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[edit] Book 6: In Too Deep

By Jude Watson, released November 3rd 2009

[edit] Chapter one-liners

In Too Deep

1) Dan & Amy hiding in bathrooms at Sydney airport, having just arrived from Moscow. Amy, Dan, Nellie board a bus. (Isabel Kabra in disguise joins them). Isabel steals jade necklace and exits bus. Amy discovers necklace missing.
2) Amy, Dan, & Nellie return to previous bus stop. Amy & Dan enter museum, and separate. Isabel sees "wanted" posters, steals one, then locks Amy in a cell.
3) Dan opens door to cell. They inspect the "Wanted" posters, and Dan is able to remember which one is now missing, Bob Troppo / Robert Cahill Henderson. Amy, Dan & Nellie find Uncle Shep's house. Uncle Shep mentions ferrying Hope and Arthur around Australia. Shep gets a phone call.
4) Everyone leaves quickly to go surfing. The Holt's trail Amy and Dan to the beach, but are bested by Shep's friends.
5) Irina ponders the chase for the 39 Clues, and has doubts about the Kabra's approach to getting them.
6) Amy, Dan, Nellie & Shep are back at Shep's house. He gives Amy the old leather jacket, and his logbook. In it was Hope & Arthur's itinerary: Miami, Natal, Dakur, Khartoum, Karachi, Calcutta, Rangoon, Bangkok, Singapore, Darwin. Shep talks about Hope & Arthur, and mentions he has a plane. Ian Kabra calls.
7) Ian offers a truce, so Amy agrees to meet. Irina intercepts her and takes her to a different building.
8) Irina and Amy discuss the Kabras, the night Hope & Arthur died, and the hunt for the 39 clues. Irina gives away 1 clue (rosemary in NYC subway). Irina and Amy exit tunnel near the dock, where she runs into the Kabras.
9) The Kabras kidnap Amy and take her to the deserted cove. Isabel discusses the night Hope & Arthur died, and says Irina started the fire. Isabel offers and alliance, and when Amy declines, Isabel threatens to toss her into the shark infested water.
10) Isabel tries to toss Amy in the water. Ian hesitates, Hamilton comes to the rescue.
11) The Kabras and Irina fight about losing Amy to the Holts. Isabel tells Irina to call The Fixer.
12) Irina thinks about her son, and her current situation. Nikolai was sick when Irina left for a mission for the Kabras. Nikolai died before Irina returned to Moscow. Irina pockets the jade necklace that Isabel threw off.
13) Amy returns to Shep's house. Amy discovers the note from Amelia Earhart in the old jacket. Earhart was trying to track Bob Troppo/Assassin H/Robert Cahill Henderson. Bob Troppo gave her a ring. Amy dreams about the night her parents died, remembers that she said the word Koalas, tipping off the location of Arthur & Hope's trip.
Day 2
14) Amy notices that Earhart had the ring in a photograph. After breakfast, Amy, Dan, Nellie and Shep fly to Coober Pedy, after narrowly missing Isabel Kabra's Hummer.
15) They follow Shep's friend Jeff to Kangaroo Ken's house. Ken's house turns out to be the old house/mine of Fossie/Bob Troppo/ Robert Cahill Henderson.
16) They inspect the area that Bob Troppo lived, found the drawing with H A ! Be Mine (Hope, Arthur, mine). Amy, Dan, Shep and Natalie check out the old mine. They find R C H's envelope, only to be attacked by Isabel with spiders and snakes.
17) Amy, Dan, Nellie, and Shep escape through the drywall into Ken's house. They start researching RCH, Cahill, Darwin.
18) They discover a Robert Cahill Henderson, while Isabel eavesdrops. The Kabras make plans to travel to Jakarta. Irina is assigned to stay with Amy & Dan.
19) Amy and Dan research Robert Cahill Henderson more, and plan to go to Darwin.
Day 3
Amy, Dan, Nellie, and Shep fly to Darwin. Amy decides they need to get to Jakarta, to Krakatoa. Upon arriving in Darwin, they hear that the Kabras are taking the commercial flight to Jakarta. Shep convinces a fellow pilot to let them fly his larger plane to Jakarta. Nellie offers to co-pilot. Irina pretends to be the kids' cousin.
20) Airport security discover that the kids are wanted by child services in the U.S. However, they also discover that Irina Spasky is wanted by Interpol. Irina warns Amy, Nellie takes Amy & Dan to the plane. On the way to Jakarta, Amy & Dan argue about the night their parents died.
21) Amy, Dan, & Nellie check into hotel. Amy dreams about the night her parents died again.
Day 4
Amy & Dan discuss all the things they DON'T know about Nellie. They check her e-mail account, and notice and encrypted e-mail from clashgrrl. Amy & Dan plan to leave for the volcano.
22) Amy & Dan spend the day taking a boat to Krakatoa. After seeing the volcano, and heading back to Jakarta, Darma, the boat captain, mentions dropping off supplies to an island on the way. Amy and Dan see a rosemary plant among the supplies. They offer to deliver the supplies, hoping it is Bob Troppo/Robert Cahill Henderson.
23) Nellie wakes up, reads e-mail. Sees unread, urgent "dont b lame" message from clashgrrl, but doesn't read it. Irina follows Isabel, planning to do what is best for the Lucian branch. Ian and Natalie sneak up on Irina, and after Irina extends her poison needles, Natalie is able to force the needles to retract. Amy & Dan meet up with Alistair Oh.
24) Alistair tells of the history of Robert Henderson, and Ekat, and how he was marrying a Lucian. After he stole clues from his fiancee's father, the Ekats were able to help him escape to Jakarta. Alistair reveals the poem mentioning the last clue. Amy, Dan, and Alistair seek shelter from the coming storm.
25) Alistair phones Nellie to arrange for her to pick Amy & Dan up in the morning. Amy dreams about the night her parents died, then realize that Alistair's house is on fire. Alistair, Dan, and Amy gather on a window ledge as the fire closes in. Irina arrives and pole vaults to the top of the house so that Amy, Dan, and Alistair can slide the pole down to safety. Irina returns the jade necklace. The pole burns before Irina escapes, and she dies when the roof collapses.
Day 5
26) Amy & Dan sit on the beach waiting for Nellie to show. Amy realizes her parents had found the clue Poem in Australia, but that Alistair stole it before their house burned down. Dan realizes the clue is Water. Nellie arrives by boat. Amy & Dan vow justice.

[edit] Known puzzles

The front inner cover of the book shows the airplane, same as the one on the front cover, but has numbers written on it. I you check the pages corresponding to the numbers on the plane you will get the message: 'Find the other Ekaterina scientist who came too close

[edit] Mission 6

1) Go through the Briefing to the third Briefing.

2) Go to Hollywood.

1) Speak to Leslie.

1) Choose any Option.

2) Choose Option 2.

3) Choose Option 3.

4) Choose Option 1.

5) Choose Option 2.

6) Choose Option 2.

7) Choose Option 2.

8) Choose any Option.

3) Go to Edison National Historical Park, New Jersy.

1) Speak to the Tour Guide.

1) Choose Option 1.

2) Choose Option 3.

3) Choose Option 1.

4) Choose Option 2.

5) Choose any Option.

4) Go to the second Edison National Historical Park, New Jersy.

1) Play the game.

1) Rearrange the pieces.

5) Go to the third Edison National Historical Park, New Jersy.

6) Go to the Airport.

1) Speak to Jonah.

1) Choose Option 1.

2) Choose Option 2.

3) Choose Option 1.

4) Choose any Option.

7) Go to the second Airport.

1) The answer is "Croatia".

8) Go to Croatia.

1) Speak to Reagan.

1) Choose Option 2.

2) Choose Option 1 or 2.

3) Choose Option 3.

4) Choose Option 1.

5) Choose any Option.

9) Go to the second Croatia.

1) Find the hidden Ekat Crest.

10) Go to the third Croatia.

11) Go to Circuitry.

1) Solve the puzzle.

Clue 5

[edit] In Too Deep, Inside Back Cover

To: All Tomas
From: Ivan Kleister
Re: Clue hunters needed

It's time for the Tomas to step up our game. I'm sending
ALL agents into the field. to find the 39 Clues. We've been
playing some good defense, but now's the moment to go
for the jugular. Remember, success is 10% determination
and 90% doing whatever it takes to CRUSH the competition.
Show some good hustle and get out there.

Go Tomas!!

P.S. Bonus points will be awarded for convincing the Holts that
there's a Clue in their basement and then locking them inside.


1. Go to www.the39clues.com

2. Click on "Create an Account" and choose a username and password.

3. Discover what branch of the Cahill family you belong to.

4. Explore the Cahill world and track down Clues.

Read the Books. Collect the Cards. Play the Game. Win the Prizes.

[edit] Audio Book

Listen to a radio interview with Isabel Kabra, Ian and Natalie's mother.....
<radio changing dials> ... <man speaking> time, weather and ... <woman singing> always ...
<cue music>
Narrator: Welcome to Parents Know Best where we explore the topic of parenting and how to provide the best for our children. Today's guest is Isabel Kabra, London socialite, international jet setter, and the mother of two very exceptional children: eleven year old Natalie, and fourteen year old Ian. Welcome Isabel.
<end music>
Isabel Kabra: Thank you, Peter.
Peter: Isabel has also brought a guest with her, who spends a great deal of time with the children, her children's nanny, Louise Jones. Welcome Louise.
Louise Jones: Hello.
Peter: Isabel, you don't look a day over twenty-five. How do you do it?
Isabel: It's a full time job for most people: actresses, pop stars, what-have-you; but it just comes naturally to me. Of course, I have my own trainer on staff, as well as a masseuse, a manicurist, and hair dresser. And I have a standing appointment with my dermatologist every two weeks. But that's just the basic minimum of maintenance for every woman.
Peter: Right, right. Well then. Let's talk about your children. They're both wonderful looking, of course. And attend the finest schools in Britain. Ian is already becoming known as a star polo player, and Natalie is a precocious fashion maven. Are they doing well in school?
Isabel: Of course they are. They're both brilliant. Top marks all the way.
Louise Eh hem, hem.
Peter: Yes, Louise? Did you want to add something?
Louise Well ...
Peter: Don't be nervous, dear.
Louise I ... I was just going to say that the children are very bright, of course. But they don't always get top marks. Miss Natalie hates science, and refuses to study for her tests. She actually sabotages the experiments they do in class, and has caused several explosions. And they suspect her of poisoning the lab rats.
Isabel: That's ridiculous. Louise is making this up.
Louise I ..
Isabel: Silence, Louise. Natalie doesn't waste her time on school girl science. That's the problem. She was so vastly superior to the other girls in her class, that her behavior is often misunderstood.
Peter: Isabel, if you'll forgive me, it sounds as if perhaps you have blinders on when it comes to your daughter's behavior.
Isabel: Don't be ridiculous. Natalie and I are very close. We're like sisters. People often mistake me for her sister, actually.
Peter: Perhaps we should move on to Ian.
Isabel: Such a sensitive young man. I have to protect his delicate soul from the cruelty of the outside world.
Peter: Really. I've watched him on the polo field, and I've never seen a boy with a fiercer competitive streak.
Isabel: Well that's just a facade, to hide his soft little heart.
Peter: Louise, any comment on the softness of Ian's heart?
Louise Well, master Ian does take good care of his polo ponies. At least he makes sure his grooms and stable boys do. If they don't follow master Ian's orders, those boys quickly learn to regret it.
Peter: What on earth do you mean?
Isabel: Enough, Louise. Not another word.
Louise I only mean master Ian loves to win, at any cost.
Isabel: And what's wrong with that. It's perfectly normal.
Peter: The two of you seem to have rather different perspectives on the children. If I make ask, Louise, have long have you worked for the Kabra family?
Louise Two years. I believe that's a record.
Isabel: Oh, we've had a little trouble holding on to our nannies. They all seem to be shockingly accident prone. It's so difficult finding good help these days. And it would be a pity to lose you, Louise.
Peter: Indeed. Shall we take some phone calls? I'm sure our listeners are full of questions.
Isabel: Certainly. I enjoy trying to teach the common folk how to be good parents.
Peter: Eh hem, hehm. Hello, caller. You're on the air. This is a Mr. Madrigal from Kensington.
Isabel: Who?
Peter: Mr. Madrigal. You're on the air.
Mr. Madrigal: Hello, Isabel. I know your darkest secret.
Isabel: I beg your pardon?
Mr. Madrigal: We've got a file on you, Isabel. A very thick file. Full of incriminating evidence. If anyone found it, you could be prosecuted for a lot of very bad crimes. Murder is the least of it.
Isabel: Get off the phone, you madman.
Mr. Madrigal: Under that bristled, glassy exterior you're really terrified. You're afraid you're going to lose it all, aren't you.
Isabel: Whoever you are, go away. Peter, hang up on this maniac.
Mr. Madrigal: You can run, but you can't hide. Give it up, Isabel. You may win a round or two, but you can't win the whole enchilada.
Peter: I'm sorry, sir, but we don't allow threatening calls on the air.
Isabel: That was clearly some kind of prank.
Peter: My apologies, Isabel. Thank you for your interesting take on parenting. And Louise, many thanks for joining us. Your comments were very enlightening. <cue music> That's all the time we have for today. Tune in tomorrow, when our guest will be Madonna. And remember, "parents know best." Well, most of the time. <music end>

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