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[edit] The Frozen Secret

[edit] Information About the Clue

[edit] Cards in This Combo

1. Card 147

2. Card 155

3. Card 186

4. Card 190

5. Card 192

6. Card 195

[edit] Mission

Mission 7

Mission 7 Walkthrough

[edit] Location

Beechey Island, Canada

[edit] Branch


[edit] Story

In 1845, the Tomas chose Sir John Franklin for a crucial mission. They needed a top agent to hide a Clue somewhere so dangerous and inaccessible that the other branches would never find it. A famed arctic explorer, Franklin suggested the North Pole and arranged an expedition to the Canadian Arctic with the pretense of finding a route to the Pacific Ocean. Franklin hid the Clue but he and the rest of his crew perished when their ships became stuck in the ice. For over 150 years, the Clue has remained hidden in one of the most remote, harshest regions on earth - until YOU found it!

[edit] Clue


First Part of Combo 11

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