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[edit] Philadelphia coin Trail

  • Value: $10,000
  • This coin was found (when?)

[edit] CLUES

  1. We'll make this search easy, forget 50 states. There are 13 of these and in one the coin waits.
  2. Sure we're sure the right state to explore - you can see water, just not sea water from the shore.
  3. Where to begin? Here's where you're told; at the top of an arch known for black gold.
  4. To get warmer think cooler, but not enough to freeze, you need only to stay below 40 degrees.
  5. The Liberty Bell was once hidden here, though it's too far north for the coin we fear.
  6. If westward you search, you've gone too far if you need a carriage to replace your car.
  7. Famous for barriers that create traffic disorder, this place marks the line or your Eastern-most border.
  8. If you're looking for treasure the very best way is where DE is between NJ and PA.
  9. A line of green keystones helps not the way, not the direction they travel, but beneath them to stay.
  10. Find OOOOFF road and your progress will be greased, for then you'll know, you've got to go, in a direction precisely east.
  11. Familiar names sometimes can tell you more, to find the coin just be sure that Chett and Monty are next door.
  12. 29 towns, all interrelated, in 1854 were consolidated. So now instead of through 29 towns you race, you really only have to search in one place.
  13. Delaware. The way this clue is written is the clue. Delaware.
  14. Legend has it that in this place, Eldridge vanished without a trace. From here you must turn toward north and quickly on your journey set forth.
  15. To find the coin, avoid the rough ride, stay on this congested road's south side.
  16. To find the coin, you must stay on track, keep the black gold to your back.
  17. A clue you want, a clue we'll deliver, search to the east of the hidden river.
  18. If nedmac was reflected at you, then you would understand this clue.
  19. This clue is short, not too wordy, stay above 76 and below 30
  20. If this game were a bar, you'd be all done, because you want to be under twenty-one.
  21. From up on high William Penn would know - when turned right from his right - which way to go.
  22. To take the lead in this hunt, don't go all the way to the front.
  23. To find the coin, look with care within the triangle made from three squares.
  24. Your search is too broad, narrow it down, to a place near a road named for a defunct town.
  25. Look long and hard with all your might, the coin you'll find in a beautiful sight.
  26. For an idea to get closer this clue might spark it, on a map find a place near Italy and mark it.
  27. This clue will help you find your way, the street you seek shares a familial name from Chatenay.
  28. Painting and sculpture may be wise to invest in, but learning to make them for free is a sure win.
  29. This clue reveals something new, go to the right of an arch you can't pass through.
  30. When searching for the coin, heed this remark, seek asylum and protection from a spark.

Location in a nutshell:

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