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[edit] Atlanta coin Trail

  • Value: $50,000
  • This coin was found about 3:45am Tuesday morning, Feb 20.

[edit] CLUES

  1. Here's a clue to start you on your way. 146 years ago this was the CSA.
  2. Each day another clue will help empower, but time is ticking, don't lose an hour.
  3. To find the coin sooner than later, find the shore of a stream flowing from the equator.
  4. Those who seek will likely find the coin if they have peaches on their mind.
  5. Heed this clue, think on it well, stay warmer than the frozen parallel.
  6. Cherokee its called Enotah. But think 'geronimo!' because from this point on any map, you must look out below.
  7. You're humming along, you might just win. Now head north of the home of this mirliton.
  8. If you thought like a Greek you might win this race in the direction of Palermo from this place.
  9. Northward now you're being led from where an eagle and lion bred.
  10. If the lone star of the show is 'D', then 'd' you should head easterly.
  11. C12H22011 + H20 is the name of a place to seek. Find it, look east and you're headed in the direction of the coin you seek.
  12. Unidentified to residents you'd be an alien too, so Fly south of here, that's the Object of this clue.
  13. Some head south for the winter, but north's your direction. You need not be an ornithologist to make this connection.
  14. From on high they look around, royalty with glittering crowns. These two stand tall of great renown and from their home you must head down.
  15. Located on the coin's eastern side, this is place where Jackson, Lee and Davis forever ride.
  16. This sphenic number goes all around and inside its sphere the coin can be found.
  17. This place was named for someone famed for work in locomotion. It came to be, to keep neighbors free, of noisy steam commotion.
  18. Don't get mixed up by this clue's decree, you must go south of the Pacer Cheek Tree.
  19. This address is known best, for giving birds a place to rest. North and east of here is your trail, and that's the end of this tale.
  20. If you hear a buzz, southward trek, your clue is to avoid a wreck.
  21. Strike up the band and dance about, head eastward past these musical spouts.
  22. Another clue commands attention, head north of a diamond in two dimensions.
  23. To find the coin, eastward roam, from a non-stick covered nest that birds call home.
  24. Brush up on your history, and northward start, from this 15,036 square foot work of art.
  25. To track down the coin, do your best, from Charlie Sienna the Tenth's yard, head directly west.
  26. Truth is valuable and shall overcome, provided from here you head eastward some.
  27. To find the right part of town, mix sucrose with reddish brown.
  28. With MKE LMA KLO and you, you've got 4 of 5 and need one to solve this clue. Once you know it, you've passed the test, the direction to go next is west.
  29. This place is known for reminiscing, and for a man with something mssng.
  30. Fifteen windows are your final clue, they reveal the coin's whereabouts to you.

Location in a nutshell:

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