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[edit] Book 4:Beyond the Grave

-By Jude Watson, released June 2rd, 2009.
Buy the hardcover, audiobook, or Card Pack Series 2.

[edit] Chapter One-Liners

Day 1
Khan el-Khalili Marketplace, Cario
1)Amy temporarily loses Dan, Irina Spasky follows them and tries to attack them.
2)Amy and Dan meet Theo Cotter, who saves them from a tourist trap. Group heads to Sennari House.
Sennari House, Haret Monge, Cario
3)Dan finds leather tube behind Lucian tile, Flee from guards to Hotel Excelsior
Hotel Excelsior
4)Amy, Dan, & Nellie read parchment in taxi "clue is now en route to Palace of L in Paris. B.D." Arrive at Hotel Excelsior. Amy & Dan find Ekat stronghold.
5)Amy & Dan explore stronghold, struggle with Good & Bad Ekat inventions, start to distrust Grace, find holograms of Sakhet statues with secret compartments, and the 2 maps.
6)Amy & Dan learn about Sakhets by Bae Oh, who locks them in the stronghold.
7)Part of Irina's past is revealed. Irina ponders the present, the past, and the Clue hunt.
8) Nellie & Saladin rescue Amy & Dan. Bae meets with the Man in Black. Amy, Dan, Nellie & Saladin leave the hotel & meet Hilary Vale in the street.
9) Hilary reminisces about Grace at Hilary's house. Hilary gives Amy & Dan the postcard from Grace, and the Sakhet from the safe deposit box.
10) Theo arrives. Dan finds the secret compartment with the papyrus from Katherine Cahill, giving directions to the Sakhets & the Clue. Theo identifies the tomb as belonging to Nefertari.
Day 2
11) Amy, Dan, Nellie & Theo travel to Luxor. A "friend" sends Dan a note with the picture of the embalming tool
12) Amy & Dan tour Hatsheput's temple. Amy, Dan, Nellie & Theo visit Nefertari's Tomb. An ominous note is left of the boat.
13) Irina inspects Nefertari's tomb.
14) Amy & Dan go back to inspect the steps in Nefertari's tomb. Find hieroglyphs. Irina turns out the lights, but does not set off the bomb. Irina takes Grace's guidebook.
15) Theo finds the three after he is texted the message that they were in trouble. Night. Nellie & Theo break for dessert. Hieroglyphs translate to River, Cliff, Island, Obelisk, Isis. Jonas & Mr. Wizard strand Amy & Dan in the island in the middle of the river.
16) Fisherman rescues Amy & Dan from the crocodile. Meet up with Theo & Nellie. Decode that the Clue is on the Island of Philae.
Day 3
17) Aswan. Hilary attempts to steal statue from Amy & Dan. Theo gets third ominous note. Amy, Dan, Theo & Nellie tour Agilika Island where the temple of Isis sits currently. Amy & Dan discover the walls & obelisks are not on Agilika.
18) Night. Theo attempts to steal statue from Amy & Dan. Theo & Hilary are caught.
Day 4
19) Theo makes drop with Irina, sending her to Morocco.
20) Nellie checks out the pool, Amy & Dan receive painting of Grace. They find their room is bugged by Alistair.
21) Amy & Dan talk to Alistair. Alistair shows Amy & Dan the submersible.
22) Amy, Dan & Alistair take sub to flooded Island of Philae. Find '1/2 gm M K.C.' where M is scratched over the original word. Alistair leaves for Seoul. Amy & Dan inspect base of Sakhet.
23) Amy & Dan travel to Cairo. Visit the Treasures of Egypt shop. Meet Sami who gives them the Senet game. Amy & Dan use Saladin as the password to find the plant drawing and "mat 2.11"
24) Back at the Hotel Excelsior, Amy & Dan search for the plant drawing. Identify the plant as Myrrh, and discover that a Madrigal has destroyed the Ekat stronghold.

[edit] Known Puzzles

- From pages 39 to 76, there is a heiroglyph instead of a number. Using the tablet on the inside cover, it spells out ALISTAIR WAS THERE THE NIGHT THEY DIED.

WARNING - the next puzzle is not confirmed

- On the first page of the sword thief and beyond the grave there is a key to a code. the only letters missing from them is j f k q. in a=d code it spells mint. in a=e code it spells juno (roman goddess) Also, if you take the letters that are common to book #3-4, a,e,h,i,n,s,and t, it COULD be Athenis,a roman sculptor, but this is also unconfirmed.

[edit] Mission 4

1) Go through the Briefing to Kyrgyzstan.

2) Go to the second Krgyzstan.

1) Speak to the doorman.

1) Choose Option 2.

2) Choose Option 1.

3) Choose Option 3.

4) Choose Option 1.

3) Go to the third Kyrgyzstan.

4) Go to the Note Book.

1) Rub out a bit of the pad.

2) The answer is "Budapest".

5) Go to Budapest.

6) Go to the second Budapest.

1) Speak to Ian.

1) Choose Option 2.

2) Choose Option 3.

3) Choose Option 1.

4) Choose Option 3.

7) Go to the third Budapest.

1) Magnify the crown.

2) The answer is "Fort Knox".

8) Go through the Airplane to the News.

9) Go to Chrissy Collins.

1) Speak to Chrissy.

1) Choose Option 2.

2) Choose Option 1.

3) Choose Option 2.

4) Choose Option 1.

5) Choose Option 1.

6) Choose Option 1.

10) Go to Fort Knox.

11) Go to Safe Cracking.

1) Play the game.

1) Put the top piece on the top right space.

2) Put the second from top top piece on the top left space.

3) Put the fourth from top piece on the bottom right space.

[edit] Beyond the Grave, Inside Back Cover

Fellow Ekaterinas:
Do not believe the lies. No matter what you hear about the Lucians, the Janus, the Tomas, or the wild rumors about Amy and Dan Cahill, THERE IS NO REASON TO BE ALARMED. The Ekaterinas WILL be the first to find the 39 Clues hidden around the world that lead to the secret of the Cahill family power. However, our branch cannot succeed without you. I beseech you, start your Clue hunt with all possible haste.

Yours etc.
Bae Oh (signature)

PS. And do let me know if you catch a glimpse of my nephew, Alistair. There's something I would very much like to... give him.


1. Go to www.the39clues.com

2. Click on "Create an Account" and choose a username and password.

3. Explore the Cahill world and track down Clues.

There are over $100,000 in prizes for lucky Clue hunters.

Read the Books. Collect the Cards. Play the Game. Win the Prizes.

(Ekat logo)

[edit] Audio book

Please stand by for a top secret document from the Ekaterina audio archives.
Subhead - kidnappings.
This file contains a recording of 14-year-old Grace Cahill, competing on a radio quiz show, and commentary from Ekaterina operatives at the location.
<game show organ music in background>
Operative: The Cahill girl is unguarded while on stage. Stand by for futher orders.
Host: And now, for 30 points, the US government keeps something valuable in Ft. Knox, Kentucky. What is it?
Host: Grace?
Grace Cahill: Gold, of course. As well as items removed from Europe for safe keeping because of the war, such as a copy of the Magna Carta, and the Crown of St. Stephen - part of the Hungarian Crown Jewels.
Host: CORRECT! Though "gold" by itself would have done fine. Too bad we didn't set up bonus points for that question, not that you need them.
Host: Grace Cahill, you are our current leader, going into round 3, worth 750 POINTS!
<organ & applause>
Host: And now, for round 3 of You Betcha, The Wiz Kid Show. Sponsored by Hotters Powdered Vitamin Drink Mix. Does Hotters make you smarter? You Betcha! In case you're just joining us, I'm your host Wink Landers. And our contestants are Martin Brown, age 15, from right here in New York City, in 3rd place with 530 points. <applause> Our lovely English rose, Hillary Vale, age 14, in 2nd place with 620 points. <applause> And Grace Cahill, age 14, from Attleboro, Massachusetts in 1st place with 750 points. <applause>
Host/Wink: As you all know, Grace has won 4 weeks in a row, and is going for her 5th win today. If she makes it, she'll set a new You Betcha record. <organ music> Grace, you and Hillary attend the same boarding school, is that correct?
Grace: That's right, Wink.
Wink: That must be one heck of a school. Is everybody there as smart as you two?
Grace: I wouldn't think so, no.
Wink: What a sweet kid. On to the final round. Grace, as the leader, you choose the category. Russian Tsars, Ancient Egypt, or Plant Life. Whaddya say, Grace?
Grace: I'll take Ancient Egypt, Wink.
Operative: This is it. Stand by for authorization to move in.
Wink: Good. Remember, the first contestant to ring the buzzer gets first crack at the answer. Ready? The topic is Ancient Egypt. The Great Pyramid of Giza was built during the reign of which Egyptian pharoah?
Wink: Grace.
Grace: Cheops.
Wink: CORRECT! <organ & applause> Next question. What is the Rosetta Stone?
Wink: Martin.
Martin: Is it the fossil of a flower?
Wink: I'm sorry, that is incorrect.
Wink: Grace.
Grace: The Rosetta Stone translates ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs into Greek, allowing us to read the hieroglyphs on the walls inside the pyramids
Wink: CORRECT! <organ & applause> Next question. Who was Howard Carter?
Wink: Grace, again.
Grace: Mr. Carter was the British archeologist who discovered the statue of Sakhet, an ancient Egyptian goddess.
Wink: Oooh, sorry Grace. That's not correct.
Wink: Hillary.
Hillary: Howard Carter discovered the tomb of King Tutankhamen.
Wink: CORRECT! <applause> I thought you might know that one, Hillary. Your family lived in Cairo before the War, didn't they?
Hillary: Yes, we did.
Wink: Who just buzzed? I haven't asked a question, yet.
Grace: I did, Wink. Everyone knows Mr. Carter discovered King Tut's tomb, but he found it by accident. He was really looking for the statue of Sakhet. Sakhet was the real prize.
Wink: That's very nice to know, Grace, but the answer we were looking for was King Tut.
Grace: But your answer is not complete.
Wink: That's the answer on my cue card, so that's the one that counts. <starts getting angry>
Grace: Your cue card is wrong, Wink.
Wink: Ha ha ha. She's delightful, isn't she folks? 50 points to Hillary. Now for our final bonus question. Hillary, if you answer this correctly, you will take the lead. Grace, if you answer correctly, you will be our winner for a record 5th week in a row!
Wink: Yes, Martin?
Martin: What if I get the answer right?
Wink: I don't think we have to worry about that. <laughter> All right contestants, are you ready? For 500 points, where is the tomb of Queen Hatshepsut?
<xylophone plinking>
Wink: Grace Cahill.
Grace: In Thebes.
Wink: That <pause> Is <pause> CORRECT!
Wink: Grace Cahill, you are the You Betcha champ for a record fifth week in a row. Remarkable.
Grace: Thank you.
Wink: Tell me Grace, how does a young girl like you know so much about Ancient Egypt?
Grace: My father once worked as one of Howard Carter's assistants.
Operative: That's what we needed to hear. We have authorization. Move in to take the girl.
Wink: That's swell. <background commotion> One of our stage hands seems to be having some problems. Everything's fine, folks.
Wink: What's going on back there?
Grace: That's just some of my relatives trying to take me home early, I think. <background commotion> I have the most troublesome relatives.
Wink: You certainly do. Let's wrap this up. <organ music> We all look forward to seeing you here again next week for another exciting Whiz Kid hour. Grace, one last thing. How do you keep that brain of yours so healthy and sharp? Do you drink plenty of Hotters Powdered Vitamin Drink Mix?
Grace: <mumbles>Not this again.
Wink: <whispers>Say "You Betcha." Come on, dear. You can do it.
Grace: I'd really rather not. You know, just because I'm young doesn't mean I have no dignity.
Wink: Ha ha, isn't she sharp.
<outgoing organ music>
<offline tone>

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