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[edit] Puzzle #2

[edit] Password

Clue, found in Snowball's puzzle 1 answer reply:


  1. ANSWER:

[edit] Puzzle




  1. ANSWER:

Revealing a puzzle from Frosty:

Happy December from Frosty

Well, hey there! I guess you've found the blog I set up to hide my puzzle for the Reindeer Games, Human Edition! Great job!

I'm Frosty the Snowman, trusty sidekick and best friend to kids everywhere. I'm made of snow, but all the children know how I came to life one day. You've probably heard the song about me... actually, they tell me you had to have known my song to get to this point. But did you know I starred in a bunch of movies too? The puzzle Snowball (the Elf, not my base, middle, or head) asked me to make is about the movie. Not just my movie, though... all of those holiday classics you see on TV this time of year. So, send Snowball your answers once you've got them all figured out! Quickly, now, before I melt away!

Are you ready to play NAME THAT CHRISTMAS SPECIAL?


  1. "Did you ever hear of that terrible year, way back before you were born?"
  2. "It's just what I've always wanted, it's perfectly right!"
  3. "I wanna be a dentist."
  4. "This kind of weather brings people together so friendships can grow!"
  5. "My own dog, gone commercial!


  1. The Groundhog
  2. Ignatius Thistlewhite
  3. Karen
  4. Big Ben
  5. The Burgermeister Meisterburger
  6. Go to town! But watch out for that traffic cop... his whistle's a doozy!

Posted by Frosty The Snowman


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