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[edit] Baton Rouge coin Trail

  • Value: $15,000
  • This coin was found (when?)

[edit] CLUES

  1. The coin is hidden in a place you can see, when you look at land sold back in 1803.
  2. In your search for the coin, you'll get the most if you head in the direction of America's third coast.
  3. Have confidence its time to start with a possession of généralités Bonaparte.
  4. The trail is warm, and you won't freeze, if you stay below 32 degrees.
  5. You're closing in, from here henceforth, magnolias should reside up in the north.
  6. Make an assumption. Make an ascension. Travel this way without apprehension.
  7. You're on the road to success so don't hesitate, as you're heading west on this poorly named Interstate.
  8. Mercuric sulfide, red as can be, now renamed for a famed Marquis. On Cajun food you can stop and feast, but set off soon, heading east.
  9. You're getting closer, the coin is not far, go north of the place named for the fusion of nearby G2V star.
  10. Known for C6H12O6 back in its time, all you need to know is to stay north of its line.
  11. Stick to the clues, you might get ahead. Azimuth 90. Color red.
  12. The butcher might go north, there's no candlestick maker, so head south of their friend - do we have any takers?
  14. Wouldn't knowing the eastern most border be good? We think you'll agree that it sure would.
  15. From the tallest tower you must walk in the shadow of sun if it were at 11 O'clock.
  16. Keep track of these clues, and you'll do just fine, keep to the south, north and east of the Illinois line.
  17. He runs by the coin where he bends toward it too. But that's as close as the old man gets to revealing it to you.
  18. There's nothing to find in the tiger dens. So take parallel paths away from it then.
  19. Academically speaking the direction you go, is revealed at the sunset in the shadow of shadows.
  20. Go east of the street of a sad hat, you'll close in on the coin, it's as simple as that.
  21. Don't go with the flow, you'll get mixed up you know. The path to take as you'll see, is south from the banks of The Crowds Knee.
  22. You're closing in, and getting warm, the next step is to find part of the lima sierra uniform.
  23. Narrow your search with this revelation, find a community where quercus dwells at a raised elevation.
  24. V is for victory but you must first respond, as it's also a clue pertaining to ponds.
  25. Don't bottom out, the coin can be found, if you take the road to higher ground.
  26. Search high and low, look every which way, but if you cross a stream, you're going the wrong way.
  27. Don't give up now, you're not stuck in a lurch, the place that you seek looks like a large lush green church.
  28. This place is too large to simply roam, so instead find your way home.
  29. Bridging the gap to the coin would be nice, but you must cross over not once, but thrice.
  30. The final clue, you're on a roll, let this search take its troll.

(answers supplied by bayouboy)

Location in a nutshell:

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