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[edit] Indianapolis coin Trail

  • Value: $25,000
  • This coin was found (when?)

[edit] CLUES

  1. Once a frontier, it is clear from the story, the coin is hidden in our first territory.
  2. Sure we're sure the right state to explore - you can see water, just not sea water from the shore.
  3. Each day another clue empowers, but time is ticking, don't lose an hour.
  4. Don't sell your soul, this clue is salvation - follow a map to the crossroads of our nation.
  5. This city of firsts is the last place to look, but it's good for a correction. From here stay south and you'll find out, you're in the right direction.
  6. Flatly stated, we believe, you might be in a lurch. Between 39 and 40 is where you want to search.
  7. In France it's high land, but holds no prize, from here look back at the sun rise.
  8. This one's tough so don't be coy, scramble to find 'A Micro Nun Toy'.
  9. To find the coin you must head to a single star amid the blue intersected by crossroads two.
  10. You're closing in, and from the sky between EYEINDMQJ is where the coin lies.
  11. Find where spirit water collects, from there the fall flows to what's next.
  12. To come full circle you must go a full 360. Add another 105 and you'll get inside much more quickly.
  13. South of a place where part a murder may be found - often at elevations above the ground.
  14. Where once over 3 million bricks abound, now lies a town with city around. East of this historic place is the direction you must now race.
  15. One single word is your clue - and though it may be tricky, it's fair to you: ""ovovalal"".
  16. A pleasant place for a peaceful rest blossoms into a clue. And when you've guessed the direction, then it's toward the dawn as your hunt continues on.
  17. Allison's initials are R and R, she prefers to fly not ride a car. To find the coin, your chances are increased if you go from her home to the north and east.
  18. Where birds beneath the glass pass by, and formal beds sit under the sky. Though this is a nice place to rest, the coin you seek lies north and west.
  19. You'll want to keep current but also stay dry, passing 72 holes as you head toward the prize.
  20. In the shadow of war a spire stands and in its shadow 50 lands. From this place you must progress, further south and further west.
  21. Men of war surround its base, and toward cardinal points they face. In finding the coin, your chances increase, if you choose the direction of peace.
  22. Go west of where people crowd to watch younger horses run beneath a cloud.
  23. Pursue the coin with heated zeal, south from men and women of steele.
  24. Solve this puzzle, you're close to done. Look along where #FFFFFFHHO runs.
  25. Four triangles wrap a circle round, from which four lines move outward bound, once this place has been found, exit southwest from the grounds.
  26. To solve this clue and find the way, stay north and east through Charlie Sierra's X-Ray.
  27. Given its name you'd expect it class six, but it runs slower than the name depicts. Your chances to find the coin are increased, if you keep to the east.
  28. To find the coin, crack this code, it tells you the coins current abode: Dsrgv Irevi Hgzgv Kzip.
  29. The coin you seek resides between where Washington strides and rides.
  30. Within four rectangles is a square, look beneath, the coin is there.

(answers supplied by unowho)

Location in a nutshell:

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