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[edit] Tampa coin Trail

  • Value: $250,000
  • This coin was found by jaybertx and company at 3:20am on Wed, Feb 22.

[edit] CLUES

  1. Here's a clue to start you on your way. 146 years ago this was the CSA.
  2. To find the coin sooner than later, find the shore of a stream flowing from the equator.
  3. Seeking the coin, this clue is a truth, look in the land of the Fountain of Youth.
  4. Here's a clue to save you a trip. The coin you seek is below the 'grip.'
  5. To find the coin seek higher ground, when treasure hunting, do not get bogged down.
  6. Hail this shelter from the chill, don't linger, you must go. Which way, you say, in some dismay? Head in the direction of Mexico.
  7. This man, too, came for gold, his story Spanish lore. Between his first name and his last, is the place you should explore.
  8. The climate is hot, that's perfectly clear, but it's still only 28° around here.
  9. Eastward go when you know what is meant by the words: transparent universal solvent.
  10. You won't spread yourself thin if you stick to the race and head southward from this churned up place.
  11. Though Elvis was never sighted here, he would've liked the name. Your direction is toward the same but just greater fame.
  12. Its true bandits and rowdies both met bitter ends, but this place is still known as the home to more than 60 brigands.
  13. Its name is rooted in tracks once made to help increase the local trade. Find the name of its founder, head to the east and you won't flounder.
  14. Divinely named for son and sand, it heads north o'er water to reach more land.
  15. It's best to head west of the terrible lizards lest you wind up stuck in their terrible gizzards.
  16. Yes, yes, yes. Oui oui oui. To bridge the gap think Si Si Si.
  17. Don't get lost, here's a clue - you're too far north in Timbuktu.
  18. Man go west is your clue. It tells you what you must do.
  19. Your chance to win will be increased, if you solve this pattern, then head east: (skip), DPA, (skip), GPA, (skip), ____ ?
  20. Here's a puzzle for you to devour, find your way north of A Blob Highly Sou. (*)
  21. The place you seek is on solid ground west of this water workaround.
  22. Head in the direction of the dawning sun from the place where Wills Hill's namesake runs.
  23. 401' is your next clue. The nature of zero reveals the message to you.
  24. To stay on track and find your way, you must stay south of Charlie Sierra's x-ray.
  25. Another clue for you to unravel, south of this wrongly named road you must travel.
  26. Go east from the intersection of breakdown and congestion.
  27. To close in on the clue, give this riddle a try: to make a boar sit you need only know why.
  28. To find the quarter make great speak, 'oriens quartos' is all you need.
  29. Named for patriotic devotion the coin lies near a gem of the ocean.

(answers supplied by jaybertx and chris_furby)

(*) This clue was never fixed, but the anagram is missing the letter R

Location in a nutshell:

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