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Thursday, December 7, 2006

Puzzle #4 Has Gone Missing! (and other assorted stuff)

Well, I logged into the Puzzle 4 board yesterday, only to discover a message from someone claiming to have taken the puzzle as revenge. It's gone. It's not anywhere on my computer, and I've had the Elves search the entire Winter Castle several times. So we're scrambling right now, and many Elves are accusing one another of crimes much worse than puzzle-snatching.

So you'll have to excuse me if I'm a bit slow with replies today. Mrs. Claus, Santa, and I are searching wildly for this puzzle, as well as trying to stop the Elves from killing each other.

AND on top of that, one of the cooking Elves decided to peek while Mrs. Claus was making gingerbread men, and now we have thousands of tiny gingerbread cookies running amok. It's a tasty epidemic, but trying to think over cries of "Run, Run As Fast As You Can" is getting quite annoying. We're probably going to have the Bumble over for an early Christmas snack, but at the moment we're preoccupied with trying to save the games.

I hope everything on EARTH is going well!

Posted by Snowball McJinglebell at 6:52am

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