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At the end of book 7 of the The 39 clues, we find out that Hope Cahill and Arthur Trent were Madrigal. That means so was Grace. But Grace may not of known her branch before she was Madrigal because in the pamphlet that came with card pack three shows that James Cahill, Grace’s father, was a Madrigal. This page is now to find out what branch they were before they were madrigals. They probably are rouge Cahills like Isabel Kabra had told Amy Cahill most Madrigals are in book six. Abigail Adams and Amelia Earhart were rouge Cahills but people like the man in black are known as a Madrigal but not known as a Cahill or not. This is rediculous as all the Madrigals are sons/daughters of Madeleine Cahill the fifth child of Olivia Cahill

So write your theory like this:

Mandrigal-Branch you think they were-Why


The Madrigals were NOT rogue cahills!!! They were born into the family of Madeline Cahill (with the exception of Nellie), and their purpose is to reunite the branches, not to kill. Book 9 confirms this. Hidividedby5 07:49, 2 July 2010 (MST)

Man In Black-Lucian- He seems sneaky and seems to be willing to do anything to protect/guard Amy and Dan.

Grace-Ekaterina-Jade necklace that Amy Cahill found.

Grace-Ekaterina-Because on one card it said James Cahill is not a Lucian, and Dan and Amy are smart. (Dan has a photographic memory, killer math and puzzle skills and he disassembled his teacher desk during a 20 minute recess; Amy reads and plays piano (showing she is smart).

Hope Cahill- Janus - No Janus agent was there the night she died.

I think Hope Cahill cannot be Janus for 2 reasons. The first of which is, there WAS a Janus there that night, Cora Wizard. My other reason is she was too smart, because she was able to secretly hide a Clue in her tombstone. Also, Madrigals are not rogue Cahills.-by, the disapprover, ArrogantDragon6. (My code is in role call.)

I think that the Madrigals are all agents of the other branches but they went rogue and formed a new branch. another theory is that , in the second book they see a photo of the original founders there is a man in black running out of the house. I think that that man must be the founder of the Madrigal branch.-by secretimformant1 P233XF9CXP

I also think you are wrong because, in the book card mural there are a few men in black on horses, who are in fact another family after the power of the Cahills. They're called Vespers.-by, the disapprover, ArrogantDragon6. (My code is in role call.)

Grace-Ekaterina- There is a Ekat symbol on her jade necklace and in her mansion there are woven silk dragons on the carpet.

lucians,because it would a great twist.

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