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[edit] San Francisco coin Trail

  • Value: $10,000
  • This coin was found around 10:55am (PST) on Monday 2/29/07. (It was not there 24 hours earlier).

[edit] CLUES

  1. Begin your search and find the key, go back in time from EST.
  2. Drive all you want, search by car, if you need a passport you've gone too far.
  3. The search is frantic, so keep coasting along, find the peaceful sea and you won't be wrong.
  4. 50 states in the union and you seek just one. Check for 79 periodically and you'll get it done.
  5. This clue comes to you as a true proclamation. You must look below this famous exclamation.
  6. Restrict your search to below a line known for its characteristic wine. This place offered solid proof to worldly makers once aloof.
  7. A crescent and a percent are from where to set forth. From the water, overland, headed to the north.
  8. Absence of light and chromatic cumulation, is part of this clue's revelation. Stay west then of its elevations.
  9. Is following the Earth's nearest star a safe bet? Yes, provided your feet don't get wet.
  10. Divinity for him was won through twelve great labors all well done. This place is known to carry his name, you must journey south to stay in the game.
  11. Its many gates open on the world, around its arms birds are curled. Once you find this waterfront nest, heading north would be the best.
  12. Lucky immigrants have shown you the direction to head. From Baile Átha Cliath to the coast they fled.
  13. This landlocked bay forms a line, the sky is part of it all the time. Its name directs you someplace worse, and so you must head in the reverse.
  14. Follow the direction the seraphim fly, when the pelican rock they pass by.
  15. Find a place of bovine royalty, continue north and you'll be trouble free.
  16. He's a saint with a penchant for merchants, it's true. And this place happens to be named after him, too.
  17. This place is known as scholarly and attendees here all earn a 'D'. Once you find your way here, to the south and westward steer.
  18. This clue is straight, you cannot cheat - head south of 4200 vermillion feet.
  19. If finding the coin is one of your goals, look north of 72 clustered holes.
  20. A thorn in your side, this clue's mixed up a bit. But all you have to do is stay south of Hide Rose Pit.
  21. A=S2 that you should know. 270 degrees from the compass go. The name is one you should recall, after 13 days this fort did fall.
  22. To solve this clue, you have to be deft, the direction you seek is giant German dog's left.
  23. The clue is complete when you find the grounds just under two thousand pounds.
  24. You may have thoughts worth more than a penny, but that one will tell you plenty. Now that you know the way, make sure that you northward stay.
  25. The place you seek is divisible by one, and for you that means following the sun.
  26. The next clue to help you win this game: roam westward of those with a redundant binomial name.
  27. You must draw a conclusion from this tip and know that from here your target is just a short trip.
  28. Here 66 members play at association, though northward continues your peregrination.
  29. Lonely, but not alone, this place has many symbols of her home. Stroll around this place with care, for the coin is hidden there.
  30. Behind the breeze take a rest, look beneath and pass the test.

(answers supplied by chris furby)

Location in a nutshell:

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