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[edit] The Desert Sabotage

[edit] Information About the Clue

[edit] Cards in This Combo

1. Card 170

2. Card 171

3. Card 172

4. Card 173

5. Card 180

[edit] Mission

Mission 8

Mission 8 Walkthrough

[edit] Location

Cairo, Egypt

[edit] Branch


[edit] Story

Napoleon had a secret reason for invading Egypt, apart from world domination. He was looking fora long-lost Ekat Clue. In 1799, his sneaky Lucian scientists found what he sought: the Rosetta Stone. This artifact was priceless for two reasons: it allowed people to translate Egyptian hieroglyphs AND it contained the secret to a Clue. When the Ekats stole the stone from Napoleon, they placed it in the British museum. Hower, by the 20th century, all the hints had been lost except for one hidden in a boo about the Rosetta Stone. The Lucians tried to steal it, but the book remained safe in the Ekat stronghold until YOU found it!

[edit] Clue


First Part of Combo 4

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