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[edit] Introduction

On the The 39 Clues Website, there are new interviews for cards that have clues to what happens in Book 5: The Black Circle.

[edit] Cards

[edit] Interview 1

No new cards released.

[edit] Interview 2

[edit] LucianClue

Undercover Cahills

[edit] Interview 3

[edit] HopeCahill

The Embassy

[edit] Interview 4


[edit] Interview 5


[edit] Interview 6

Code- august1109

[edit] Answers

[edit] Interview 1

No new cards here.

[edit] Interview 2

A new card, Undercover Cahills. The puzzle is hidden. Look at the numbers. they stand for letters, for example:

1=A 2=B 3=C 4=D 5=E

The answer is 2 sentences:

1. Follow your parents. (Amy's Fake Passport)
2. Time for an alliance. (Dan's Fake Passport)

in Dan's fake passport he is dressed like ozzy ozwald in amy's fake passport she is dressed like one of those english guards who wears red clothes, a black hat and never move

The TOP SECRET tab of Card 426 has a memo from NRR to Agent 802. If you take the first words of every message about the start of the Egypt visit--the message reads the following:

"Amy and Dan are ready for the next step."

[edit] Interview 3

A new card, #427. It is called The Embassy. The code is HOPECAHILL. It shows Arthur Trent and Hope Cahill. It is the last remaining picture of both of them together. They are standing in front of what is believed to be the American Embassy in Moscow.

[edit] Interview 4

A new card is released called Airline Tickets. These tickets are supposed to be tickets given by NRR to go to an unknown location. It turns out to be tickets for Russia.

[edit] Interview 5

A new card called The Frozen Road is released. It contains a picture of an ice road in a guidebook. The road turns out to be a famous ice road in Russia.

[edit] Interview 6

Coming out August 10.

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