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[edit] The Mad Scientist's Clue

[edit] Information About the Clue

[edit] Cards in this Combo

1. Card 81

2. Card 98

3. Card 100

4. Card 106

5. Card 119

[edit] Mission

Mission 6

Mission 6 Walkthrough

[edit] Location

Smiljan, Croatia

[edit] Branch


[edit] Story

Rival Ekat inventors Tesla and Edison were both looking for a lost Ekaterina Clue. They started working together, but their competitive nature got the best of them. They stopped speaking, and their feud became legendary. When Tesla's research led to an important discovery, he secretly traveled back to his native Croatia where he had a secret lab in his family's home. The Clue remained hidden there for years - until you found it!

[edit] Clue


First Part of Combo 6

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