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[edit] Boston coin Trail

[edit] CLUES

  1. We'll make this search easy, forget 50 states. There are 13 of these and in one the coin waits.
    original 13 colonies
  2. To find the coin sooner than later, find the shore of a stream flowing from the equator.
    Gulf Stream
  3. All big games start out small, as with this birth state of volleyball.
    MA is where V-ball was invented-- Mount Holyoke
  4. If you're hydrophobic, this will make you merry, to find the coin you won't need a ferry.
    not on one of the islands
  5. Each player gets three balls per frame. From a means of lighting it took its name. Its birthplace marks the western border, bringing to your search a little order.
    candlepin bowling, invented in Wocester
  6. Could a sinister spell your soul beguile? Then stay south of these famous trials.
    Salem, where they had the Witch Trials
  7. It's cold in winter but your search will freeze if you don't keep it above 42 degrees.
    north of 42 degrees latitude
  8. In search of freedom they found this rock. From it, home toward Canada walk.
    North of Plymouth Rock
  9. From this clue you must not stray, tighten your search around the beantown beltway.
    I-495 circles around the Greater Boston Area
  10. The next hint will be easy for you, if you subtract 400 from the previous clue.
    I-95 makes a smaller circle around Boston
  11. Its initials are BOS, its name means hollow, as the eastern most point, it's a clue you should follow.
    Logan International Airport. Logan means hollow, and is east of the city
  12. Don't take for granted the monumental clue, for this is what you have to do. To face your direction you must be deft and gaze out slightly to Prescott's left.
    A statue of Prescott in front of the Bunker Hill Memorial basically looks out towards the city
  13. Of fourteen total it is one of the smallest but its buildings are the tallest. So take note of its size as you search for your prize.
    14 counties in MA, Sulfolk is the smallest, and Boston has the tall buildings
  14. If you come from the north, there's something to know; you must deal with sea level above or below.
    You must use a subway or a bridge to get to Boston from the North
  15. Don't waste time, don't be reckless, confine your search inside the emerald necklace.
    A long series of parks that go through Boston is called the Emerald Necklace
  16. BHCC.BU.MIT.NE.UM. It's not a question of what the letters might spell. Connect them as dots and a border they tell.
    Bunker Hill Community College, Boston U, MIT, Northeastern, and U-Mass Boston are all colleges that form the border in which to look.
  17. Mile after mile of a Pilgrim's hat. North of this line is where you should be at.
    I-90, or Mass Pike, has a Pilgrim hat as a symbol
  18. Even in winter salt water won't freeze, but this water is around 270 degrees.
    Looking down on the city, it is clear that the city is surrounded on 3 sides by water-- i.e. 270 degrees
  19. If you're tall and prudent one thing is clear, the place you seek is northeast of here.
    The Prudential Center was once the tallest building in Boston, and now is number 2
  20. From city hall go back in time to find the very same place. Once you're there, you'll understand the pair, and know which way to race.
    two interpretations-- 1) Walking from New City Hall to Old City Hall points you in a general Southwest direction. 2) In front of Old City Hall are two statues that face towards the Southwest
  21. At Big Creeds Term is a mixed up place, to the south of it is where you must race.
    An anagram for Cambridge Street
  22. With waters not potable, you should not stay, instead through public alleys make your way.
    The Muddy River is in the west, the public alleys are in the Newbury street area. Also could indicated the Back Bay area, which once was a bay but now is part of the city. Either way, move east towards the Common
  23. The waters are famous, but not for their bigness, you're close to the coin by the good ship Cygnus.
    The Swan Boats are in the Public Garden
  24. Finding the coin won't be nearly as hard, if you continue your search near Blaxton's back yard.
    Blaxton is another name for Blackstone, the first settler in Boston. He lived at 51 Beacon Street, and the Boston Common was basically his backyard
  25. Music in the round is your next connection. Take the longest path away and you'll head in the right direction.
    The Bandstand is in the middle of the Common. The longest path is towards the State Capitol, in the Northeast direction
  26. From second to first is the proper direction, once you've learned the history of subway connections.
    The first subway ran between Boylston St. and Park St. The second station was at Gov't Center. The second line was the Orange line, and Pleasant St. could also be the "second". Either way, head towards Park Street
  27. From celebrated place that governs the people, follow a dome in the direction of a steeple.
    From the State Capitol to the Park Street Church, which is a very obvious steeple downtown
  28. This path's a dead end with a grain of truth, through the gates of Egypt you must sleuth.
    The Granary Burying Ground, a "dead end", with a "grain" and a famous Egyptian-syle gate. No other clues are now needed.
  29. The coin is quite close, but you may never know it. Look down the road from an ancient Greek poet.
    Several ideas-- 1) The Orpheum Theater is across the street down an alley and is named after the mythological Orpheus, the poet. 2) the founder of the first Public School in Boston is named Philemon, another greek poet. Either way, it can point to the Granary
  30. You're hot on the trail, though the place may feel chilly. The coin rests by the name of a patriot at rest in Philly.
    A Cemetary might "feel chilly", but Ben Franklin's parents are buried in the Granary Burying Ground. There is a very obvious grave that says FRANKLIN on it. Ben Franklin is buried in Philly.

(answers supplied by rihel)

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