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[edit] Canada East (Toronto) coin Trail

  • Value: $10,000
  • This coin was found just after 7am, Feb 21st

[edit] CLUES

  1. Drive all you want, search by car, if you need a passport you've gone too far.
  2. The clock it ticking, where can the coin be? Start off your search within EST.
  3. If you win, and treasure horded, you'll see why choosing loyalty is rewarded.
  4. You're closing in when you realize that the United States is on three sides.
  5. Sure we're sure the right place has a shore - because you can see water, just not sea water.
  6. In the cold of winter, don't let things freeze, focus your search above 43 degrees.
  7. This artery does its part, though it belongs not to a heart. Busier than any other, vital things it does deliver. What you seek is along its way, but that's all we'll say today
  8. Though not great, it's number four, and south of it you should look some more.
  9. There's something you should know about this clue, the way its written is part of it too: IT
  10. Saddle up, here's what to do, find your way to the golden horseshoe.
  11. This clue is hard, but might be worse, if you cannot bring yourself to think in reverse: Tl vzhg lu gsv Sfnyvi Irevi.
  12. This clue's no gamble so keep a poker face, and from this area westward race
  13. Go east of watery fragmentation - that's the clue to this location.
  14. Originally it was just one, but many pieces it has become. Hazel broke it all apart and you from here should northward start.
  15. Though it's a place many adore, how many there are folks aren't shore. From here you must westward race, as the hunt picks up pace.
  16. Distill your search down to a swill or swig. Turn back to the south when you reach an empty pig.
  17. Eastward go if the coin you seek, from this place with its hidden creek.
  18. P = 4s is the first part of your clue. Hard like a spear in part number two. Once you have successfully passed this test, all you must do it head to the West.
  19. Indigo, turquoise, azure - imposters all! Find the real deal, hurry don't stall. Once you've found the home of this authentic hue heading eastward is what you must do.
  20. Don't get mixed up, give this clue a shot, you want to go up from ""Down Lot.""
  21. From mansions standing in pride, this clue may be a thorn in your side. The path to take isn't written in code, it's simply a redundantly named road.
  22. Named for a noble without a throne, its morbid reputation's known. For you it is just a clue, heading south is what to do.
  23. Descendants came from a long way away, imagine yourself back there today. We would then say you should then plan, to head in the direction of Afghanistan.
  24. Let us reveal this place to you. ...We just did, you have your clue.
  25. With its reputation you too would shiver, if you were sent up the river. Yet somewhere not far from its gates is where the coin you seek awaits.
  26. Another clue you must decode; you'll have a better shot if you rifle down this road.
  27. Still not sure where you're being led? Then seek out a place near the city of the dead.
  28. You're getting close, here's one more clue: find your way to the original zoo.
  29. Through the gate but not inside, stick to where bipedal mammals hide.
  30. A white arc hangs overhead, don't walk out, look right instead.

(answers supplied by thebruce)

Location in a nutshell:

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