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  • "Note that if you look at card 6 the back is green with the Janus sign but if you push the zoom button is shows you part of the mural."
  • Go to MY CARDS, click on Card 6. (If it takes you to the preview, click on "GO TO FULL PROFILE"). There are 2 card images on the full profile, the front and the back. The back is the generic green Janus back. Underneath the 2 card images are 3 buttons - "ZOOM", "PRINT" and "FLIP". You can FLIP the cards to get the back image on top. Or you can hit ZOOM to get larger images of the front and back. When you zoom, you get the graveyard scene, as seen on the physical card. All the other card picture cards have the physical card back as the virtual card back. Only card 6 has a generic card back (Janus) on the virtual profile page. --Sapagoo 11:00, 29 January 2010 (MST)
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