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[edit] Book 1: The Maze of Bones

By Rick Riordan, released September 9th 2008.
Buy the hardcover, audiobook, or Card Pack Series 1.

[edit] Chapter one-liners

Specific events have been added to the Timeline; check there as well.

1) Grace tells William McIntyre to use her alternate will, then dies.

Day 1:

2) At the funeral, William McIntyre offers $1 million or the first Clue.
3) Seven teams accept the first Clue.
4) The first Clue and the branches are revealed. Dan, Amy, and Alistair Oh Image:EKAT.gif find the secret library.
5) Dan and Amy find the Poor Richard's Almanack; the Cahill mansion burns down.
6) Dan and Amy convince Nellie to be their chaperone, then prepare for their journey.
7) Irina Spasky and the Kabras Image:LUCIAN.gif plot against Dan and Amy.

Day 2:

8) Dan, Amy, and Nellie travel to Philadelphia, and visit the Library Company of Philadelphia and the Franklin Institute, where they find a secret message. A bomb goes off.
9) Dan, Amy, and Nellie travel to Independence Hall to meet with William McIntyre.

Day 3:

10) Alistair Oh Image:EKAT.gif meets the Kabras Image:LUCIAN.gif, then gets punched by the Holts Image:TOMAS.gif.
11) Dan, Amy, Nellie, and Jonah arrive in Paris.
12) Dan and Amy follow Irina Spasky Image:LUCIAN.gif to the Lucian stronghold, where they learn about Île Saint-Louis.
13) The Holts Image:TOMAS.gif provide some comic relief.
14) Dan and Amy fall into Irina Spasky's Image:LUCIAN.gif trap and are rescued by the Holts Image:TOMAS.gif.
15) Nellie is told everything; Alistair Oh Image:EKAT.gif shows up.

Day 4:

16) Dan, Amy, and Nellie descend into the Catacombs, get lost, and then escape.
17) Dan, Amy, and Nellie head back into the Catacombs beneath St-Pierre de Montmartre, and discover the origin of the branches.
18) Everyone tries to get the second Clue. The Kabras Image:LUCIAN.gif steal the vial.

Day 5:

19) Dan, Amy and Nellie discuss the second Clue, and lie to William McIntyre.
20) McIntyre meets with the Man In Black.

[edit] Known puzzles

  • The front inner cover shows the same skulls from the front and back inner covers, with one difference: some skulls contain Roman numerals etched into the forehead. When converted to letters using a simple A=1 cipher, they spell out IANREDL, which could mean IRELAND.
  • From pages 128 to 154, the numbering becomes a simple A=1 cipher, spelling out ANNE CAHILL DID NOT DROWN.

[edit] Mission 0

1) Go through the Intro to Stunt Pilot.

2) Got to Cahill Code Book.

1) The answer is "lemur".

3)Go through The Tomas Branch to Skeet Shoot.

4) Go to the Cahill Code Book.

1) The answer is "fight".

5) Go through The Lucian Branch to Decoder.

6) Go to the Cahill Code Book.

1) The answer is "luke1".

7) Go through The Janus Branch to Dogfight.

8) Go to the Cahill Code Book.

1) The answer is "jane4".

9) Go through The Ekaterina Branch to Lab Rat.

10) Go to the Cahill Code Book.

11) The answer is "death".


Just follow this link Mission 0 Clue

[edit] Mission 1

1) Go through the Briefing to the second George Mcclain.

2) Go to George's Briefcase.

1) The answer is TOMAS.

3) Go through Grace's Letter to the Trapdoor.

4) Go to Nessie's lair.

1) Play the Submarine Game.

1) It's easy if you played Mission 0. Just avoid the edges of the rings.


Just follow this link Mission 1 Clue

[edit] Audiobook bonus track (transcript)

This details Grace Cahill's plane crash of June 1982, while carrying a Clue to Scotland for Anne Cahill. Image:EKAT.gif

Simon (tower controller): G328AlphaTangoCharlie. This is Inverness Tower. You are cleared for flight level 10.
Jim (tower controller): G087FoxtrotSierra. This is Inverness Tower. You are cleared for landing
Simon: N288ZuluBravo. This is Inverness Tower. You are cleared for...
Simon: Hey, Jim, There's an unidentified plane on the panel.
Jim: No information?
Simon: Just a tail number. R618GC. But no destination or pilot name.
Jim: It's probably just an oversight. But get the pilot on the radio.
Simon: 618GulfCharlie. 618GulfCharlie, this is Inverness control, please respond on 122.6.
Jim: Try again
Simon: 618GulfCharlie, 618GulfCharlie. Respond immediately on 122.6
Grace Cahill: Inverness Control, This is 618GulfCharlie.
Jim: 618GulfCharlie. Please squawk your transponder. You need to reset it, so information appears. We can't identify you.
Grace: It's for the best.
Jim: Who is this? Simon, check who the plane is registered to.
Simon: I got it. N618GC is registered to Grace M. Cahill. The plane is called The Flying Lemur.
Jim: Is this Grace Cahill?
Grace: Yes, but you really can't tell anyone you spoke to me. If the Ekats find out, we'll all be in trouble.
Jim: What's an Ekat?
Grace: All you need to know is that they have a talent for make people disappear. Have you heard of the Bermuda Triangle?
Simon: Ms. Cahill, I'm beginning to lose my patience.
Jim: Simon, call security. Tell them we have code...
Grace: Wait. If this gets out, it's going to...
Grace: I know how they operate? I urge you not to call security.
Jim: We can't let an unidentified plane wander in and out of our air space. Tell me your destination, and we can try to work this out.
Grace: Are you recording this conversation?
Jim: It's standard procedure.
Grace: Then I really can't say. You have no idea what kind of people will be after you.
Simon: Does this have anything to do with the Mafia?
Grace: Hardly. My family is much more dangerous.
Simon: How much damage can one old lady's family really do?
Grace: My family's involved with every major assassination in the past 400 years.
Simon: Are you taking a Mickey?
Simon: Jim, maybe we should call that therapist they use during hostage situations.
Grace: I'm 20 miles away from my destination. By the time you contact anyone, I'll be long gone.
Jim: You're not staying in Scotland?
Grace: I'm dropping a package off for a friend, and then I'm on my way.
Jim: You flew your own plane to Scotland to hand deliver a package? What is it?
Grace: Something I can't declare on the customs form at the post office.
Jim: Fine, 618GulfCharlie, please commence a holding pattern while flight control decides how to proceed.
Grace: I can't do that. My errand is rather time-sensitive. I have to leave my package and get out before anyone realizes that I was here.
Grace: You have no idea what is at stake.
Jim: You Cahill's seem to keep a lot of secrets.
Jim: Come in 618GulfCharlie. 618GulfCharlie please respond.
Grace: I was too late. They knew what I was doing.
Simon: What? Who? Those Ekat people?
Grace: Or the Lucians.
Jim: What's a Lucian?
Grace: They did something to my plane.
Grace: Oh no!
Simon: The Flying Lemur has dropped below ten thousand feet. Way below.
Jim: 618GulfCharlie? 618GulfCharlie? You are cleared for emergency landing. Proceed immediately to runway 4B.
Grace: It's too late. I can't believe it's going to end like this. They don't have a chance. They're going to destroy each other.
Simon: Who's going to destroy each other?
Grace: You have to cover up my crash. No one can investigate it.
Simon: No one's crashing. Just tell us what's going on, and...
Grace: There goes the landing gear. Drat those Ekats.
Jim: Simon, call James. Tell him we've got a code...
Grace: Don't tell anyone ... Oooh. That might just work ... Wooooohoo!
Jim: 618GulfCharlie? Are you there? 618GulfCharlie, 618GulfCharlie respond on 122.6.
Simon: That's not good.
Jim: Her transponder went off.
Simon: Where could she have gone?
Jim: I'm not sure. 618GulfCharlie, come in. 618GulfCharlie, do you copy? 618GulfCharlie...

[edit] Maze of Bones Book, Inside Back Cover

(Cahill Logo)
To: The Cahill Family

If you are reading this, it means you are a long-lost member of the Cahill family - the most powerful family in the world. The source of the family's power has been lost, and can only be recovered by assembling 39 Clues scattered around the globe.

Rumor has it that Amy and Dan Cahill have the best shot at finding all 39 clues. But they haven't met their greatest competition...

There are over $100,000 in prizes up fro grabs, so start your Clue hunt now.

Start Your Clue Hunt

1. Go to www.the39clues.com

2. Click on "Create an Account" and choose a username and password.

3. Discover what branch of the Cahill family you belong to.

4. Explore the Cahill world and track down Clues.

Read the Books. Collect the Cards. Play the Game. Win the Prizes.

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