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[edit] Oct 19, 07

Jedditor Lebbisun - hooray

hay guys i has a blog lol.

i think im getting the hang of this new languages slang.

Fri, 19 Oct 07 19:52:16 -0400 - 5 REPLIES

[edit] Oct 21, 07

Jedditor Lebbisun - system

okay so the system is this big artifice device. after a while it and i figured out a language to communicate with each other. its not my native language and i dont think its its native language either. but we agreed on it. i guess thats what language is.

anyway we call it the cmprotocol. well the system calls it that and i just go along with it. all the cmprotocol messages have some symbols and then a message. i just read the message and figure it out but im still curious about the symbols.

anytime you see great runes and >> or << symbols thats something ive written to interface with the system so dont worry about it. caps lock is hard.

im still confused about what symbols youre saying i hurled at you.

Sun, 21 Oct 07 11:56:58 -0400 - 12 REPLIES

[edit] Oct 23, 07

Jedditor Lebbisun - updates

i fixed a bug in the cmprotocol interface for the blogs. you may have noticed the number of replies was more than it should have been.

i wrote most of the code interfacing with the system. the funny thing is i didnt write it all. alvyurin could have written some. i showed her some of how it works and shes definitely smart enough if she wants to learn it. as a matter of fact lots of us look at the system terminals and try them out. some of them could have written some of the text.

maybe it was written by whoever built the system in the first place.

maybe the system wrote it.

Tue, 23 Oct 07 02:55:41 -0400 - 11 REPLIES

[edit] Oct 30, 07

Jedditor Lebbisun - code

ive been reading up on you guys and your codes. its really neat because once you start thinking of letters as numbers then you can manipulate them in all sorts of ways. add letters to each other, subtract numbers from letters...the possibilities are endless.

unlike the new whisper monument, which is all about numbers. im pretty sure it has nothing to do with letters and everything to do with numbers. base ten numbers in fact.

Tue, 30 Oct 07 18:31:26 -0400 - 0 REPLIES

[edit] Oct 31, 07

Jedditor Lebbisun - whispers

someone was messing with the system im sure of it. i dont really mind that they want to work with it but not when they mess with my mail program.

still...the fact that someone actually found it is interesting. maybe even intriguing.

oh i remember what i wanted to say. the hunter who found the monument with the rings said he was drawn there by whispering sounds. the people who have visited the location have different opinions, some say its the wind blowing around the oddly shaped rocks, some say its actual whispers. anyway we call it the whisper monument.

alvyurin seems excited about something. i should finish this entry and see whats up.

Wed, 31 Oct 07 16:35:52 -0400 - 2 REPLIES

[edit] Nov 03, 07

Jedditor Lebbisun - yaaay

well vandemar finally stopped procrastinating and started using the blog facility i showed him...i wonder when hell have something to say with actual informational content...

Sat, 03 Nov 07 02:20:09 -0400 - 0 REPLIES

[edit] Nov 04, 07

Jedditor Lebbisun - numbers

so minimer randibone says that words have power because they transmit information. however, illudor tenawan says that the meanings of words are dependent upon cultures, while numbers have meanings beyond any cultural baggage.

so what numbers are important to you? whats your favorite number?

Sun, 04 Nov 07 01:51:48 -0500 - 3 REPLIES

[edit] Nov 05, 07

Jedditor Lebbisun - our world

those of you who are curious may now query map to see something keriwen and i worked up.

Mon, 05 Nov 07 03:26:15 -0500 - 0 REPLIES

[edit] Nov 12, 07

Jedditor Lebbisun - ssc

okay so...in the past there have been many factions of exiles. one faction that apparently survives to the current day (aside from, you know, us) is the ssc.

the ssc believes that some of the books of minimer randibone have been tampered with during the centuries since he compiled them. they claim to have more authentic copies that show the lies underlying our current culture.

in order to convince us all of this they perform pranks and protests like the lockstones. more to raise awareness of their cause than cause actual damage, i think.

interesting thing about the term ssc...its an acronym but no one knows what it stands for, or else it stands for many different things, or nothing at all. there have been several "expansions" proposed; they all are formed with two words beginning with sibilants, then the last with a velar plosive...so you see it translates easily into your language as ssc. aside from the letters they use a lion as a symbol.

Mon, 12 Nov 07 04:14:12 -0500 - 14 REPLIES

[edit] Jun 13, 08

Jedditor Lebbisun - shipments

yeah im back. amazing what you can accomplish with a little peace and quiet.

shipments by jedditor and the system

a little mixed up and hacked together but all the revelant info is here. as you can see most of the shipments get consumed or stored somewhere to be used later. but shipment 256 never did.


Fri, 13 Jun 08 04:17:39 -0400 - 4 REPLIES

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