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December 16, 2006: Snowball posted in the official forums the following announcement:

Sorry I have been slow in replying to emails today. I've been in meetings with Santa and Marcus all day, trying to figure out just wthat's going on with his story. He said he's been busy and just hasn't had time to post any new chapters.

So here's what we've come up with:

Some time in February, we are going to publish a book on that includes the puzzles from the Reindeer Games, Marcus' story "The Fifteen Days of Christmas," and several other as-yet-undecided goodies. We hope this solution is agreeable to everyone, and we've decided that we're not going to make any money from the sale of this book; it will be sold at the price it costs to make.

We hope you enjoy it, should you decide to buy!

Again, Marcus is very sorry for getting your hopes up about the 15 Days of Christmas, and he hopes you'll purchase the book when it comes out.

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