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[edit] Nashville coin Trail

  • Value: $100,000
  • This coin was found (when?)

[edit] CLUES

  1. Here's a clue to start you on your way. !46 years ago this was the CSA.
  2. You'll find yourself in the right state, getting hotter, if you're in a place where you can't reach the water.
  3. Assuming that volunteers won't just waltz in, you'll need to figure out this clue on your own to win.
  4. Our search continues in the land of the free, go back one hour from EST.
  5. Here's a clue to narrow your search down. Look for it in a place where you might build an L-town.
  6. Though winter is short and summer heat strong, this place remains at 36 degrees all year long.
  7. By canoe you will pass the right place if you're lucky, somewhere between Kentucky and Kentucky.
  8. Confine your search between hill and field, when flowers bloom and winters yield.
  9. Between Will's son, Robert's son and William's son, you'll find the place where the search will be done.
  10. For the moment, what you need to know, is that the trail Venerable Carya must stay above and below.
  11. These waters aren't holy, in fact they're man made. You must now travel West to find where the coin's laid.
  12. To find the coin, northeast run, from this watery heaven in the lost horizon.
  13. You'll find the coin inside CLV, which covers it just over 180 degrees.
  14. The only way to pass this test is to head downtown from where big birds nest.
  15. To the west of this place is this clue's key, but don't get mixed up, think A Lord Progeny.
  16. North of there you'll do the best, but first you have to make a guess at the meaning of COAKS.
  17. Despite its name, grapes do not grow. Proof that south and east you should go.
  18. Don't feel cheated, this clue is fair, and all you have to do is head north from there.
  19. Her name is equal with civilization, her home is a place of veneration. To find the coin you must go forth, from here to the west and also north.
  20. North and east the coin will be, from where nine muses dance in blissfully.
  21. East of where they learn to serve, the location of the coin is reserved.
  22. The coin you seek is still around, northwest of where the children of Uranus might be found.
  23. Fron on high you see a circle inside a dome, if you head northwest you'll near the coin's home.
  24. To find the coin, don't hesitate, leave the capitol and cross the state.
  25. The road to the coin may be found someplace between prea sedere, nine and three.
  26. Go to a place where time doesn't fly. It stands still as you go by.
  27. Where 95 counties ring from small towers, and three stars shine at all hours, from the source of these chimes you must head backward in time.
  28. The time to travel to the coin in near, the distance is measured in unlight years.
  29. The coin is found near a location immune to the laws of terrestrial rotation.
  30. Solve this clue, prove yourself smarter, go back 137 years to the states third charter.

(answers supplied by katethegreat)

Location in a nutshell:

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