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[edit] Canada West (Calgary) coin Trail

  • Value: $25,000
  • This coin was found (when?)

[edit] CLUES

  1. Drive all you want, search by car, if you need a passport you've gone too far.
  2. You'll find yourself in the right place getting hotter, if you're in a province where you can't reach the water.
  3. Heed this clue, you won't go wrong, seek the place for the free and strong.
  4. You need not to higher elevations climb to benefit from elevation's time.
  5. This clue is tricky so look at it all, shift one from Vmnlmglm and go down the hall.
  6. Keep alert, don't get docile, you're too far east if you come across fossils.
  7. Cervus elaphus is a great informer, that your trail's gone cold and to head for warmer.
  8. Pinch yourself, is it a dream? These 13 buildings in sunlight gleam. Remember not to cast a stone, instead head north and your search you'll hone.
  9. Test your mettle and the coin you'll find, go east of a place named for inseparable 79.
  10. Known for tracks laid fast and far, the people needed CPR. For you this point is one more test, a clue that points you to the west.
  11. On the road to treasure you'll get there when you look along the one found in all ten.
  12. In the cold of winter, don't let things freeze, search above 50 degrees.
  13. All around you is a rocky view, beneath are foothills to check out too. You'll find you're nearer the end of this race, when you search in a half dozen place.
  14. Three circles name a giant rock. From this place northward walk.
  15. To find the coin for which you pine, travel northeast of this national line.
  16. This Qimmiq goes by another name, but towers over everything just the same. He marks a new northmost line and so southward should your search be confined.
  17. Read this clue carefully, it points you toward the coin's home. Don't get mixed up, head north of A Freed Wood Tome.
  18. El Arco read not quite literally, tells you one point to stay between. The other is its shortened twin. Figure it out and you could just win.
  19. Migrate west and your search will narrow, after you've found the home of Wilson's Warbler and Lincoln's Sparrow.
  20. This clue is millions of years old. Here petrified beasts you can behold. But you must go forward in time, and head south and west to warmer clime.
  21. #FF0000 is hint part one add 1.0693km and you are done. Now that you know its name, head south and east in search of fame.
  22. The balance of this hunt now teeters, on K + 0.3048 meters. Though walking on this path is not wise, know that the coin west of it lies.
  23. Search up again then double back, west of where Charlie Papa leaves his tracks.
  24. Though with leaves of three it's not lucky, you should go north to where the coin will be.
  25. On two legs he bucks and kicks, but his passenger always sticks, move south from him if you'd discover, where the coin you might recover.
  26. Southeast of this good luck charm round, is where the coin may well be found.
  27. Though this road leads not Castle Dunvegan, but east of it is where you search should begin.
  28. This clue is old and the news is grave, you must come together here and try to be brave.
  29. If this city were a book, this man designed the cover, and as it so turns out, was a renowned sedimentary lover.
  30. Pull up a chair, have a seat, the coin is hidden above four feet.

(answers supplied by justme)

Location in a nutshell:

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