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[edit] Chicago coin Trail

  • Value: $10,000
  • This coin was found Tuesday February 20 ~3:30 AM

[edit] CLUES

  1. Once a frontier, it is clear from the story, the coin is hidden in our first territory.
  2. Sure we're sure the right state to explore - you can see water, just not sea water from the shore.
  3. Four sierra, three India, two papa, one mike, arranged differently tell you where to hike.
  4. To find the coin, you must know, which state's dance includes a do-si-do.
  5. It's cold in winter but your search will freeze if you don't keep it above 38 degrees.
  6. If you find yourself in a petunia fest it means you traveled too far west.
  7. It's elementary, if you're Sherlock Holmes, find the middle of these HOMES.
  8. At 1 o'clock draw the line, from this place wrongly named after sparkling wine.
  9. You're in the right place and close to the prize, when you notice there are two lakes on two sides.
  10. The going's slow, and won't be scary, so follow the flow of the prairie toward the town of the prairie.
  11. 32 wheels on a metal spike topped off with something insect-like. The giant bug is first in order, and this marks your western border.
  12. With towering smilers you need not be near, to change your search to north of here.
  13. If you're a keeper of fire you would know this place is named for where wild onions grow.
  14. At the turn of a century this was quite a city. Now it's gone. Such a pity. All the beauty's left this place. So from here you must northward race.
  15. Search for the coin, hunt around, it will be between two major diamonds found.
  16. Big Hill runs from cemetery to lake. At one point it completely breaks. From the hill you mustn't frown, the key now is to start counting down.
  17. It forms a straight north-south corridor. It shares its name with a Roman orator. To find the coin, you must do your best, to prevent your search from going west.
  18. Hark Teed may mix you up but know, its name reflects in watery glow. It marks the tip of the AU short, and you shouldn't journey south anymore.
  19. You'll have better luck if you do your best to keep devils and the wizard to the west.
  20. To find the coin, continue forth, between where north is south and lake is north.
  21. This road is your border, to the east you must stay. Its old name was colorful, but it has a wartime hero's name today.
  22. This place once held the city's dead, now it immortalizes three storytellers instead.
  23. To find the coin in this place, pass by in the direction of lions and tigers then bears... oh my.
  24. Sailing from the north with all its ice, you must first find safe harbor thrice.
  25. Only two streets of this kind touch the park, so use your mind, for between them the coin you might find.
  26. This clue spans gaps so don't be vexed, go under one and over the next.
  27. You'll be getting closer and come to know harm, if westward walking you cross this firearm.
  28. Just beyond where traffic flows, a floating cross will mean you're getting close.
  29. This tranquil place with cardinal name is where, with luck, the coin you'll claim.
  30. How beautiful is the key, if you say it with liberty, equality and fraternity. Then the final part of your feat is simply to have a seat.

(answers supplied by caerien)

Location in a nutshell:

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