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[edit] Dallas coin Trail

  • Value: $25,000
  • This coin was found (when?)

[edit] CLUES

  1. Our search begins in the land of the free, go back in time from EST.
  2. Drive all you want, search by car, if you need a passport you've gone too far.
  3. In your search for the coin, you'll get the most if you head in the direction of America's third coast.
  4. Whether proud and heroic or troubled with tears, she's flown six national flags during the course of her years.
  5. Don't beg for a clue, we'll save you a trip, when searching the state loosen your grip.
  6. The climate's warm, but your search will freeze, if you don't keep it above 32 degrees.
  7. The southern-most border of your search should be where Charles Alderton mixed flavors 23.
  8. Smile! This clue is perfectly clear: Stay to the east of the friendly frontier.
  9. A place where forests thick as iron once grew, that is the crux of this latest clue.
  10. This clue gets you closer, but it's not revelation. Look in an autogenous area of diminished elevation.
  11. Go east from the wood through rains and hunt. Reach a rock wall and you'll be out in front.
  12. This clue's not religious, you won't need a priest; from the arms of God make your way east.
  13. Thirty five divided in two will help refine the search for you.
  14. If the coin you would win, your search must end before the west begins.
  15. The search for the coin is no downhill race, but you must head below this level place.
  16. Go north of this place, which is being referred by the inclusion of this strange word: DeagleD
  17. Its name grew from nahhuatl with a delicious twist. From this place head in the direction of the great goddess of mist.
  18. 635 from 10 to 4, with 20 add up to 15 minutes more. An inner circle is revealed to you if you figure out this clue.
  19. You'll be one step closer when you say about this clue again and again: XII.
  20. It's wrongly named so don't be wrong, stay between the third and extra prong.
  21. Follow this clue to the letter, and you'll know what to do. When you land on the answer, go to the east 4.1.12.
  22. You're getting closer, don't lose your head; address this clue and head northward instead.
  23. It's said the truth shall set you free, but east of it is where the coin will be.
  24. Keep going now, there's no time to stop, go directly south of Legal Hill Fop.
  25. Though long ago it outlawed motors, this place remains a frequent haunt for boaters.
  26. You must go south of this place where foot traffic doubles with many visitors there.
  27. To find the coin, follow the trail, south from where the ancient Greeks sail.
  28. If you're stuck, this clue will rouse, the coin is nearby a beautiful house.
  29. Tabulate and calculate are your next clue. If you haven't ate, earn an 'a' and include us, then you'll know what to do.
  30. Amble and ramble make like a rover; look under this thing you'd normally go over.

(answers supplied by strayycats) (italics answers by tommyp002)

Location in a nutshell:

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