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[edit] Book 2: The One False Note

By Gordan Korman, released December 2nd 2008.
Buy the hardcover, audiobook, or Card Pack Series 1.

[edit] Chapter one-liners

Day 1 (8/25 if the Timeline is correct)
1) Amy, Dan, and Nellie, on their way to Vienna by train, are grabbed by the Holts.
2) Saladin eats original clue and Holts jump off the train before being caught.
3) Check into Franz Josef hotel
Day 2 9am.
At Mozarthaus, Mozart's only preserved home, someone has stolen Nannerl's diary before Amy and Dan are able to look at it.
Day 2 night ("gleam against the night sky" "launch party at 8")
4) Believing Jonah's father has stolen the diary, Amy, Dan, and Nellie sneak into the Royal Hapsburg Hotel.
5) Amy and Dan find Nannerl's diary while Nellie is caught red-handed as a fraud.
6) Amy & Dan escape hotel. Irina finds them at 2am. Nellie returns ("lets get some sleep, and we can look at [the diary] in the morning.")
Day 3 morning
7) Amy & Dan decode "Der Ort, wo ich geboren war"
Travel to Salzburg, reach Salzburg shortly after 2pm.
8) See Alistair in Salzburg. Enter tunnel, see Man In Black.
9) Get trapped, escape, find recipe.
10) Find tracking device on Saladin.
Day 4 ("conscience ... incident in the tunnels yesterday.")
11) Steal tour poster, attempt to translate the Italian poster. Travel 5 hours to Venice. Follow the Wizards
12) Enter the Disco Volante. Enter stronghold.
13) Notice the missing pages from the Nannerl Diary ("two weeks" since the funeral)
14) Trapped in stronghold
15) Escape stronghold, hide pages on Royal Saladin, hide behind the Kabra yacht.
16) Escape the Janus, but boat is totaled by the yacht.
17) Part ways with the Kabras, meet up with Nellie about 4 hours after they left the Disco Volante.
18) Find the Royal Saladin, retrieve pages. Find Venice hotel.
Day 5 ("the next afternoon")
19) Visit the Racco mansion.
Day 5 night
20) Meet up with Ian and Natalie. Escape with the Clue. ("It was after seven.") Amy & Dan return to hotel, plan to go to Japan.
Day 6
21) McIntyre meets with Man In Black in Salzburg. Tracking Amy and Dan "for nearly a week." Bug had not budged in two days. Plane flies overhead.

[edit] Known puzzles

  • From pages 82 to 96, after changing the letters to a next letter cipher eg A=B, B=C, it spells LOOK TO INDIA.
  • On inside cover, there is a shard of glass with music notes on it, and letters 'i' 'o' and 'n'. By decoding these notes and adding the letters, you get 'GIDEON' (referring to the first Cahill). It is rumored that each book will have a hidden word on the front, inside cover,or back of the book. If you take the word from The Maze of bones and One False Note, and any other books in the series, they will make a sentence that is crucial to the contest.

[edit] Mission 2

1) Go through the Briefing to The Hidden Mark.

2) Go to the Snake Charmer.

1) Play the Snake Charmer Game.

1) Just tap the numbers when the colours get to it.

2) You need to get the swirling circles all in a row.


Just follow this link Mission 2 Clue

Clue 9

[edit] Historical Errors and Oddities

  • The dating of Tungsten/Wolfram in the book with Mozart purchasing steel alloyed with Wolfram (page 157) is very tight. Tungsten was not isolated until 1783, with tungsten steel first being successfully created in the west in 1868. Mozart died in 1791. It seems highly unlikely that Japan was making tungsten steel 70+ years earlier than the west, within eight years of its first discovery.
  • The clue turns on Marie Antoinette using the word GATEAU in her famous phrase "Let them eat cake." When you remove the letters A-G, you are left with TU. On page 167, Dan identifies this as the old chemical symbol for tungsten. However, it was in 1808 that Dalton suggested TU in a circle as the symbol for tungsten and it was quickly (1813, Berzelius) replaced by W based on the name wolfram. Since Marie Antoinette was supposedly communicating between Mozart and Benjamin Franklin (who died in 1790) at least 18 years before Dalton made his suggestion and within 7 years of the original isolation of tungsten, it seems odd that the three would be using TU as if it were a standard abbreviation.

[edit] Audio book

<Gavel banging>
Narrator: Court records from 22 May, 1985, Vienna, Austria. Defendant: Grace Cahill. Crime: Stealing the diary of Nannerl Mozart from the Mozarthaus Museum. Witness: Sophie Brown, assistant curator of Mozarthous. Today's proceedings will be presided over by Judge Karl Herman
Judge Herman: Baliff, please bring in the defendant.
Grace Cahill: Get your hands off me.
Judge: Please state your full name.
Grace: Grace Madeleline Cahill.
Judge: And what are you doing in Austria, Frau Cahill?
Grace: I had a sudden craving for good German chocolate
Judge: Frau Cahill, I hope you do not underestimate the gravity of this situation. You were caught stealing a national treasure. You could be in prison for up to 20 years. And I assure you, that we do not serve good German chocolate in our prisons. Why did you take the diary?
Grace: I didn't take it. I never left the building.
Judge: You were told explicitly that the diary couldn't leave the library, yet you were discovered in the bathroom with the diary and a knife.
Grace: I planned to return the diary to the library. I only wished to borrow it for a short while.
Judge: Borrow? Perhaps that is what you call it in America, a country full of horse rustlers and con-men.
Grace: If I had wanted to steal the diary, Your Honor, I wouldn't have loitered in the bathroom. I have a reputation to uphold.
Judge: I am well aware of your history, Frau Cahill. According to my sources, you have been apprehended by the authorities at no less than 8 world heritage sites, yet you have never been formally charged with any crimes. You must have some very powerful friends.
Grace: I can be quite charming when it suits me.
Judge: Why have you been banned from Cambodia?
Grace: It was a slight misunderstanding. The customs officer thought I was trying to smuggle an ancient statue out of the country.
Judge: Then I suppose it's just a coincidence that you donated 100 million dollars to the British Library when you were discovered breaking in at midnight? Was whatever you stole worth the new Grace Cahill Wing?
Grace: Absolutely!
Judge: Frau Cahill, I'm not sure whether you are a deranged thrill seeker, or some extreme kleptomaniac, but we do not tolerate such behavior here in Austria. I don't care if the Chancellor himself walks into this courtroom and demands your release. Let us proceed with the hearing. Bailiff, please, bring in the witness for the prosecution.
<door open, close>
Judge: Please, state your name and occupation.
Sophie Brown: Sophie Brown, assistant curator of Mozarthous.
Judge: Frau Brown, please tell the court what you saw the afternoon of 19 May.
Sophie: I saw that woman, trying to steal the diary of Nannerl Mozart
Sophie: It is an outrage. That diary is a priceless source of information about the Mozart family, and I...
Judge: Thank you, Frau Brown. We all understand the heinous nature of the crime. But I need you to slow down, and relay the facts as they occurred.
Sophie: Well, that woman came in and asked to see Nannerl's diary. I distrusted her from the moment I saw her. I am an excellent judge of character, Your Honor. And I can always tell when someone is up to something.
Judge: What was it that identified Frau Cahill as a troublemaker?
Sophie: Her outfit to begin with. She was wearing a strange leather jacket and the oddest goggles on her head. Hardly appropriate attire. Her boots made the most awful squeaking sound. And then when I brought her the diary, she had the audacity to ask me if she could consult it in private.
Judge: How did you respond?
Sophie: I said "absolutely not." I told her that anyone wishing to view such a valuable object could only do so under the strictest supervision. That woman gave me the most unpleasant look and then sat down with the diary. I stood right behind her, and kept vigilant watch.
Grace: Yes. Did you know you make a very strange noise when you breath? It sounds rather like a hippopotamus trying to whistle.
Sophie: I was not going to let that diary out of my sight. But I was momentarily distracted by a figure out the window. I was worried that it was one of those Mozart fanatics who frequently try to conduct seances in the lobby. So I went to call Security. When I returned, that woman was gone, and the diary was nowhere to be seen.
Judge: What did you do then?
Sophie: I sent my staff to look for her. Ten minutes later, she was found in the bathroom with the diary and a knife. I feared for my life.
Grace: Oh, there was no need to worry. You're not nearly important enough to eliminate.
Judge: Frau Cahill? You are hardly helping your case. Now I insist that you tell me why you tried to steal the diary. What was next? Were you going to borrow the Mona Lisa?
Grace: No, I declined that gracious offer from the Louvre last year.
Judge: Frau Cahill, this is not a joke.
Grace: I know it's not a joke. It's you, Your Honor, who doesn't quite understand what's at stake.
Judge: Frau Cahill, I don't care what kind of conspiracy theory you devise in the privacy of your own home, but I cannot allow you to wreak havoc in our country.
<faint helicopter sounds>
Judge: The evidence against you is overwhelming.
<helicopter sounds>
Judge: I hearby sentence you to a period of incarceration,
<loud helicopter sounds>
Judge: beginning immediately at the ..
<door opening>
Judge: What's going on?
<footsteps, commotion>
Judge: This is an outrage! You cannot just rush into my courtroom and interrupt the proceedings. Identify yourself!
William McIntyre: My name is William McIntrye. I am Grace Cahill's attorney.
Judge: You are too late, Herr McIntrye. The hearing is over, and I am about to sentence Frau Cahill to ..
William: A moment, Your Honor. I have some information that may affect your decision.
Judge: I have heard all that I wish to hear about Frau Cahill's antics
William: It's for your own good, Your Honor.
Judge: Well, then speak up!
William: I think you'd prefer to keep this information private, Your Honor.
Judge: Come here, then.
<throat clearing>
Judge: I, um, well, there seems to have been a great misunderstanding. Frau Cahill is free to go.
Sophie: This is an outrage!
Grace: Excellent. It's been a pleasure, Your Honor. And perhaps I'll be seeing you at the Chancellor's dinner this evening?
<door close>
Grace: Tata
<helicopter sounds>

[edit] One False Note Book, Inside Back Cover

Official Government Document


Section 7
United States of America


To: Agents with Top Secret Security Clearance

Re: The Cahill Family

ATTENTION! Our spies across the globe report new activity in the Cahill family. Rumors are coming thick and fast. But the best intelligence we have suggests that Grace Cahill (internal codename: Wildcat) has launched a hunt for some sort of "Clues" hidden around the world. Cahills who find "Clues" are eligible for the chance to win $100,000 in prizes.

OUR MISSION: To try to infiltrate the notorious Cahill family and find the hidden "Clues" -- whatever they may be.

OUR METHOD: To impersonate actual Cahill family members.


1. Go to www.the39clues.com

2. Click on "Create an Account" and choose a username and password.

3. Discover if you belong to a branch of the Cahill family.

4. Explore the Cahill world and track down "Clues."

Good luck. You're going to need it.

Make sure Klose doesn't see this.

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