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[edit] The Book of Minimer Randibone

[edit] Introduction

Emails were sent out beginning Oct 9th, 2007 to various community members, containing story segments, strange computer-ish code, and literally snipped portions of a conversation which is being pieced together.

While Zetria Atrian appears to be a significant character, the initial story is revealed as 'Book 1' of 'The Book of Minimer Randibone'.

  • Timeline of events
  • The Book of Minimer Randibone (compiled)
  • Core Dump conversation (compiled)
  • Emails
  • Post cards
  • Characters:
    Jumping Spider, Minimer Randibone
    "Core dump": Alvyurin Ekkatran, Jedditor Lebbisun
    "Book 1": Zetria Atrian, Sparrow-Clam, Dragon Shell, Scholars, King
    "Book 2": Kallomar Ridditum, Melenon Agribar
    "Book 3": Keridwen Oculet, blue spiders and bees, Davadron Toluin, hedges
    "Book 4": Hommeret Auricon, Aleat, Vekitin, Ilsanya's Bark, hairlock spell, Ivory City, lady Aedria, Sarnath, Ikatak (spider-beings)
    "Exilearchive.com": Vandemar Rebulon, Illudor Tenawan, Pallantar Akarat, Keriwen Edrekar
  • Discussion at Unfiction
  • IRC Channel #exilearchive at irc.chat-solutions.org

Note: Depending on how large this CF gets, I may move it to its own wiki in due course. For now, just tracking it here.

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