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[edit] Nov 06, 07

Pallantar Akarat - Work

Keriwen wants everyone to write something here, so I'm writing. I'm the head Engineer here, I do all the real work. So I don't have much time for writing.

Tue, 06 Nov 07 23:04:17 -0500 - 0 REPLIES

[edit] Dec 18, 07

Pallantar Akarat - Problems

Keriwen, I thought we were supposed to have people in the idea-web-dimension commenting on our thoughts. Where are they all? Your idea doesn't seem to be working.

Tue, 18 Dec 07 22:03:17 -0500 - 1 REPLIES

[edit] Dec 31, 07

Pallantar Akarat - Threshold

A threshold is an important concept in conjuration. The line where one thing changes to another, where solid melts to liquid, where one day turns into the next, where outside becomes inside. These are all important. I hear there is an important threshold occuring today in your culture; the turning of the year?

Mon, 31 Dec 07 02:09:37 -0500 - 7 REPLIES

[edit] Mar 16, 08

Pallantar Akarat - Shipment

We seem to be having some trouble locating shipment 256. If anyone has seen it, let us know.

Sun, 16 Mar 08 00:33:09 -0400 - 0 REPLIES

[edit] Apr 02, 08

Pallantar Akarat - Status

All right. One shipment of water is missing, but the idea-web-dimension people have a saying, it's a "drop in a bucket". We are in no danger of running out of water. Our traps and [recycling mages] are well up to the task of supplying it, especially with the renewed humidity of the atmosphere. We did do a slight bit of rationing of less essential projects; That is regrettable. But Keriwen, if you want to take another trip into the desert with your students, our stocks are up enough that we can handle it.

Also, I don't know what the problem with the System was yesterday, but it seems to have been resolved. Of course, we do have a community outside the System; it's merely convenient for communication. It would be nice if everyone remembered that.

Wed, 02 Apr 08 14:52:06 -0400 - 0 REPLIES

[edit] Jun 19, 08

Pallantar Akarat - More updates

The System lockdown has been lifted. Thank you for your cooperation.

Thu, 19 Jun 08 05:52:02 -0400 - 1 REPLIES

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