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[edit] Pack 3

  • Alphabet is 234679 CDFGHJKMNPRTWX
  • Uncommon start at JG, end at K9
  • Rare start at KC, end at KN, except Code KJ
  • Ultra-Rare is KR
  • Super-Common is KP
  • Common start at KT, end at N2

[edit] Pack 4

  • Alphabet is 234679 CDFGHJKMNPRTWX
  • Uncommon start at N3, end at P2
  • Super-Common is P3
  • Rare start at P4, end at PN except PJ
  • Ultra-Rare is PJ
  • There are no common cards in Card Pack 4.

[edit] References


XF -
book 9 code

NM, NR, N9, PN, P4, NN, PM -
ND NF NK "extra cards!!!!!!!!!!!!! 232(h27mgjnfnp), 217(h94373d4nr), 246(h4h4d4chnn), 215(h94944h3nm), 216(h2djxndxnd), 239(h3d92d6pnf), 249(h3hjfc9kpc), 238(h4g4hm2cnk)" from facebook the39clues, Bob Gordon (July 5th)
PH PF PK PG - Datango from the forums.
204-KD, 205-KK, 230-PD & 233-NG Chip Cahill from the forums.
173 = N2 174 = JX 178 = JR 183 = KH 192 = K6 Datango from the forums.

XD verified as book code for book 8

[edit] Book/Mail Codes

  • Alphabet is 234679 CDFGHJKMNPRTWX

Book / Mail

  1. X2 XX
  2. X3 XW
  3. X4 XT
  4. X6 XR
  5. X7 X7 (XP skipped - used for Agent Cards)
  6. X9 X9 (XN skipped - no known reason)
  7. XC XM
  8. XD XK
  9. XF XJ
  10. XG XH (best guess)

[edit] Skipped Codes

KJ missing from Pack 3
XN missing from book/mail codes.

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