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Friday, December 8, 2006

17 Days Left!!!!!

Things in the North Pole are going well now that the fourth puzzle's been recovered. Santa can concentrate on looking over that list of his a second time...

Teeka's been gone for a few days with the reindeer, but we're confident she'll get things under control in time for Christmas Eve.

In the Reindeer Games, Reindeer Divison, Rudolph has fallen behind and Comet now leads, two events to one. Tomorrow afternoon they compete in Navigation, a global scavenger hunt. The first one to return with a postcard from each place on the list gets the win. Of course, each one has an Elf on its back to help it with mail-carrying...

I decided to put the rest of the puzzles on a time-release schedule. On the dates set up on the calendar, anyone who's gotten the previous puzzle right will be emailed the next puzzle's password clue... otherwise, things were going to finish in a week at this rate. Santa wants this to last until Christmas, so this is the way Holly and I divised that would work.

Hopefully folks don't get annoyed and lose interest, but some of the puzzles ahead are going to be even more fun than the ones that have come before. So stick around, and continue to join in the Reindeer Games!

Posted by Snowball McJinglebell at 10:41 PM

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