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[edit] Phoenix coin Trail

  • Value: $15,000
  • This coin was found (when?)

[edit] CLUES

  1. Our search begins in the land of the free, go back in time from EST.
  2. Drive all you want, search by car, if you need a passport you've gone too far.
  3. You'll find yourself in the right state, getting hotter, if you're in a place where you can't reach the water.
  4. These endangered plants are known for slow growing. Look in their homeland even if its slow going.
  5. 50 states in the union and you seek just one. Check for 29 periodically and you'll get it done.
  6. Indians everywhere, you're really surrounded. This clue is true, and helps you stay grounded.
  7. Vast in deep, up to a mile down, you want to go beneath this place, but not below the ground.
  8. Even in winter don't let your search freeze. Confine yourself to someplace above 32 degrees.
  9. Head north from this place is what you should do? Where is it you ask? Capitalize on this clue: ForEst.
  10. Don't be fooled. You're not the lone ranger. Bear 225 and stay out of danger.
  11. For trains, it was once end of the line. For prospectors it grew as they searched for mines.
  12. Some clues are good. Some are better. This one is just plain superior. To use it best, you must head west.
  13. Six sided silica is some sensational site. Silly as it is to say, on a map you should be right.
  14. Eastward likes your destination, if you understand central pivot irrigation.
  15. A huge sun dial says time for fun, on Tranquil, Easy and Ho Hum. When you're finished, then proceed, to west at greater speed.
  16. This message is scrambled, it's our clever ploy, to send you out looking for 'A Cranium Cop Toy'.
  17. Snowbirds come here via jets you should leave the way it sets.
  18. This next clue should not confound, dissect the circle to gain ground. If a loop is 360 degrees, take one sixth if you please.
  19. Are they safe? Are they fast? Will their parts and pieces last? That's not your problem. Continue north and pass.
  20. As you're reading the clues here's what you should do: go north of this appropriately named venue for AU.
  21. THIS CLUE IS WRITTEN UPSIDE DOWN: this next clue we will deliver, look along the bank of this desert river.
  22. This is a clue we hope you'll understand. Go east of the place where the big birds land.
  23. For your next clue this is what you should know, in Yavapai follow the river as far as it goes.
  24. Between two diamonds is common ground and somewhere within the coin can be found.
  25. If you travel too far, you just might stray, so stay east of Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe

Location in a nutshell:

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