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[edit] Pittsburgh coin Trail

  • Value: $10,000
  • This coin was found (when?)

[edit] CLUES

  1. We'll make this search easy, forget 50 states. There are 13 of these and in one the coin waits.
  2. Sure we're sure the right state to explore - you can see water, just not sea water from the shore.
  3. Where to begin? Here's where you're told: at the top of an arch known for black gold.
  4. To get closer, shift gear by two, and this clue will be revealed to you: Qmsrf Md Glrcpqryrc Cgefrw.
  5. Marked with green stones, this path points the way, at the speed limit crossing it would take 1/4 of a day.
  6. The trail won't get cold, your search will not freeze, if you focus your search above 40 degrees.
  7. In a different state it is midwest, but you must go past the middle on your quest. If you're still not sure you know, lose yourself in vertigo.
  8. If you lived here you might say that you live in CAPA. But as a treasure hunter instead, north is where your road will head.
  9. No maid, no chauffer, no silver spoon in mouth. All by yourself you must head south. But an understanding of this clue can still be of great help to you.
  10. You're in the area, don't get stuck at the PIT. Take off in a direction to the east of it.
  11. Generally speaking you'll want to be, in a place between two famous names military.
  12. To Arthur Glastonbury it's not what it seems, from where he dreams you must head upstream.
  13. This is a place that man called home before there was a Greece or Rome. For you it marks the far west line, within which your search should be confined.
  14. Practice, practice, practice to solve this clue. Then head northeast if the coin you pursue.
  15. Don't get mixed up, help yourself, find your way southwest of the Ax Chop Elf.
  16. To find the coin northward seek from a place named for four years in greek.
  17. Pray for wisdom from this clue and truth and virtue will come to you. Once you have them, you've passed the test and then you must simply head west.
  18. To get here you can walk, float or ride, but must leave your wheels on the other side. If you thought you were lost you'd know you weren't if you went against the current.
  19. Three great domes with three great eyes mark the north-most point of where the coin may lie.
  20. To track the coin from coal you'll climb, but not with altitude this time.
  21. Where one runs into two and two runaway... this is the place that you'll want to stay.
  22. Scalene is part of this clue, a cute addition is AU. Once you know it, then head forth, a little west and a little north.
  23. Benito, they say, has a sharp mouth. All the more reason to flock to his south.
  24. It is known to run without having feet and is crossed by sisters on a street. The clue for you is to journey west, once their place has been guessed.
  25. The cardinal points, it has them all, and protects the coin from afar sans walls. For you, this marks a point on your quest from which you must then head northwest.
  26. A diamond sits now to the east where the sons of innocents have long since ceased. For you the direction of your quest is in turn precisely west.
  27. The coin is near where a great shark rests, specifically to the north and west.
  28. It's near time to catch up if you're behind in this game, read aloud you'll understand the name.
  29. To find the coin would be easy if you consider the nature of 'C' and 'B'.
  30. Find the chief's hallowed ground, and in his robes the coin may be found.

Location in a nutshell:

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