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[edit] Kansas City coin Trail

  • Value: $10,000
  • This coin was found (when?)

[edit] CLUES

  1. The coin is hidden in a place you can see, when you look at land sold back in 1803.
  2. Our search continues in the land of the free, go back one hour from EST.
  3. Travel down mountains, across plains you will flow. Our buddy, Ol' Muddy, knows just where to go.
  4. To find the state where the coin will be, takes just two words, and they're 'show me.'
  5. It's always warm, you'll never freeze, if you stay beneath 40 degrees.
  6. No tacos, no salsa, no siesta or feast. If you're south of the border you've gone too far east.
  7. You say po-tah-to, I say __________. Stay East of Nevada, North of __________.
  8. Go west of where wagons made a great migration, if the coin is your destination.
  9. This single agglomeration you should see, spans sovereign jurisdictions numbering three.
  10. Its myriad cascades are second only to Rome and in this city is the coin's home.
  11. This clue is important, don't miss the connection, these three align to point in a terminal direction.
  12. This clue is true, there is no trickery, count ye way to a place named for old hickory.
  13. Though disputed many still claim this is the first road of its name. But from this line southward go, that's all you really need to know.
  14. 5.56 - 20mm is small but this place is the largest of all. Take a shot at its name, and then head westward across the plain.
  15. You're too far south if you come to this place, once wrapped as a golden gift. To tighten your search think the opposite, and then your direction shift.
  16. Named for the shortest wavelength of the primary three, it runs to the east of where the coin will be.
  17. Don't bristle at this clue, but this small stream should run to the south of you.
  18. To find the coin, keep on track and walk away from three pioneer's backs.
  19. You're south of Iowa, south of Clay, move now past this short, misnamed highway.
  20. Go with the flow, but make sure to hurry, to a place where Kansas runs into Missouri.
  21. The southernmost border of your search will be three powers of three, cumulatively.
  22. For civil rights this man did strive, from his memorial do westward drive.
  23. BNSFUP criss-cross then go their way from where they mingle you must eastward stay.
  24. Some sold their souls here to play the blues, if you go below you'll have your clue.
  25. You're getting closer, use your brain, go south of the metropolis where future chemists can train.
  26. This clue is true, here's the place to scour, the coin may reside between three towers.
  27. This hunt will reward wisdom and loyalty, the coin you seek is somewhere between scholars and royalty.
  28. This park is so big, you could search for days. So to narrow your hunt, follow patriotism's gaze.
  29. You're almost there, so no relaxing, keep your energy up and stay below taxing.
  30. The coin is hidden, you could find it still, if you search for the one with a brother in Seville.

Location in a nutshell:

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