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[edit] Puzzle #5 Begins

from: Snowball McJingleBell
sent: Dec 11, 2006

Puzzle #5

Congratulations, everyone. You're the ones who have gotten the Candy Cane Kid's devious puzzle correct. It is you who are currently at the top of the polls at RGB (reindeer games betting) up here in the North Pole. It is you who have the best chance of winning the Games... And it is you who are going to find out about the fifth puzzle first, and have the best chance of solving it.

I feel I must warn you, however. Because most of you are adults, I realize that you are probably going to have to make a trip to your local library or to a bookstore to find the answer to this puzzle. That's ok; I want to get you out into the world. Make you see some things other than the front of your computer screen. You're going to have to take a little field trip (or call a friend who has kids, and might have the book you need.) But here's the difficult part of the puzzle- I'm not going to tell you what book you need. You're going to have to figure it out based on the clues you find inside the Puzzle Board on ... that's what makes things interesting.

So, if you're ready, you can begin the fifth puzzle of Reindeer Games '06, with this clue:

flv rsvofz gy fhw imcu ajyzalfms jqmeucgy
key: merry christmas

Good luck, players, and I hope to see your answer soon! As always, the first six to email answers will get points.

-Snowball McJinglebell

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