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[edit] Nov 06, 07

Keriwen Edrekar - Hello!

It's great for me to finally be able to post on the [System] and talk to you all. I'm Keriwen Edrekar. Jedditor tells me that the closest translation of my job in your language is "Morale Officer", but I prefer to think of myself as a counselor. My calling is to get to the root of problems and help people deal with them effectively, so that their lives are better. I think the [System] has a lot of potential to change our lives, and I'm really excited about it! Please feel free to talk to me (well, write to me) any time.

Tue, 06 Nov 07 21:40:38 -0500 - 2 REPLIES

[edit] Nov 14, 07

Keriwen Edrekar - Health update

This past week the encampment has been stricken with a widespread outbreak of [????]. Don't worry, it's far from fatal, but at any given time over the past few days about 15-25% of the population has not been up to working. And more of us are tasked with caring for them. This, of course, strains the rest of our already far from underworked populace! Still, we will pull through.

In retrospect this was obvious; the stress of the Exile lowered resistance, while the cramped and close quarters made transmission easy through coughing, sneezing and [????].

I wasn't up for anything these past couple of days, but I feel a lot better today. Alvyurin is still stuck in bed and is none too happy about it!

Wed, 14 Nov 07 00:35:16 -0500 - 0 REPLIES

[edit] Mar 16, 08

Keriwen Edrekar - Jedditor

Has anyone seen Jedditor? I've gotten some System-messages from him, but I haven't actually SEEN him recently. Is he really holed up at that Terminal? It's way off in the desert, I'm a little worried. It's not healthy to go without social contact for so long.

Sun, 16 Mar 08 00:30:49 -0400 - 0 REPLIES

[edit] Mar 21, 08

Keriwen Edrekar - Scholarly pursuits

I've been spending time taking some of the younger members of our society (but not too young, of course) on trips for some teaching time. There is a schoolhouse, or at least a small open-air shelter with a few cushions, but I think it's nice to get away from the cramped bustle of the settlement every now and then. It helps the young ones think. We all enjoy going to the Whisper Rocks. The problem is that we have to take along water just in case, and it's always in short supply...

Fri, 21 Mar 08 15:57:32 -0400 - 3 REPLIES

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