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[edit] Puzzle #9

[edit] Password

Clue, found in Snowball's puzzle 9 email


  1. ANSWER:


  1. ANSWER:


[edit] Puzzle

Are you naughty or nice?

Christmas is getting close! Santa made his list a while ago, and he's getting busy checking it the second time. Mrs. Claus has finally finished baking cookies, the gingerbread epidemic has stopped. Santa's pretty much ready to go... The Reindeer Games up North are drawing to a close... I'll let you know who won when they've finished. Anyway, we're all rooting for you.

Before working on your next puzzle, try this:

Go to that link to see if you're naughty or nice... it's pretty accurate! If you think you've got a lot coming this Christmas, that's a good indicator.

Now that you know whether you're naughty or nice, head on over to ZippyVideos and find our special Christmas video, made just for you! (Hint: my username there is the same as my email address)

Puzzle location:


A video reliving all the puzzles over the course of these Reindeer Games: Human Edition


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  1. ANSWER:
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