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From: "Jumping Spider" <spiderjumping> 
To: <spiderjumping> 
Subject: Kallomar Ridditum's Instruction
Date: 11 October 2007

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Kallomar Ridditum's Instruction 

In the days of the Ninth [Empire], Kallomar Ridditum was one of the best-known 
teachers of the [Lyceum]. One day his former student, Melenon Agribar, 
presented himself before the great master. 

"Greetings and well-wishes to the great Kallomar Ridditum. Long have been the 
years since I last stood in this sacred grove of [???] trees, speaking to 
those ringed around me on the stone benches. Heavy has been my heart as I 
reflected upon the gentle, sun-shrouded days spent learning at your feet. And 
once again gladness arises in me like a summer zephyr to stand before you once 

"Hail and ill met, Melenon Agribar. I greet you as a teacher greets a former 
student, with expectation of infirmity and uselessness. For I am merely old, 
and even in my prime I had little wisdom. For years, too, I have thought of 
your delicate face upturned in the sunbeams of our sacred grove. For years I 
have reflected on the beginning of your life and speculated as to what vistas 
of adventure and knowledge you were now exploring. And now you come before me 
without news of valiant battles or lofty philosophies. You come before me 
offering merely the off-key reprises of days gone past, slathered with [honey] 
to slip into my gullet. How quaintly charming. How utterly disappointing." 

"Old teacher, you are even sharper than I do recall. I would be most surprised 
if you truly were afflicted with infirmity and uselessness. Allow me to 
explain that I came with deepest joy and reverence with an offering of sweet 
memories to cultivate a field of love in which we can meet once again as 
friends. There is no need for the bitter struggle of philosophical inquiry 
among two deep friends such as we." 

"Dear ill-equipped student, there is nothing else that matters to me in this 
life, nothing that I truly can offer except the struggle of inquiry. Why 
should my life and soul be bitter to me? Why should I shun them when my life 
already features doubts and distractions enough? What I most hoped to hear 
from you were new plots and ponderings after your years away from my 

"Very well, out of great respect for your great wisdom, old teacher, I shall 
illuminate the vistas of inquiry that I have explored in my time since the 
grove. I shall reveal the advances in the most sacred arts of prophecy that 
have occupied my life." 

"How exhilirated I am to hear such noble words from your sweet lips. How rapt 
I am with anticipation of the wonders to which you will now expose me. How 
joyous an occasion to hear about the interesting arts of prophecy, of minimal 
utility though they be."

"Dear old teacher, I see your trap immediately. You wish me to expound on the 
sacred role the arts of prophecy fulfill in our society and the importance 
with which they are endowed." 

"Dear old student, I expect nothing of the sort. It is obvious that little 
needs to be said of the minor importance held by these arts."

"And yet they are used in all walks of life, from the humblest of fortune 
tellers to the highest of advisors to [kings] and [princes]. Many are the 
legends of divination woven into our [culture]." 
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