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[edit] Houston coin Trail

[edit] CLUES

  1. Our search begins in the land of the free, go back in time from EST.
  2. Drive all you want, search by car, if you need a passport you've gone too far.
  3. In your search for the coin, you'll get the most if you head in the direction of America's third coast.
  4. Whether proud and heroic or troubled with tears, she's flown six national flags during the course of her years.
  5. The climate's warm, but your search will freeze, if you don't keep it below 32 degrees.
  6. Remember to keep to your western side this place famous for its rallying cry.
  7. Once a capital, now a town, on the map, from the coin, it's directly down.
  8. To find the coin you must be sure, that Monty is your neighbor next door.
  9. One way to help you win this quest, is to go below being modest.
  10. Among the people the coin is resident, inside the cincture of this two time president.
  11. IAHHOU. in the middle lies your clue. If you pay attention, it tells you what to do.
  12. Follow this clue to the letter, then head northeast and your search will better: cccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooland
  13. You can search here fast, but it's round and round. Better to head southwest and cover more ground.
  14. Though retired she's admired for her New York class. Though not slim she can swim despite substantial mass. If you find her, never mind her, simply let her rest. For you the thing to do is to continue west.
  15. Don't get mixed up, you must refrain and head west of A Sad Pane.
  16. To circle in on where the coin is found, look inside 110 less than twice around.
  17. Letters, science and art get a boost in this place where three owls roost. Once you find it the thing to do is travel northeast - that's your clue.
  18. Named for the Juneteeth proclamation, travel north to the coins location.
  19. To find the coin, it is preferred, that you go down from tinsel interred.
  20. Backtrack Papa Sierra and you might go astray, staying south and west is the best way.
  21. Stay west of this historic ground, where it's chilly all year-round.
  22. Heading south is what to do, once you have a bison running by you.
  23. To the east of a place of liberation is where you might find the coins location.
  24. Discover what 88 is to 7744, flip the terms and you will know wherefrom you must northwest go.
  25. You're closing in, don't let your search be slowed. Stay to the east of this erroneously named road.
  26. To find the coin, northward press, from a namesake related to Orontes.
  27. From this peaceful lunar plateau, head in the direction of Crater Arago.
  28. To find the coin you needn't travel far. Just head to the west from a place where you'd study stars.
  29. Pillot = 12, Staiti = 2, head in the direction of 9, that's the direction of this clue.
  30. Though there is no guaranteeing, if you're first you'll find the coin at the base of a celestial being.

(answers supplied by Wilhouse, Tank and Wastrel)

Location in a nutshell:

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