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[edit] Virtual Coin Trail

  • Value: $25,000
  • This coin was found almost immediately after the toll free number was released on Feb 18th.
  • The 27th clue was available beginning at 3am ET/12am PT on Sunday morning, Feb 18. Contestants were to call the hunt line to give their answers. Answers were required to the following questions:
  1. Country
  2. State
  3. City
  4. Location
  • Contestants were required to spell every answer. For example if the answer to #1 was United States, the contestant had to spell U-N-I-T-E-D S-T-A-T-E-S.
  • The phone lines were open for approximately 30 minutes, after which contestants would hear an automated message indicating "All coins have been found." Later, this message was changed to "The Virtual Hunt coin has been found." On Sunday evening, the phone lines were back open again, but operators were instructed to tell contestants that the Virtual Coin had been found but the Physical Coins were still available.

[edit] CLUES

  1. Our search begins in the land of the free, go back in time from EST.
  2. The search is frantic, so keep coasting along, find the peaceful sea and you won't be wrong.
  3. Though a part of the US nation, this place is left in isolation.
  4. The climate's warm, but your search will freeze, if you don't keep it below 22 degrees.
  5. This place was once a kingdom and a nation before its current state of formation.
  6. The place you seek to further your fame is north and west of its own name
  7. This place has something in common you see, with the eastern state of New Jersey. When this clue takes root, then you'll know, that south and east is the direction to go.
  8. The surest way to win this race is to gather round this populous place.
  9. Named for a red hibiscus bloom, head to the south and your search can resume.
  10. 11111231 is not one number, but 6 you see. And if you get this clue in sum, you'll know where to head south from. (*)
  11. Its twin is 900 years old, inside reflects in brilliant gold. Pilgrims come to realize the self. You should go south in search of wealth.
  12. To keep yourself on the coin's trail, go east from a place with the feature of a whale.
  13. Look east from many observing eyes to see the direction where the coin lies.
  14. The coin you seek can be found on the leeward side of this windward mound.
  15. From Hotel November Lima go south east, and your chances of finding the coin will be increased.
  16. CaCOOO is an ingredient you must know. It's used to name this metropolitan place, from which you should southeast race.
  17. You can cut no corners as it has none. You can keep on riding and never be done. Take this clue out for a spin, then head south for your chance to win.
  18. If this name you want to render typographically, add an ascender. From four letters you'll make five, then toward this place you should strive.
  19. This clue rings true if you think of going south and east of this icon of brotherly love.
  20. Head south and east on your crusade from this place honoring sacrifices made.
  21. Loved by many in the land, go north and west of this engagement band.
  22. South and west you must roam, from where a spectrum of warriors call home.
  23. Technically a wrong designation, stay south of this one to find the coin's location.
  24. This giant shell is on no beach, head north and west if the coin you'd like to reach.
  25. Its name alone is an illusion, for a geographer it creates confusion. South and east of this place is the direction you must race.
  26. North and west this clue demands, of a place where a king lives on another king's lands.
  27. To find the coin you'd have to slog south of here were this a bog. But it's not, and the clue is why the surrounding land is nice and dry.
  28. If you head this way it may get shady. From the shore pass the first lady.
  29. Search for the place where three royal lines intersect and are combined.
  30. You seek the coin, we'll tell you where: among the plumes of the last great heir.

(answers supplied by thebruce and chris furby)

(*) Clue #10 was corrected silently from the original clue which read '1111123' rather than '11111231'

Location in a nutshell:

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