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[edit] Puzzle #4

[edit] Password

Clue, found in Snowball's puzzle 3 answer reply:


  1. ANSWER:


  1. ANSWER:

[edit] Puzzle

Snowball's puzzle post was edited by an unknown culprit:

Ho ho ho, you thought you could get back at me, didn't you? Well, I've taken your precious puzzle, and you're not getting it back!


Snowball then got inside info about the culprit, and posted the findings in the forum for the players:

We've finally gotten word that the gingerbread people have found the hut of the Candy Cane Kid... and Snowflake McTwinkle (the Elf who stole the puzzle.)

While they're refusing to give back the puzzle, the Candy Cane Kid (an impish little man who lives in the Candy Cane Forest) has assured us he is going to post the puzzle online and will host his own section of the Reindeer Games. He also said he's made the puzzle harder.

Finally, he's promised to let me know who gets the puzzle correct, and in what order. If he doesn't, I told him we're going to cut down the entire forest. He agreed.

However, he hasn't sent us the link to the puzzle yet. We're all waiting on the edge of our brightly-decorated stools, and we're hoping to have the link in our hands by the end of the night. As soon as we do, we'll let you know.

Snowball then received the tip necessary to find the missing puzzle, and replied to the culprit who edited his puzzle post:

Actually, Snowflake, we are. I was just delivered a scrap of paper by a little gingerbread man. It said

"enter the candy cane forest if you dare. can you solve the kid's riddle? moc tiurfnoom tserofenacydnac"

So there's your puzzle, I suppose.


  1. ANSWER:


Welcome to the Candy Cane Forest, the place where candy canes are harvested at Christmastime. I am the Candy Cane Kid, keeper of the forest and chief farmer of candy canes.

The Candy Cane Forest is located just around the tip of the globe from Santa's Worshop, and I try to stay away from there as much as possible. I don't really like the whole HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS type of thing... Harvesting Candy Canes is my job, and I do it because I have to.

Now, I caught wind the other day that one of the Elves was launching the Reindeer Games, Human Edition. That seems like a whole lot of nonsense, if you ask me. What's the point? Humans aren't reindeers. They can't fly. They can't play normal Reindeer Games.

Then I heard that the whole thing was online. GREAT... Online is the one place I go to get away from the hubbub of Christmas round the calendar.

So, when Snowflake McTwinkle showed up at my doorstep with one of the puzzles, I jumped at the opportunity to mess with the games.

Snowflake McTwinkle stole the puzzle and took it to the Candy Cane Forest, to the Candy Cane Kid. The 'CCK' made the puzzle harder!

To mess with those pesky humans who eat my beloved forest every year, I decided to take the puzzle Snowball McJinglebell had already created and make it much, much harder for them to solve. If they can't get the answer, then it's no big loss to me!  : )

Because I'm a nice guy and all (not really, but I LOVE to play pretend...) if you email me your answers I'll pass the word along to Snowbell McJingleball or whatever his name is. (He insisted I do this, or the Candy Cane Forest would be completely cut down. In which case I'd die.)

So here goes.

Your Next "Puzzle:"

Have fun! (NOT)


Good Luck! (NOT)

(view TheChristmasRiddle23.jpg])

Posted by Candy Cane K1d at 12:52 PM (December 8, 2006)


But where do you send the answers?
Snowball posted in the forums:

OK, now I don't want anyone to panic... the instructions on the website say to email the Candy Cane Kid your answers, but no one can seem to find his email. Everyone, keep looking. I'm sure it's there somewhere...

The first one who can find the email will get three points, just because I feel bad that the games were taken over by the imp who lives in the forest. Send it to me, and be the hero of Reindeer Gamers everywhere! :)


  1. ANSWER:

Once Snowball was informed of CCK's email address, he made another post:

OK, the email address has been found at this point. I've been told how to find it, and it's pretty simple if you know what you're doing. So I think this just adds another level to the puzzle...

Good luck, everyone!

With the apparent extreme difficulty of this puzzle, CCK changed his tune, and added to his puzzle blog message:

Something happened to me. I was talking with those humans who were trying to solve the puzzle, and I actually felt... nice...

I think my heart grew three sizes today. I made them so happy when I gave them a hint... maybe I shouldn't be so... grinchy all the time. So, I put a hint up on the blog. Good luck. I really mean that, I really do.

Then added the following hint to his puzzle post for question #9:


When someone finally figured out the answers, Snowball made another post:

OK, someone has gotten all the correct answers. He was kind enough to send a list of everything, so if you'd rather send your answers to me instead of the Candy Cane Kid, that's find too. I'd be glad to check them. If you'd rather talk to that imp, then that's fine also... but you just have to find his email addres... (which quite literally stares you in the face as you read the puzzle, it's just hard to see.)

ANSWERS for the main puzzle:

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