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[edit] Mission 10 Quiz

This is a list of answers for the quiz for mission 10: There are 3 possible questions, this page says the answers to each possible question:

[edit] Q1

Where is Aunt Beatrice’s house?

C. Boston

What was Benjamin Franklin’s job while he lived in Paris?

D. US Ambassador to France

What did the Ekats use to protect their Clue in Scotland?

B. A submarine shaped like the Loch Ness monster

[edit] Q2

Where did Amy and Dan find the Tungsten Clue?

A. In Fidelio Racco’s mansion

Where were Amy and Dan chased by angry monks?

B. Salzburg

Which famous horror story contains a Clue?

C. Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein

[edit] Q3

What was Tomas ruler Hideyoshi’s nickname?

C. The bald rat

Which Cahill hid a Clue in his/her arm?

A. Hope Cahill

Who killed Alistair Oh’s father?

B. Bae Oh

[edit] Q4

What Cahill cheerleader was caught trying to break into Fort Knox?

B. Chrissy Collins

What animal tried to attack Amy and Dan in Luxor?

D. Crocodile

Which Clue did Amy and Dan find in Egypt?

D. Myrrh

[edit] Q5

Who is NRR?

C. The daughter of Princess Anastasia

With whom did Amy and Dan form an alliance with in Russia?

A. Hamilton Holt

Which Tomas explorer hid a Clue in Victoria Falls?

B. David Livingstone

[edit] Q6

Which of Amy and Dan’s relatives lives in Australia?

D. Uncle Shep

Where did Nicola Tesla hide his Clue?

A. At his family’s home in Croatia

How did Irina Spasky die?

B. Saving Amy and Dan from a fire

[edit] Q7

Which Clue did Amy and Dan discover in South Africa?

C. Aloe

Amy and Dan discover that their parents travelled under the name “Nudelman”. Why was Mrs. Thembeka alarmed to see their fake passports?

C. The Nudelmans were thought to be murderers and thieves

What did Janus agent Walter Raleigh steal from the Lucians?

B. A Clue

[edit] Q8

Why did Dan storm off during his fight with Amy in China?

D. She thought their parents might have been evil

How did Amy and Dan get to the top of Mount Everest?

B. They flew in an ultra-light helicopter

What Clue is hidden in the Rosetta stone?

A. Silver

[edit] Q9

Who is the Man in Black?

C. Fiske Cahill

What was Anne Bonny’s family branch?

C. Madrigal

Where did Josephine Baker hide her Clue?

B. Morocco

[edit] Q10

What is the name of Shakespeare’s lost play?

C. Love’s Labour’s Won

Who are Amy and Dan’s new guardians?

A. Fiske Cahill and Nellie Gomez

Which branch hid a Clue in Machu Picchu in Peru?

B. Tomas

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