the race and succeed to reunite all the Cahills.


1) Amy, Dan Cahill and Nellie Gomez arrive in their hotel at London, England. Procured a hint hidden under their bed, the hint was stolen by a monkey through the hotel window, later found out to be Isabel Kabra's












































The news from the doctor is very bad and there's not much time before I will be leaving this world. The news on the other front is much worse. Our greatest fear is realized.

Gideon left us a terrible legacy, a responsibility to the human race. I pray that the Clue hunt will bring the Cahills together. I pray Amy and Dan will forgive me. Come to me as quickly as you can and bring everything you need to set our plan in motion.

The devil is at the door, and the Cahill family must be strong, united, and ready to answer. We need heroes now, because the villain is upon us.

Grace Cahill


1. Go to www.the39clues.com 2. Click on "Join Now" and choose a username and password. 3. Explore the Cahill world and track down clues.

There are over $100,000 in prizes for lucky Clue hunters.

Read the Books. Collect the Cards. Play the Game. Win the Prizes.

[edit] PUZZLES

On the top right corner of the inside back letter, there is a series of symbols that can be decoded with the key in the back of the book. Decoded it says, "The Vespers are coming."

Starting on page 39 and ending on page 91, there is a code that can be decoded with the same key used on the letter. Decoded it says, "The Cahills arent the only ones looking for the Clues."

[edit] Mission 10

1) Go to Puzzle.

1) Turn all the tiles to make a big "M".

2) Go to Quiz.

1) Click here for the answers to the quiz.

3) Go through All 39? to Accept Mission.

4) Go to Menu.

You can do the next minigames in any order.

[edit] Janus Challenge

This challenge is very hard. You must find matching pairs of symbols in the cube through a bunch of timed levels. You must get 8000 points.

[edit] Tomas Challenge

Shoot baskets! There are six timed levels and you must get 150 points.

[edit] Ekaterina Challenge

It's a game of pong! No time limit, luckily. You must get 250 points.

[edit] Lucian Challenge

Use the hints to guess 2 words to do with the Cahils and the 39 Clues. You must get 6000 points. And there's a time limit again. Very easy.

[edit] You've finished!

Congratulations! You've now found all 39 Clues, including the not-so-secret Clue #40 Endgame! Get ready for Vespers Rising!

[edit] Audio Book

<click of a tape recorder><tape hiss>
Grace Cahill: Testing. <feedback> Testing. Testing. Eh hem. Hello Ducklings. <aside> Saladin, get off. I need those papers.
Saladin: Meow.
Grace to Saladin: This house has 34 rooms. There has to be somewhere else you can nap.
Saladin: Meow.
Grace to Saladin: I believe Genevieve left some Red Snapper for you in the kitchen. <page turn>

Grace: Sorry about that, Ducklings. Let's see; where to begin. Well, if you're listening to this, it means that I am dead. Though I suppose that's rather old news to you right now. It's rather strange to think about, actually.

By the time you hear this, you'll know you are Madrigals. You'll know the truth about the ghastly night your parents died. I will have sent you off into danger, with little protection. I wish more than anything there had been another way.
[1:00] I am so immensely proud of both of you.

Eh hem. After all you've been through, I'm sure you're both eager to return to normal life. Whether you return to Boston or choose to recuperate elsewhere, there are a few things you should know. I have a house in Madagascar that I'm leaving to both of you. Well, that's a little misleading. It's more of a command center, actually. A home-base of sorts for my various clue hunting activities. As with the Attleboro estate, it links with a sophisticated satellite surveillance network. You can zoom in on most any location on Earth.

I realize this information might have been more useful to you before my will reading, but think of it this way: now you can use the system to watch Jonah Wizard perform almost anywhere in the world. Wouldn't that be a treat.
[2:00] The surveillance network is carefully protected, of course. The password is "A handy poem." That anagram should be easy for Dan.

The Madagascar house is also near the private airstrip where I sometimes keep The Flying Lemur. The plane is yours, as well. And I encourage you to begin flying lessons at once. Just remember, Dan, it's not a video game. I don't care what level you've reached in Ninja Pilot 7, you must listen to your instructor. Actually, Amy, it might be a good idea to make sure Dan wears a parachute.

Let's see. What else? Well, there's the bungalow on the beach in Cambodia. I think you'll both enjoy yourselves there. I wish I could have taken you with me, Ducklings, but it's near a former Madrigal stronghold, and I just couldn't risk...
Butler: Madame Cahill, you have a telephone call. It is the Japanese ambassador.

Grace: I'm busy. Please tell him I'll call him back later.

Butler: Oui. Merci, madame.

Grace: Let's see. Where was I? <sigh> There is so much I want to tell you, and just not enough time. William knows most of this, of course. But I wanted the chance to tell you myself. There is a safe deposit box at my Swiss bank, with some special objects I didn't wish to keep in the house. Inside the box are some special items that your parents gave me for safe keeping. They also suspected that something terrible might happen to them, and they wanted you to have something to remember them by.

Amy, there is a necklace that your grandfather gave Hope for her seventh birthday, right before he died. I know she wanted you to have it.
<sigh> There has been so much loss in our family.[4:04] So much heartbreak.

Eh hem. And, Dan, there is a watch that belonged to your father. It has some dents in it from a shuriken attack, but I don't think that will bother you.

There is also something from me. A rather old ring. Be sure to keep it safe, at all costs.

I suppose that's all I have time for. I love you both so much. I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of you. I only hope you've been able to forgive me for all the secrets, and the lies. Good-bye, Darlings.

<tape recorder click>

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