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[edit] Oklahoma City coin Trail

  • Value: $10,000
  • This coin was found (when?)

[edit] CLUES

  1. Our search begins in the land of the free, go back in time from EST.
  2. The coin is hidden in a place you can see, when you look at land sold back in 1803.
  3. You'll find yourself in the right state, getting hotter, if you're in a place where you can't reach the water.
  4. Okay, so you want another clue? Guess what, we just gave it to you.
  5. Though it's cold, your search won't freeze, if you keep it below 36 degrees.
  6. Loosen your grip, there's a line in the sand. There's no need to look in this former No Man's Land.
  7. She runs through the southwest, with a great white north name, and marks the southern most line of our treasure-hunting game.
  8. It takes just one shift to find the name of your search's new northernmost line: Kpio Ljmqbusjdl Uvsoqjlf
  9. Shoot rapids, race cars or travel by train, all in one place, again and again. Amusing as this is, it's not part of your test, the place that you seek is to the south and the west.
  10. North and west you must probe from a place of fear by ornithastrahydrophobes.
  11. South and west you should roam from where the okapi calls home.
  12. To the north and west your search much be constricted, from the site where for the first time a tornado was predicted.
  13. From the place where six continents all bloom, head west and let your search resume.
  14. Southeast you go without pause, after dits and dahs lead to ahas: .-.. .- -.- . --- ...- . .-. .... --- .-.. ... . .-.
  15. If you're close and have the clues in proper order, well then you'll know why you want to go north of Canada's border.
  16. In a pentagon old glory flies, while nearby kids can a rocket climb. This place resides along the coast and heading south will help you most.
  17. Two bird nests form a border, staying east of which will make your search shorter.
  18. The guardian stands and looks down at a cloven clover leaf on the ground. Now you must head South and West to continue with this contest.
  19. South and west of the sovereign and high is the direction you should try.
  20. From four diamonds configured round, head north to where the coin may be found.
  21. Southward from this place race, where mother and child do embrace, amid the thorns in the surrounding space.
  22. Go north and west, and travel fast, from where 102,000,000 cattle have passed.
  23. The next step toward completing your quest is to keep Bermuda, Acapulco and Hawaii to your South and West.
  24. ""Oh,"" you say, and that's the clue. Going west is what you must do.
  25. Tracking the Okkt you'll learn of its demise. But north of its trail you might find your prize.
  26. Don't get mixed up, stay alert, head toward 'A Meatloaf Oak Shirt'.
  27. To find the coin use this equation. Then travel south from it's location: P = 1/2pπR2v3
  28. To find the coin for which you strive, walk where you'd ride, jump east and don't dive.
  29. To process this clue, think like a machine, go north once you find out what these numbers mean: 01010010 01000101 01001110 01001111.
  30. You need not be psychic to help you divine. To find the coin just look for a sign. Once you look upon it, then you'll know, the thing you find is found down below.

(answers supplied by redoubt and greenprincess)

Location in a nutshell:

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