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[edit] Washington coin Trail

  • Value: $10,000
  • This coin was found (when?)

[edit] CLUES

  1. We'll make this search easy, forget 50 states. There are 13 of these and in one the coin waits.
  2. To find the coin sooner than later, find the shore of a stream flowing from the equator.
  3. It's winter time, and often cold, but don't let your progress freeze. You'll find you're getting warmer if you stay above 32°.
  4. The way this word is written it's part of the clue. So tell us what does the word 'BELTWAY' mean to you?
  5. In VA this heptagon is called a CDP. It marks the border of your search, from here you want an E.
  6. There's treasure to be found, so don't just sit there. Head toward the river from this comfortable chair.
  7. Searching for the coin involves great toil, but this clue is elementary, head south from AG coil.
  8. As a boy he lived here peacefully. But the coin lies in the direction of his wartime enemy, civilly.
  9. The origin of this clue is unknown still, but from this vantage point look toward another hill.
  10. This rumor started, it's kind of funny; this boyhood president, threw some money. Across this river, o'er a mile wide, supposedly it reached the other side. Though this myth turns out untrue, the river and direction of the throw are clues.
  11. As clues go we promise you 600 is much better. Some initial thoughts can help you out. Follow them to the letter.
  12. Hunters continue to search and roam to the south of the place learned buffalo call home.
  13. You're too far down, you're search has been harried, if you come to the place where the giant's half buried.
  14. Don't get mixed up, here is a hint, stay to the west of 'Diabolic Pug Lint.'
  15. Is it code? Encryption? A secret riddle? No KJIHGFEDCBABCEDFGHIJK just shows you the middle.
  16. 3,9, and 5 are right from our angle, search on the acute side to avoid getting tangled.
  17. Clock time from the Capitol, Independence is half passed. You have until quarter-of to search, so make your movements fast.
  18. 36 columns for 36 states in a doric temple for you await. Instruction is given by the man inside, who looks in the direction where the coin resides.
  19. Between shimmering mirrors you'll find your direction though neither provides the coin's reflection.
  20. Another clue in a long line of tips is the direction provided when aligning a circle, square and ellipse.
  21. To grow, to power and to know are divisions. They form the southern border of your search decisions.
  22. To find the coin you must search with precision in the place that was once Pierre the Child's vision.
  23. Homes to masterpieces, exhibitions and galleries, the coin resides near a place like these.
  24. This clue is given as an institutional decree. Near, you seek the territorial namesake of star-like 3773.
  25. 7.01, 11.99, 9.00, 8.75, 10.50 - these five numbers have common ground, discover it and the coin may be found.
  26. Hiding the coin is no perfect defense, so we protected it with nearby battlements.
  27. Though known for self inductance, his title was of scribe. To find the coin, you must begin, to look past his left side.
  28. Train your attention around this place, with great locomotion to the whistler's race.
  29. Keep searching outside, you're getting tres close, now you seek trois intrados.
  30. The final clue, to end frustration - like a monk with a manuscript adding illustration.

(Most answers supplied by Fernando R., with some edits by Kingwilson and others.)

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