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[edit] Book 3: The Sword Thief

By Peter Lerangis, released March 3rd, 2009.
Buy the hardcover, audiobook, or Card Pack Series 1.

[edit] Chapter one-liners

Day 1, 8/30
1) Amy, Dan, & Nellie at the airport. Ian & Natalie steal plane tickets.
2) Airport is evacuated. Amy & Dan meet up with Alistair in the Limo.
3) Amy, Dan, Alistair, and Serge drive to other airport.
4) Ian & Natalie attempt to drug Nellie on the plane. Amy, Dan, Alistair, & Serge arrive in Moscow. Serge tricks Irina.
(2 1/2 hour flight, 2 time zones. Probably afternoon in Moscow. Guestimate 4pm)
Day 2
Arrive in Tokyo.
(9 1/2 hour flight, 6 time zones. Guestimate 8am. Maybe later, maybe earlier, but not early enough to warrant a hotel room.)
In order for the kids to have arrived in Tokyo at 1am, they would have had to have left Vienna at 5am local.
Day 3 ("In Tokyo, it happened the morning after their arrival at the Thank You Very Much Hotel")
5) Dan, Amy, Alistair visit library, learn about Hideyoshi.
6) Holts take Dan, Amy, and Alistair to the Subway. Amy gets stuck.
7) Alistair rescues Amy & Dan. They find the hidden room, and take the geometric objects. They are followed by the yakuza.
8) Amy, Dan, & Alistair escape yakuza and find Nellie & Saladin.
Day 3 night ("The late afternoon sky...")
9) Ian & Natalie join the group. Ian reveals the coin artifact (which has the 'Squaring the Circle' glyph, also found on [39/CardBackPicture|the back of Card 33]. Alistair sees Bae, then translates the script found from the subway, sees the T O OT A .
10) The group travels to Korea. Alistair re-reads the letter from Bae to Gordon's killer.
Day 4 morning.
11) The group arrives at the Oh mansion in Seoul. Buffy attacks Ian, and the group is led to the Oh secret hatch
12) The group enters the Oh Sanctum. Amy reads about Gideon & Olivia Cahill. Amy discovers the general location of the next Clue.
Day 4 morning.
13) The group travels to Pukhansan. Amy discovers the "W" rocks, and the stone carving of Hideyoshi. Amy places the coin in the stone carving.
14) The group enter the cave, and discover all the swords, and gold.
15) Dan declares the clue to be Gold, and Ian spots the triangle mirror, with the letters ahstkael along the sides. Dan anagrams the message as "Lake Tash," then Ian & Natalie lock Amy, Dan & Alistair inside the cave.
16) Dan, Amy, & Alistair attempt to escape by lighting the gunpowder near the mirror. Amy & Dan escape, while the cave implodes.
17) Amy & Dan give Alistair's description to the police. Uncle Bae and the Man in Black show up. Amy & Dan meet up with Nellie & Saladin, and return to the Oh mansion. Dan decodes the hint to the next clue as Alkahest, and Amy decodes it to Al Sakhet. Dan finds the filthy white gloves in Alistair's room.
Epilogue) Bae returns to his office, to call Mr. McIntyre. Alistair talks to Bae over the intercom.

[edit] Known Puzzles

  • On pages 39-67, after changing the symbols into letters (using the code key on the inside cover),it spells out THE COMPETITION IS ABOUT HOPE.
  • On the inside cover, the shuriken with letters has many letters you use them all except z,x,v. If you shift them ahead, they form ACE.

[edit] Mission 3

1) Go through the Briefing to St. Petersburg, Russia.

2) Go to the Safe Puzzle.

1) Play the Matching Game.

1) Just match the cards.


Just follow this link Mission 3 Clue

[edit] The Sword Thief Book, Inside Back Cover

(McIntyre, MacArthur, Mulligan, and Smood, Attorneys-at-Law stationery)

To: The Cahill Family
Regarding: The Last Will and Testament of Grace Cahill

This letter is to inform you that you have been named in the will of the late Grace Cahill. Your inheritance from Grace Cahill is not gold, jewels, or money. Instead, it is a staggering opportunity - the chance to join the hunt for the 39 Clues.

You have never been told, but you are a member of the Cahill family - the most powerful family the world has ever known. 39 Clues lead to the source of the Cahill family's power, and the person to find them will receive a reward beyond measure.

The Clue hunt is on, and there's over $100,000 in prizes up for grabs.

Good luck. You're going to need it.


1. Go to www.the39clues.com

2. Click on "create an account" and choose a username and password.

3. Discover what branch of the Cahill family you belong to.

4. Explore the Cahill world and track down Clues.

[edit] Book Images

[edit] Letter acquired by Alistair

UPLOADED VPN AUG. 25 03:14:27

April 22, 1948

Dear (blacked out)

Brother will be arriving on 15:07 Delta flight, Idlewild Airport in New York, May 11. Booked into Room 1501 at Waldorf Astoria on Park Avenue. Scheduled to meet car in front of hotel on May 12 at 7:15 P.M., after dinner, for trip to Broadway play at Imperial Theater. Driver is (blacked out). Will take route across 45th Street.

Upon completion of mission, payment will be forwarded by the expected means. Please confirm $5K US as proper amount. Destroy letter immediately.

(Bae Oh signature)
Bae Oh
Senior Vice President

[edit] Alchemy Chart

Alchemy Chart

Fire Water Earth Air

Gold Sulphur Mercury Salt

Philosopher's Stone (Alkahest)

[edit] Audio book

Computer: Welcome to the Lucian Audio Archives. You've been granted top-level access. For the latest entry, press two.
--Sound: computerized tones--
Computer: Phone call intercepted between Bae Oh and Unidentified Man.
--Sound: static--
Bae Oh: I told you never to contact me directly. How did you get this number?
Unidentified Man: The Ekaterina defenses are not what they used to be, Bae.
Bae Oh: Tell that to the unfortunate Tomas we caught outside our stronghold last week.
Unidentified Man: There's no time for games. The violence has to stop or else none of us will succeed.
Bae Oh: And what have you been doing to help?! ... Lurking in the shadows in your ridiculous black clothes? ... Quite an impressive skill. The other branch leaders have noticed you as well. I should warn you ... the Lucians will not tolerate you any longer. I heard Vikram Kabra, himself, authorize your capture.
Unidentified Man: I'm not afraid of the Kabra's.
Bae Oh: They have slowed down over the years. Isabelle seems to find redecorating almost as enjoyable as midnight assassinations. It's a shame, really. She was such a good shot. But the children are proving just as nasty. They're almost ready to be sent off on their own.
Unidentified Man: They may have their chance soon. Grace is very sick. She doesn't have much time.
Bae Oh: Do you mean all the nonsense about a competition was real?
Unidentified Man: Grace was serious about it, but it's still unclear. McIntyre told me she has two versions of her will. She hasn't decided yet which one to use.
Bae Oh: She has no right to do this! She's just like her father... sticking her nose into the other branches' business. It's a good thing my half-brother was eliminated early in the game. Who knows what sort of trouble he could have caused.
Unidentified Man: The clues need to be found, Bae ... now, more than ever.
Bae Oh: They will be found. The Ekaterina are closer than you think. And we've learned from the Lucian's fatal error. We'll never come that close only to lose everything.
Unidentified Man: If Grace chooses to use her alternate will, everything will change. It'll even the playing field.
Bae Oh: What does this have to do with me?!! Why are you wasting my time with this?
Unidentified Man: The Ekaterina Leadership will need to support whichever member of the branch is chosen to participate in the competition. Otherwise, the Ekats will have no chance.
Bae Oh: I hardly need your advice about how to run my branch. If this is why you called, I must ask you to hang up and never contact me again.
Unidentified Man: I think Grace is going to choose Alistair.
Bae Oh: I never understood why Grace was so fond of my failure of a nephew.
Unidentified Man: You've always underestimated him.
Bae Oh: He's always been worthless ... even as a child. If he is chosen to compete in Grace's silly little game, he'll be on his own.
Unidentified Man: You'd be opening the door for another branch to find the clues. It could be the Tomas.
Bae Oh: Heh heh, I hardly think that's a concern. Why do you care how the Ekaterina do in the competition? You've never shown preference for any of the branches. I thought you wanted to separate yourself from this business entirely.
Unidentified Man: I've started to realize how much is at stake.
Bae Oh: I find it hard to believe that a man who shuns society would care to be the most powerful person in the world.
Unidentified Man: There are many forms of power. Not all of them require surrounding yourself with people who fear you.
Bae Oh: But you called me... You wish to align yourself with the Ekaterina's, not with those barbaric Tomas or ridiculous Janus.
Unidentified Man: I just want to give you fair warning that everything's about to change.
Bae Oh: Fair warning ...how interesting! ...And what about the Cahill children? No doubt, Grace has been training them for years!
Unidentified Man: They have nothing to do with this.
Bae Oh: They have everything to do with this!
Unidentified Man: I'll deal with the children. You concern yourself with the other branches.
Bae Oh: You're hardly in a position to be giving orders.
Unidentified Man: I'll be watching you... I'll be watching everyone.
Bae Oh: You can't stay on the outside forever. It's time to choose.
Unidentified Man: I've chosen.
--Sound: computerized tones--
Computer: End of recording.
--Sound: high toned beep--

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